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Matt Gibson
Who else thinks this is brilliant? Wow! Great job Anthony Vincent!
Matt Gibson – Sweet Child O’ Mine Live Cover
Matt Gibson - Sweet Child O' Mine Live Cover
It's official people - I left the dark abyss of my recording studio and ventured out into...
Matt Gibson - Sweet Child O' Mine Live Cover: via @YouTube
New lynch mob record "sun red sun" coming this October
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ESP Guitars: George Lynch demos the ESP E-II ST-2
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Grabbing some dinner in downtown #baltimore (at @konagrill in Baltimore, MD)…
I liked a @YouTube video Prashant Aswani performs "Motivated To Run" for EMGtv
I'm scouting out downtown Baltimore for a place to jam. I heard this place has an open mic...
Check out Guitar Players of Google+ featured artist Prashant Aswani on EMGpickupsTV playin...
Where are all my friends in Baltimore, MD? Time for a #HIRL ;)
Matt Gibson – March of the Dying – Demo Version
Matt Gibson - March of the Dying - Demo Version
Matt Gibson - March of the Dying - Demo Version: via @YouTube
I wanted to give a shameless shout-out to daddariostrings ESP Guitars Breedlove Guitars ME...
Oh by the way...the harp is almost finished. Can't wait to play it! Rees Harps Inc.
"@ReesHarps: @ReesHarps announces new endorsed artist, rock guitar musician Matt Gibson @CrimsonSymphony."
Been checking out Beats Music lately. I like it! I need some new music ideas though...I al...
Being a good actor, musician, business person or athlete does not make you a good person o...
I like to show my fans that I care about them...all of them. Thank you all for your love and support! I love you all very much!
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Why do people have such strong opinions about news reported by "for profit" media? It's monetized and manufacture...
For those of you that aren't yet familiar with my music - here is a little demo from awhile back ;)
Hey everyone! It would be really cool for you to like my lonely Facebook page ;) I need 50...
Name this record (that I bought today for 50 cents)!
This weeks Saturday Spotlight goes out to the students from The Pine Brook School ! We had the chance to visit...
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KXM 'RESCUE ME" OFFICIAL VIDEO featuring George Lynch, dUg Pinnick, Ray Luzier
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Some people say whatever they want with no accountability, until they cross the line. Maybe @genesimmons finally did? Proud of @NikkiSixx
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Sweet dreams people of the Internet.
I liked a @YouTube video Metallica - All Nightmare Long [Official Music Video] [HD]
Today I am in a bad mood. Robin Williams is gone.
Wow I just looked at my #soundcloud page and realized I recorded this demo 2 years ago...I need some motivation ;)