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Courtney Price
I just want everyone to stop calling us "rich kids" because not every Ryle kid is rich and that's unfair to those of us who aren't
I can't wait for college and having my own adventures and building a life for myself
*unintentionally starts Twitter fight* *cries*
Sorry for any offense my previous tweets may have caused for students of other schools.
Sorry my school is proactive and does what they can to help make our environment better #RaiderPride
Someone at Kroger seriously just said "Ryle is preppy and rich, why do they get renovated and we don't?" Maybe because we have 2000+ kids...
I admire those with hairstyles. I don't have a hairstyle. I have hair. Most days, it has zero caterpillars in it. That's as good as it gets.
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It's 7:40 and people in this class are already complaining
can cute boys stop being: ・gay ・younger than me ・15 years older than me ・12343435 miles away ・taken ・famous ・fictional
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Beginning of Junior year vs Beginning of Senior year. Yay for actually looking my age
I'm the only girl in my C++ class this is gonna be a long year
If Jackie leaves I will host a protest.
I love listen to all the freshmen in gym cuss and talk about drugs and sex and drinking. Go ride your bike.
I forgot half of my stats assignment lolol
I'm not even gonna be able to sleep so I don't know why I'm trying
To all the seniors: we gotta make every day count this year because it will be over before we know it!!!!
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Hey friends! Quick poll. Black or white?
Happy birthday to my beautiful pal @KatieFreemanBro (I don't have any pictures with you so here's Beyoncé)
I hope when I grow old, my children say that I treated them in a way so that they know I love them and I care and that they are important.
I can not believe the way parents treat their children. If I ever have kids I will NEVER treat them the way some parents do.
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You are so incredibly loved and appreciated and wanted and needed. Do not forget.
Some of my best friends are going off the college and I'm so incredibly sad. I'm going to miss them way too much 💔n
I don't even care about going back to school at this point because I miss my friends
Its hard to be confident when you know you’re ugly
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Happy birthday to one of my best friends in the entire world. I love you so much 💗�bl
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Chenbot just threw some serious shade at Meg. #BB17
Hitmen or Hotmen and I right ladies? #BB17
So none of my friends are in my classes that's cool
Exactly one week till school I am not okay
Senior classes! Anyone?? #senior#schedule
New eyeballs 👀�fB
When there's no drama in a show...JUST KIDDING. THERE ALWAYS IS. #TheatreProblems
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I'm going to pick up my senior schedule today 😅
Dementor 1: I hate this job Dementor 2: I know; it's soul destroying Dementor 1: AYYYYYYYYYYYYY Dementor 2: Azkabanter
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Squad 💯 #squad#goals#friends#100happydays#reds

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