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Chad Reed
Notice the eye contact... It builds trust. Champions know the simple things matter.
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That's a wrap 😴 #testing
Another day at the office @discount_tire @twotwomotorsports #kawasaki #testing #2015
β€œ@DavidVuillemin: Why does my beard grow but not my hair?” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ great question DV@Mike42mcqmcq got any answers..?
Going old school #twinshocks 😜
Something parents will understand.. When your 4 yr old has been up since 430am and traveled across country and been amazing! Hasn't seen his toys in 6 weeks. House with no food so gotta head out again.. who doesn't wanna eat with Peter Pan !?πŸ˜‚ #whateverworks #pickyabattles
So proud of my kids and @CRtwotwo too - we are all tired, jet lagged and we made it a great travel day πŸ‘#winningg
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β€œ@madmax405: @CRtwotwo "just going through the motions"??? Well it showed. The fire is out and the coals are cold. Exit gracefully.” πŸ‘†πŸ™ŠπŸ˜‚okk
Was awesome to have @danielricciardo in the @twotwomotorsports pits this weekend Hope you enjoyed SX mate
And got to hang with @CRtwotwo and warm his bike up for him πŸ™Š thanks for having me
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β€œ@DeLanaHarvick: Keelan's ready for "Taildega"” yeah buddy!!πŸ‘πŸ‘
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Paces thoughts of Vegas πŸ™ˆ Not sure which one of the Reed family members is more excited about heading home! 6weeks is Twotwo long @mrstwotwo
@ValeYellow46 has been impressive today, seemed to have pace that I think even @marcmarquez93 would have struggled with. Congrats!
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Shutting er down! .3 off in a one lap flier now time to go get ready for 20 of emβœŠπŸ‘Š See y'all in January ✌️2⃣2⃣
Good byes never get easier ✌️out Aussie ! Excited to get home just a short layover in Vegas.. Sunday can not come quick enough! #myownbed
This guy on the other hand LOVES a bush walk πŸƒ
Note to self ! 2 yr olds can't hang on bush walksπŸ˜‚ Local bush is on point right now after the rainπŸ‘Œ I failed to hit up a trail ride with big cus @ando_100 something we been doing since we were kids #raincheck
β€œ@TonyBlazier: This whole look was so beyond badasss @Kardyo photo” Agreed! πŸ‘Œ
Hats off to @jarrydhayne_1 Nothing more rewarding than following a dream! Get it mate! Make that flight a 1 way ticketπŸ‘ŠοΏ½#alwaysbetonyaselflf
Anyone want FREE @CRtwotwo gear? Check out our link and be sure to watch the @VegasMECup on 10/18
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One of my favorite things about home. Getting a few days away with the boys off the worlds crazy grid @lukegeorge101 @ben7m8 No phones, electricity or water on tap Nature at its bestπŸ‘Œ #aussie #bush Thanks for always taking time outta ya normal schedules to take me bush #campoven #swag #campfire
Flat tire out in the middle of the bush while away hunting. @lukegeorge101 terrible driving kidπŸ˜‚ Had the best time away #bush #nocellservicefor2days 😳 @ben7m8 good times boysπŸ”«
I need one of these bad boys !!😜✊πŸ’ͺ Check the engine.. #Tractorwheelies #fastestsxbuild #JCB @tcclarkeee πŸ™
The last 2 things we owned in Aussie gone✌️ @mrstwotwo cleaned house😳 Owning cars here no longer makes sense #bosslady
Those asking about MEC YES I'll be there. Just not sure I'm going to race yet.. Legs still hurting from my mxdn crash
β€œ@AlexGobert23: @GuyStreeter @MotoOnline @pulpmx @CRtwotwo from the Tele...” Rules don't allow a fare shot at it...
Lets go #22 @jcourtney01 long day mate ! Can't wait to watch the 2⃣2⃣ going to the front #Courtney #Murphy #evenrootingforakiwi πŸ˜œβœŠπŸ‘Š #yougotthis #bathurst
Logging some serious time with emails and phone calls getting @Exeoentdotcom race team ready to go. Makes me respect @CRtwotwo a lot haha
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Thank you to everyone who participated in our #TwoTwoFan challenge. Its amazing to see all of the fans and all of the memories! Thank you all for being the best fans any guy could ask for! It was hard to pick just 1 winner but the winner of our first #TwoTwoFan challenge is @yorpez2! Congratulations
Not gonna lie struggling a bit on the right side of the carπŸ™ˆ Few you're on the wrong side of the road from @mrstwotwo πŸ˜‚
What's a road trip without the Golden Arches!? πŸ”πŸŸ Tate loves a "cheeseburger" always interesting the looks when you ask for a cheeseburger with no meat..πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚ #vegetarian #nomeat
@CRtwotwo @mrstwotwo Chad can you give a shout out for Jye Okamura on his b/day, his sis got this pic with you @ SW
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Watching #NRLGF Are there any Aussie players.. Lots changed since 2000 I guess haha
Praying #jules_bianchi is okay !! πŸ™ Sad ending to a crazy F1 race
Family #selfie @ #australiazoo @mrstwotwo #Tate #Kiah #Pace πŸ’–πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’š
Great family trip to Australia Zoo lil man Taters loved it #australiazoo #thisisqueensland #crocs #snakes Tate's favorite 🐊🐍 @mrstwotwo @mxsharky
Love this time of year Watching the whales heading south
So awesome to be back with my home team Even tho I got to do some amazing things nothing beats being with @mrstwotwo and the kiddos! 7pm ✌️😴
Not the weekend we had planned! But always good to catch up with this guy #222 #22 Florida trip @antoniocairoli @jcjillcox πŸ‘
@CRtwotwo what sucks the most is getting to WA and thinking you’re basically there… yet still on the plane 5hrs later! Country is too big 😜
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Going to MXDN always brings back fun memories. Good people in that paddock friends I miss! These two are at the top of the list two of the sweetest people you'll ever meet! Hoping this wasn't my last MXDN really wanna take the family to meet em @mrstwotwo @mxsharky lets do a trip:)
And Kawi gets a set of champs to contest the @mxgp RV will love it. For the first time ever he'll feel appreciated and looked after !βœŠπŸ‘Š
Oct1st announcement day! Cool to see motoGP get a player back On the grid
β€œ@mrstwotwo: @DavidVuillemin is @CRtwotwo paying u? Lol” Chad, I'm trying my best. Ellie, 2 places to visit by Ernee
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