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Crispin Read
Any questions about the #Drupal Apprenticeship Scheme just @ reply to me or @happyapprents via this tweet
Any questions about the #Drupal Apprenticeship Scheme just @ reply to this tweet
Just added to pocket > Moodboard | Quickly build a beautiful moodboard and share the result
Coo what Just left the @whitefuse hub for the last time...
Last day @whitefuse today, heading up North next week to join @CurveAgency in Sept ~ exciting times :)
Get us. We're at that bar at the top of the gherkin. Check out the views
Former LightBox colleague Adam Poole just shared this on FB. Well played, sir.
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Just added to pocket > How to Install MIUI ROM on Samsung Galaxy S3 [Guide]
Just added to pocket > BitTorrent Sync Apps Offer Escape From Big Brother
"When your only tool is a hammer, after all, every problem looks like a nail." How America's police ...
HAH uni's jumping on this bloke's A level tweet
right, time for some DEVO
Just added to pocket > How to Install Linux on a Chromebook and Unlock Its Full Potential
"Not all men. Not all industries. But nearly always men in my industry"
Love this to bits :D > Vaudeville tries to save itself like print journalism is trying to save itself...
Samaritans circulated an email via PCC to all papers today. The papers were warned, and ran those front pages anyway. I don't have words.
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This made me chuckle. Awkward. Maybe not as funny if you're not a girl
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Q: what are you doing? A: Burning a small pizza
If by any chance you are or know the cyclist attacked by guy on a moped at Trafalgar Sq roundabout at 0745, pls get in touch #londoncycling
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I'm regretfully selling my 1950s French Randonneur bicycle b4 I move up North appreciated :)
cooo what - heads up smartyphone display for your motor - couple hundred quids on preorder :o
Hip pops - a poor replacement for the iced bun I really wanted @MelJGrech
I'm in Willesden - where's the nearest Percy Ingles? I need one of those iced bun things - you know the ones the size of a toddler's head
just accidentally told a website to generate 5030 pieces of content :o so I'll be here for a while
How do you know when you're entering The North on the M6?
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Just added to pocket > Skillet Brownies Recipe
Just added to pocket > Introducing Harvest Forecast
Just added to pocket > Sign in to continue to Gmail
right then - I'm about to buy UNTOLD toys on Ebay and you cannot stop me
This seems a worthwhile campaign about Shoreditch: This, related, is hilariously un-selfaware:
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Cheaper than a web dev :) 5 Ways to Enhance Websites With Google Docs
If you can't afford a web developer...
.@SimonBarker Also - who is going to play Blind Al now that Bea Arthur is dead? #DeadpoolMovie
Deadpool movie test footage showing signs of not being terrible then :D…
Well, this is an interesting stance on cyclists ... You could call them and share your views 0800 980 7181
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Thanks for the RTs @MirandaSman @MeghanMBiro @FacebookYrBiz :) 5 #Drupal Modules to Boost Your SEO