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Craig W. Chenery
Really Twitter? Worst targeted marketing ever. A Christian Singles site and my former business partner. I can...
Another pic of my Havoc Trooper thanks to My_Geekly_Gallery on Instagram.
Dinner was awesome. Thank you, my love.
June is national apathy month. Celebrate it or don't. I don't really care.
Lily made me a Lego Han Solo in Carbonite for Father's Day :)
Rebels season two premiere was pretty dammed good.
Original knife and then twenty minutes in the garage. This will go with my beat up armor quite nicely.
Oh my god, on July 12th, I'm going to Los Angeles to meet Veruca Salt.... I think I might just explode.
I'm seriously considering driving out to LA on July 12th to meet Veruca Salt for their record release party....
Looks like another late night at work.
Lily: Daddy, I made a tuba. Me: It is not a tuba. Lily: Yes, it is. Look. My humor is wasted...
The second knife for my Havoc Trooper :-) Needs a bit of work, but you get the idea.
If I get any more stressed today. I think my heart is just going to say "screw you, I'm done".
I don't always donate to GoFundMe, but when I do, I'm relentlessly gay about it.
One of my planned costumes for Phoenix Comicon 2016.
A ray of sunlight coming through the blinds in the kitchen. I feel like Indiana Jones.
I want to do the Phoenix Tardis event in July but the whole thing seems so completely disorganized.
Facebook seems to be crammed full of negativity and complaints. Here is a picture of an AT-AT because it's...
I think I'm getting sick. No,no, no. Ain't no one got time for that shit.
Nov 17th - Battlefront Dec 18th - Episode VII Dec 2016 - Rogue One May 2017 - Episode VIII It feels like I'm dreaming.
Screw you Jelly Belly. You took my favorite candy and made it taste like baby shit. It's like Russian Roulette...
Facebook, helping destroy communication since 2006.
Knife and sheath came in for my Havoc Trooper. Very happy with it.
Battlefront..... squeeeeeeeeeee
Doing the final, final, final read through of "Don't Make Me Come Down There". Spelling m̶i̶s̶t̶a̶e̶k̶s̶ mistakes...
It's supposed to be 115 degrees this week. To my friends back in England, that is 46.2 C.
First run of custom pistol for Havoc Trooper. Not sold on it yet.
Chapter Two “Ninety seven?” a grumpy, middle-aged woman named Miley yelled from behind a glass counter window....
Hobby Lobby and Joann Fabric already have Christmas decorations out. I wanted to get Lily a monogram for her tree, but they had Noel.
Because of my bipolar disorder, I have up days and I have down days. My meds are well balance and I'd say I'm...
Are you 18 or older? Looking into joining the 501st? Want to find out more about who we are, what we do and why?...
Because that made me feel so much better..
Just about at the end of my rope this week.
Just sold another shirt on Teepublic. I released a few designs based on the old Kenner product line....
If Rebel Legion says no, I'll try for Droid Builders instead. :)
Fingers crossed that Rebel Legion approves my Havoc Trooper, then I can wear it to the Diamondbacks game in July.
My latest book "The Comicon and Convention Survival Guide" is now available digitally. Priced at just $3, $1...
And the weapon arsenal for my Havoc Trooper grows. Just picked up a knife and sheath. So far I have a blaster...
So Marge and Homer are getting divorced in the Simpson. I'm waiting for the scene where they argue about custody...
And my costume for the Dark Empire was rejected.
As of 10:41 this evening, the final draft of Don't Make Me Come Down There is finished all 113,151 words of it....
I hope we do the Dune Sea trip to Yuma when it's cooler. I would love to get photos of my Havoc Trooper in the dunes.
I love how the cape came out. I will consider this a win.
Submission photos for The Dark Empire.
Pictures from my secoind panel at Phoenix Comicon.
Dropped and thus broke my cell. If you're trying to text me and I'm not responding, that is why.
This might just be the best TV show theme song ever.…

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