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Demi Amber Sadler
He makes me feel like life is actually worth living.
I've never felt this way before.
Omg jordan is so amazing I want him pleaseeeee
Thorpe Park today was fun :)
My evening was spent hiding in the corner of the shower cos there was a moth trying to eat me :(
When you feel like you'll never be good enough for anyone.
Leathers and squished cheeks, off for a ride :P
Went on my uncles motorbike and hit 80mph, was awesome!
Normal is boring. I'd rather be weird.
No one can save me anymore.
Off to Thorpe Park today, aah :D
Don't judge me if you don't know me.
Love this, when you have a full pouch of baccy :D
why are most of the highly attractive guys gay?! this is not even fair.
A bug jumped on me in my room so I whacked it with a notebook and run into Nan's room.. Not sleeping in there tonight then. O.o
I can't even deal with school. Everyone stares at me and talks about me and I hate it.
Chilling by my friends pool in the sun, this is the life.
Well done Andy! 77 years for us Brits and you did us proud!
If my neighbours don't turn their music down I will go round there and go full rage at them, idc.
tan lines :3 got small boobs but more than a handful is a waste. #bikini #tan #boobs #smalltits
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A bit of sun= the whole of England strips naked.
Watching my little cousins sports day. :)
Everyone keeps pushing me and they're gonna push me over the edge soon.
Retweet if your the friend that has awesome music taste.
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i feel so lonely, and i hate it.
I hate night time. I over think on things that I shouldn't and it isn't good.
My emotions are released through my blood. #selfharm
Alcohol ruined my life.
Smart cars are like they went to make the car, then went "cba" half way through, so it only has 2 seats. Aha.
Early mornings should be illegal.
Nicest bath ever; bubbles, candles, incense, and @blackveilbrides album full blast.
most of my life is spent indoors *hisses at sunlight*
“But you’re smiling!” “But you aren’t skinny enough to have an eating disorder!” “But I can’t see any scars! Your wrists are clear!”
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Gay Bi- Ugly Fine Rich Poor Skinny Fat Black White A FRIEND IS A FRIEND! 🙇 RT If You Don't Judge !! 💯👌
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ugh, so many triggers on tumblr.. #selfharm

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