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The one in front of the gun lives forever
When you have a serious case of the munchies but absolutely nothing available to eat
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When Kendrick Lamar said "& I don't wife em if a nigga is her best friend." I practice that line how religious people practice their faith.
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Damnnn guhhh #Retweet if you Would let that ass suffocate yalap VIEW MORE…
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Just cause u stay in the house on the weekends doesn't make u Wifey material.
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I can't fear you if you bleed too
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All I wanna do is get my smoke on
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I could careless what you think of me
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Good morning humans of earth 😊
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Your either a blessing or a lesson 🙌 keep it at a 💯 and I'll treat you with respect 👌👌
Its better to be slapped by the truth then kissed with a lie...
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When you're at someone's house Normal people: What a beautiful house! 😳 Me:What's your wifi password? 😂😁
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I dont like the accounts on twitter that copy others tweets its like seeing the same shit everywhere all time 👀✋
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My phone dead asf I just wanna drop it and fuck off to fuckville 😭😂😂
respect the ladies fuck bad bitches turnup with da hoes
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My girl bad asf but she can be a asshole but she's my asshole 😂😂
Her pussy was like heroine to me 😍😍
Only the freaks come out at night 😉💀
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Weak minded people believe everything the media says 😣
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"Everything I write is either for her or about her"
May I hit it from the back ma'am