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Life's a boat that won't stop rocking Don't be scared when you don't feel safe Listen close, He's calling your name
Post homecoming music session 🎸�
For some reason, I hate abbreviations. Like, 'hoco' for 'homecoming'? No. Stop.
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Not feeling school tomorrow ok
Post homecoming music time #100happydays #guitar #music
Homecoming again #homecoming #homecoming2k14 #dress #smile#selfie
Homecoming!!! #homecoming #2014 #junior #homecoming2k14
Reunited and it feels so good #friends #100happydays
I can't believe it's been two years.
Photo credit to @photosamyam #smile #100happydays #potd #selfie
Me and my partner in trig spent basically the whole time trying to figure out the relevance of the assignment
girls who call their friends out on things in front of boys to make themselves look better are some of my least favorite kind of people.
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You make me feel some kind of way
#tbt To my youth retreat. Miss it so much! #pottersranch#tbt#100happydays#camp#retreat#church#youthgroup
I feel alive, I come alive, I am alive on God's great dance floor
I'm sitting at a table with all boys at lunch I'm basically a pimp
I just really love Jesus
#thisweekinyounglife over 140 kids are hearing about the life of their savior Jesus Christ
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If i had a dollar for every time someone called me short
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So thankful for the opportunity I had this morning to gather with an amazing group of friends and freely pray to God in the open. πŸ™ #seeyouatthepole #ryle #larryaryle #highschool #flagpole #flag #pray #god #christian
I hope to see everyone at the flag pole this morning! 7:15! Be there.
Sam and I are pretty cute πŸ’#100happydays #bestfriend #lovehim #selfie #smile
Kinda freaks me out when someone tells me another person was talking about me but they didn't mention what was said.
Ryle will be participating in "See You At the Pole" If you would like to attend, please meet tomorrow at 7:15 am by the flag pole!
To the left to the left....
Everyone at lunch is feeling particularly aggressive today
Honestly don't understand why people are disrespectful to teachers that are just trying to be nice and help them
So happy it's tie dye day and I can wear my tie dye shirt without you people judging me
Hey all u boone kids I'm crashing ur homecoming get ready
β€œ@cantrellmegan22: Please don't treat me like I'm the world to you when you're just going to ignore me a few days later...” AMEN TO U πŸ™Œ
Breaking in new shoes is the most bittersweet thing ever
Finally found the perfect dress 😍 #homecoming #100happydays #selfie #dress #pretty #bling #sparkle #teal #aqua #blue #smile
Don't chase people. Work hard and be yourself. Under these two principles, the right people will find their way into your life.
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Boys legit go from being so sweet to so annoying in 2 seconds like wtheck
I don't like a majority of my English class
Why r jacob and Tyler singing Stacy's mom
God today let me show you that I'm something worth dying for.
what do u mean u cant hang out i showered for this i shaved for this i put a bra on for u im wearing pants I went outside i got out of bed
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Let me see redemption win Let me know the struggle ends That you can mend a heart that's frail and torn
I love this picture. ❀️ #love#100happydays#pretty
Ways to ask me to homecoming: -food