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Craig W. Chenery
The people complaining about the $1 #Netflix hike are probably the same ones buying $5 coffee at Starbucks. It's a dollar. Holy shit...
Trying to watch A Good Day To Die Hard, but the chemistry between Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney is fucking awful.
And today makes 53 consecutive months of book sales :)
This agent hunt is a good exercise in getting a thick skin.
I really enjoyed the Fear the Walking Dead finale.
"Dear Mr. Cheney (wrong name), I'm calling about your book Don't Make God Come Down (wrong title) and your...
Spotify thinks you would like "Writing's on the Wall" by Sam Smith. No Spotify, no I do not.
Dodgy wiring can only mean one thing. Halloween in the Chenery house.
Tried mackerel sushi with the skin on yesterday and it was fantastic.
Finally making headway on my new website. Writing a bunch of new blogs, short stories and posting previously...
Today I did something I swore I wouldn't do. I said I was not going to write the sequel to "Don't Make Me Come...
Today I have been alive for exactly 15,000 days. I do not know why I even know this.
This year we'll be spending Thanksgiving Day at the Blue Bayou in Disneyland. :)
And after a three year hunt I finally found this.
If I have bought a Blu Ray and am watching said Blu Ray, do I really need a commercial at the beginning telling...
And my Star Wars pin collection continues to grow. :)
Just heard #WritingsOnTheWall. Waited for a crescendo that never arrived. Completely underwhelmed. Boring, bland, forgettable. #spectre
Is it weird that I am looking forward to lily learning common core math? I love numbers and am looking forward to...
Me as a Peanut character.
Well the opening scene of Doctor Who season nine has me hooked already.
I bought two of the "design your own Stormtrooper Helmet" kits from Joann and my OCD won't let me do anything...
Dear internet, I've reached my quota for dealing with idiots today, please forward them to another party. Thank you
Good manners are infectious. Spread them.
No Samsung Galaxy, I am not trying to type ducked.
Luke Shaw.... gahhh.....
Grim grinning ghosts come out to socialize.
Some days are just Siouxsie and the Banshees kinda days.
I love reading my spam folder. I just got an email from Yοure accοunt has...
How funny, this has the same directions as Budweiser!
Lily: Daddy, where's Canada? Me: It's where we're moving if Donald Trump becomes president.
Ipswich, there was a game at 8:00 p.m. your timer. I think you forgot to show up.
Okay, Stereophonics, you knocked it out of the park with Sunny. It's an outstanding track. Definitely my high point of the album.
I posted a new photo to Facebook
Fry's had Star Wars shirts for $7.
And today makes 52 months of consecutive book sales.
I love it when stupid people use big words to make themselves sound more intelligent, but ultimately end up...
I want one of the BB-8 displays from Target.
Really disappointed with Force Friday. Picked clean when I got there. Assuming of course that Hasbro even had the...
Feeling very loved today. Thank you all for the birthday wishes.
I've received over 200 birthday messages so far today. A huge thank you to everyone! I'm planning on responding...
This was waiting for me at work this morning. My boss is awesome.
Teaching Lily how to spell new words may be one of the most amazing things I have experienced yet.
If Common Core continues to be as a good as I'm seeing with Lily, I'm a convert. Less than three weeks of...
Planning a massive revamp of my website with articles, movie and music reviews, short stories, poetry among others.
What did Pikachu do when he visited Castle Grayskull? Poke He-Man
Okay, Fear The Walking Dead, I'm completely hooked.
R.I.P Wes Craven. Thank you for the scares and nightmares.

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