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#selfie #selfietime #whynot #brunette #chicago #chillflow
Getting hella sleepy after eating and you still got things ya gotta do. <<<
Where's my alcoholic beverage? #GameTime #Bears
The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence. #bukowski
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Liquor is like a symphony or a classical song.. You don’t use it as a downer. You use it to leap up into the sky or when you’re in pain...
A fallen affair. #chicago #cta #sign #citylife
This hungoverness, that I do not miss. Fuuuuck.
Finally watching the new Scandal. Ms. Pope is a dope biatch.
When you have the day off but are too tired to do anything. 🙆
GIF Keyboard for iOS 8 Is the App You've Been Waiting For… via @mashable
The lil OG Mexican lady hustling these fire ass tamales by the gas station got that 5 for 5. #letmecop 🙌
Makes up for the fact that temps dropped.
I like fall gear. Boots, scarfs, beanies, little jackets, layered to perfection. 👌
Don’t sleep! Shop @PLNDR & save up to 90%. Here’s your exclusive invite:…
Laughter, charisma, trust. "@ItsShon89: Friendship. In three words, What do you think it takes?”
I mean, it's cute. So 👍 @datexehmmm: 75$ bra , should I buy it?”
Loord, is he fine. 😅
Ima say Gemini - that was one of my exes and he was just, no.
Which horoscope sign would you say is the wackest?
Gotcha. No worries I got your back, we mobbin'. Lol @Itsdrew4real
Hella, hella tired.
It Is Time (haiku) Sorry memory - Said the twinkle of a tear - It is time to go
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If you and your boo break up, give it 3 months before you start acting single. Y'all get back together after 3 weeks.
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@AyoPotter: I could have me a good girl but still be addicted to them hood rats 😔” Ha, oh wow.
Time for drinks. 🍺🍸🍹 Cheers!
My #exercise for the day. Skipping the elevator and taking the #stairs all day. #workflow #chicago #art #mural
#chicago #streetart #wickerpark #bucktown #art #spraypaint #mural #graffiti #dope
Have a safe night! #selfie in the #car #chicago #wickerpark #lettheshenanigansbegin 🍹🍺✌️
Miss this little guy. #nephew #fountain #family #smile #losangeles
Never cheat unless playing with known cheaters, cuz in that case - your just playin by the rules.
#chicago #workflow #rooftopbreak #rooftop #searstower #skyporn #nofilter
#chicago #fog #citylife #nofilter
Wonderful, everything is fucking wonderful.
Aunt Fee tho. 😂 I can't !
The word 'loyalty' has really lost it's value. It's of little substance these days.
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Trying to mess up my pretty lil head. ✋
So the ex says he is over it but still reaches out. Make up your mind bruh.
The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.
A late night swim and some drinks, then some bones. 👌#perfectnightt
@Cristalrella let us know once you’ve given it a sweat. Have fun!
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#RemyMa is finally coming home...Female Mcs beware, I hope she has baaaaaaars ready
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@PimpmikeC: #RemyMa been in the cell writing she about to be on @HOT97 FunkFlex tonight dropping freestyles non-stop” basically.
Just finished season 2 of #OrphanBlack last night - dope show! Now what the fuck do I watch?
Wondering if #FitStar will be better than #NikeTrainingClub 💪
Get yo ass in shape! Try #FitStar - use my code (YX8VF9) and you get a free month of Premium. Go…
#chicago #logansquare #streetart #boy
She said.. Your hair is perfect, looks like a wig. 😂