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Courtney Price ✌
Typical white girl picture of my eye. #blue#eye#pretty#eyelahes#blueeyes#cute
Do we really have to go to school today? Or nah?
Feel like I got hit by a 40 ton semi so there's that
Anyone else feel like they've undergone an entire year of weather in the course of a week?
Payne said "not so fast my friends"
That's just how the Spartans roll.
So all my friends in the Lexington area don't have school sigh
I know it's weird to pray for animals, but she broke her back two hips, and has to drag her legs behind her. Please 🙏
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I'm not wearing green today and if someone pinches me they die.
"I'm not sure I'm okay with being randy."-Daniel Kozar
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"Jey please stop quoting me on Twitter."-Daniel Kozar
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It's a battle skirt, it can't be tight! -Daniel Kozar
You know shit just got real when someone whips out the US Constitution out during debate. #KHSSL14 #KHSSLCONGRESSLIVE
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Why is packing so stressful
I feel like I check the boone county twitter page every morning in hopes that by some small miracle, school is cancelled
Is there ever a person who makes you really uncomfortable but they're attractive so you're conflicted on your feelings
Pretty sure the kid who sits next to me in Spanish is just as awkward as me so props to him for letting me know I'm not alone 👏
Most of my classes are half juniors so....
I should be asleep but I lay awake wondering if @PresidentCecil will nuke my district next... #speechhungergames