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Crappy McCartney
I'm having trouble coming to terms with the shit I just took. #rank
Twitter. The spot before the shitter and the twatter.
Does anyone else's iPhone randomly vibrate for no reason? No? Just me? Ok then. #ios7problems
Girl: "I really like a guy who is close to his family" Me: "I still live with my mom!" Girl: No longer interested. Me: "But you said..."
Hey, @RockstarGames, you know what'd be great? If GTA V online worked properly for once. Thanks.
First of all, who the fuck is juicy j? And secondly, who the FUCK is juicy j? #jealous #pregnant
waking up to the news that I'm now pregnant with @therealjuicyj baby
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Love when 39mb downloads take 15 minutes to complete. Canadian Internet speeds are awesome! #slowasfuck
The Great Gatsby has the strangest selection of music I've ever heard. #jayz #william #lanadelray #florencewelch #gotye
Anytime I hear the word "truculence", I just wanna punch someone in the head. Fuck I hate that word. #stupidword
This title says it all. Crazy Ukrainians. Sad story though. #sexytime
Every time I see the word "breaking" I expect the word "bad" to follow it. Damn that was a good show. @BreakingBad_AMC #breakingbadproblems
Doctor grows a new nose on a mans forehead. Well, doctor "nose" best. Hahaha
I fuckin hate the #Seahawks. Win on a brutal penalty.
Stupid people come in many forms. Most of them are just people who don't agree with me. #morons
You never appreciate how good you feel until you have a massive headache that ruins your day.
Just got my hair cut by a dude named Lia 😟. Yup.
@Fact: I've got a pet wussy. You that read wrong. You read that wrong too.” What the fuck is a pet wussy?
.@ebook_script could your tweets be any more annoying?
@buterasparklexo: ONE MORE FOLLOWER PLEASE :((” no, fuck off. Quit begging. It's pathetic.
Need to know: is it a good idea to blow your load on a future girlfriends face? I mean, how could you respect her after? That's just nasty.