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Crispin Read
Amazing week...potential apprentices learning #drupal and making great progress. Thanks to everyone supporting them x
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An accessible website is the easiest way to do business with everybody. Help make a difference. #UX - PLS RT
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sometimes ~ don't you wish it was still the 90s?
Looking for mentors for #Drupal #apprenticeships. If you can spare a day this week or next please get in touch with @crispin_read :)
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Drupal apprenticeship mentoring - please share In our industry, specifically in Drupal development,...
I need a few more #Drupal mentors this week and next in London -please get in touch if you can spare a day or an afternoon - good for CSR :)
With the wife out with her pals and the boy in bed THIS is how it goes down. Steak, chips, 0 veg, tyskie etc.
River wee bit too high for the stepping stones today
Does anyone know of any worse stock photography than that of fresh faced and smiling call centre people?
Because sometimes you need a place to pull over and contemplate the futility of existence.
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Can you spare a few hours at the end of the month to help me with mentoring some young people using #Drupal? @/DM me for details & RT pls
Hey #Drupal crew, can you spare an afternoon later this month to mentor our new apprentices? @/DM me for details ~ ReTweets well appreciated
Leeds rainbow, bringing a wee bit of joy to this afternoon as we struggle to resurrect a server...
We're looking for London based #Drupal firms who might consider taking on an apprentice interested?… (please ReTweet)
If you're a non-profit in need of 3 PCs, 4 flatscreen monitors and a wifi laser printer, for free, get in touch!
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Tea at the twelve apostles standing stones
proud to be part of that stat :D RT @imregmelig: 1,8TB data burned over WiFi during #drupalcon #closing
you gave me a penne for my thoughts but when i refusillied you went away and never came gnocching again it left me feeling cannellonely
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UX prototyping process diagram - aka the squiggle :) #drupalcon
No public posts available.
Coo what Drupal Camp Tunisia? Maybe a @CurveAgency spring break? #drupalcon
Just added to pocket > 12 Must See TEDx Talks
Room G110 (the @Actency one) at 5pm then for the Open Drupal BoF ~ I hear it's going to be fucking amazing :o
Hey #DrupalCon important BoF today 5pm. We are talking about 'Open Drupal' an OS curriculum for learning Drupal - can I get a ReTweeeeet?
Tell me more about these supporting partners... #drupalcon
Just got into town - where's the pub crawl at? #drupalcon
How to decide on the right project management style based on number of estimated man days. #drupalcon #agile
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Haha it's the @curveagency #drupalcon tag team switch at Amsterdam airport
On my way to #drupalcon at last - be there in time for beers in the eve at least 😃
Hands up if you just bought over a hundred quids work of powdered goat milk. OK just me then DM me for deets - it was a bargain
We're at the Masham sheep show bruv. Mashup
Juuuudging ewe is easy 'caus you're beautifuuu-u-ul
"Drupal Apprenticeship Progress" by @happyapprents on LInkedIn Pulse…
In February 2014 we ran a two week pre-apprenticeship course and succeeded in placing 6 young people...
Can I get a retweeeeeet for Octobers digitaLeeds event?… ... Please.
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... was going to ask if they were interested in grammar but then I just reported them 4 spam instead :)
just received @ tweet asking me if I'm "interested in evolution of my personal self"
Reshared post from Hedley Smith:
Just unwrapping the new MEGAWHITEBOARD for @CurveAgency it's MASSIVE