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Cristalle B. Henares
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Belo Beauty 101 this week is filled with loads of fun! Comedy queen, @aiaidelasas walks us through non surgical vaginal tightening with FemiLift; @iamkarelmarquez breezes her way through Laser Liposuction on her Arms; @phoemelabaranda analyzes her skin with Visia skin analyzer and treats her pimples
Although bare, I'm finally moving into my office👯 My room was the only unfinished room when the whole back end moved into the #BeloBuilding. I wanted to make sure everyone else was all settled in before I put energy into this space.I also didn't want to rush it because I knew I would have to live i
There seems to be this heavy cloud of pollution over makati today. Eeew😬
EO Philippines hearing out 20 tech startups! A sneak peak to what the future has to offer👍
PLAY: This week's @belobeauty 101 episode is loaded with awesome stories: -@gisellesanchez123 liposuction of thighs and embedded protein threads to lift the butt -@sarahlahbati undergoes ulthera for the face, botox of masseter to make the face smaller and embedded protein threads to lift eyelids and
@OMGitsYummy: S’MORES FRENCH TOAST.” looks good for brekkie @edwardmen23 😂
PLAY: riding through the meadows in Argentina. Blue skies and tall grass. It was a dream come true 🐴 #TBT #ThrowBackThursday
Look up! The moon is so nice and low today guys 🌙
Leaving Chengdu with lots of Panda hugging memories 🐼😍 #chengdu #panda
Shading... I hate you😬 good thing Mr Panda is cute. That saves the day🐼
This week's episode features Belo bride @anakarylle's beauty preparations before her big day, @ellenmgadarna's meso hair treatment to make her hair thicker and @kztandingan's post liposuction arms results! Hope you guys enjoy this episode 👯 @belobeauty #belobeauty101 TFC PACIFIC TIME 9:25am TFC JA
PLAY: Panda hugging day with @justinpitt77 at Chengdu! We had to wear silly blue gowns and gloves and shoes so the panda doesn't get any germs. We wouldn't want baby panda to get sick🐼 #chengdu #panda
I know the frustration of having a pimple and not having time to go to the clinic to have it pricked. This is why we launched our pimple gel which dries up pimples! Now even though Pimpy is so cute, we can finally say #GoodbyePimpy and be pimple free, instantly! 👯 PS For more information on how to
Pasalubong from the Philippines! Finally got to share a Coke with @justinpitt77☺️ thanks for this @sjchong😘
by @rajolaurel "Head over to the Glorietta activity center today & tom for #arielaidcouture lets all shop for good! @redcrossph" via @PhotoRepost_app
PLAY: On this weeks episode of Belo Beauty 101: @realangelinequinto's Blepharosplasty @vernenciso' embedded protein thread treatment @lalamovement's breast augmentation And @daianamenezes_' lip filler treatment! Catch us in TFC! Here's the sched: TFC PACIFIC TIME 9:25am TFC JAPAN TIME 11am TFC
Got thess chic and whimsical monogrammed placemats by @oliverandmaude🐬🐟🐳 Designed by @alexmeduque for our foundation MovEd, your purchase of these placemats will help us send less privileged kids to school! We'll be in Sonja's Cupcakes at Rockwell today until 4pm. Hope you guys can drop by to sa
Baked with @lililovely today! Trying to copy a cookie my mom is obsessed about from London. We're getting there 👯
VIDEO: Vespa Fun with @frankbriones 👯
Today is going to be interesting! #SONA
Dropped by @thecaravanph yesterday and gave @robbysinghart the photo of Maki. I was surprised that it was done after 2 hours! Maki was curious to see the final product so he personally picked up his portrait🐶 #amazeballs #doglove #dogart
Yellow on blue!☀️This week's Belo Beauty 101 was shot in the beautiful St. Tropez village in Balesin. Missing summer already☺️ @belobeauty #Balesin #belobeauty101
Reese's has been my favorite chocolate since I was a kid so I was so happy to receive this! Maki got excited too but doggies are NOT allowed to eat chocolate because it has theobromine, which is toxic to our beloved friends. That means this big box is all mine! 👯 #lessonoftheday #RediscoverReeses