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So fucking done with some people... Too rude...I can't deal.
Why do people think saying “I’m sorry“ automatically fixes everything.
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NA listen... I'm not liking the fact that some yutes are tryna bring back 'Chungting'. Leave it in the past 😳😒✌️
Every where she dey she like to get attention 🎵#shakaraologee
Trying to eat healthy nowadays..Lets see if that even lasts..
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I've shielded myself so that I don't get hurt. It's honestly the only way to go....👌😌
My ex? We're not friends, we're not enemies. We're just strangers with some memories..
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new year 👌 new people 👍 new bullshit 👎 new drama 👊 new cliques ✊ new comings ✌ new beliefs 🙌 new memories☝ new haters✋ new surprises👏
Took soo long to start up and only a couple hours to finish
When niggas become dead to you...
I want nothing but real around me in 2014.
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Once I get something good or worth keeping its natural for me to wanna find an excuse for me to leave it.
What I miss most: Being a little kid with no stress, worries, or care in the world.
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Got everything I'm asking for but you
Still waiting for my iPhone 😌👌
I'm still searching for the respect and ratings... 😂
Same person that is chatting shit about you will pop up and ask you what happened....why you chatting shit for then!
'right person, wrong time'...story of my life.
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