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i still think about you and it sucks
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People waste too much time being mad about dumb shit
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It's crazy how trust takes years to build...and it really will crumble within seconds.
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I'm a pretty chill person till you piss me off.
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Failing all my tests tomorrow because I'm unable to study😞😞
I'm so hungry 👎👎
Hate staying in on Saturdays
Wish I had money to drink
"No one wants me." No bitch, the guy you want doesn't want you.
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i wonder if you'd have the same patience with me once I start doing what you do.
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Don't fall in love with the moment and think you're in love with the girl.
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relationships shouldn't be constantly stressful, they should bring you happiness, if it does more bad than good, leave it
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flirting: so what kinda drugs do you do?
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I'm not a jealous bitch, I'm a territorial bitch. Stay the fuck away from what's mine and we won't have a problem 😇🔪
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But I'm still single dammit
Charlotte and Gary yesssss 💕💕💕
Miss you loads potss 💕�@Stephanieph3h3
things I hate: you & slow wifi
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I am beyond bored
These females on here defend their celebrity man crush more than they do their significant other.
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Love when nan gets takeaway 💕💕💕👌
When bae breaks up with her boyfriend and all the friendzoned guys have no transport.
Can't wait till Christmas because I'll get to eat a lot and watch tv a lot oh wait I do that everyday
Like if I had a body or ass like that I'd show case it to the entire world too so shut up all of he jealous fucks
Why is everybody snapping Kim's butt is lush
And i had a fucking person to cuddle me and make me feel better fucking hell
Just sitting here wishing i wasn't sick
If you came to my house with food I would actually marry you 👌👌
No school again feel like shit 👊
I always fall for the ones who tell me exactly what I wanna hear then leave when things get hard.
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