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my cat came back
think my cat has ran away
i was such a bad person
need to apologise to everyone for everything ive ever done wrong
no more drama, no more arguments, im done with it all
good things all round
you're 17, you need to stop acting like a 12 year old and grow up
should be moving back to mk in the next couple of months
routing back to cornwall
why am i telling you all of this
your parents must be so proud
well arent you funny
how would you even get away with it, i dont understand
youre 15 you cant even look after yourself
youre going to steal my baby when its born, hahahahahaa ok
these were my childhood👌�
We all know a massive prick named Jamie
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My eyebrows are shit and my hair is shit and my nails are shit and my figure is shit and my face is shit and my skin is shit and my life
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it wasnt my plan to miss you
"You never apologized for hurting me but I apologized 12 times for being angry about it"
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your voice is so stressful
off out for dinner
Sometimes, the only reason why we don't let go of what's making us sad is because it was the one thing that made us happy.
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netflix is ruining my life
i'm better off heartless than heartbroken
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want a new job
i love how i talk to noone ever
It is never too late to make things right.
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Do u ever just wonder how different your life would be if that one thing didn't happen
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is it your mission to piss me off
This week went by hella fast 💨💨💨💨
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be real with me or go be fake with someone else
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so many things i want to do, but cant
guess ill quit tomorrow
why does my nan buy me bacci knowing ive quit
need to stop caring to much
fuck you then
need to dye my hair
dont know what to do with myself
REAL feelings don't just go away..
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