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Ruby Hoes
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Can't wait for Spain tbh
Hate this weather so much
My mam needs to stop doing interviews on tv like wtf mam
I really want subway rn but I'm broke as fuck
Netflix is actually shocking there's about 4 good series and 3 good movies to watch and you're done
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Dammit David why you gotta let me down like that??
I have zero social life my summer has been as boring as watching the news for 6 hours
Want to lose a stone before holidays but I eat everything around me uhhhh
Got told I was colour blind today, came completely out of the yellow
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#GrowingUpWithGlasses "1, or 2?" Repeated about 10 times and you still can't see the difference
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I'm starting to dislike a lot of people bitch mode er we go
Talking about starting sixth year to literally all my friends makes me feel like I'm a four year old bc they have all left
I've been drawing henna on my arm an making looms since 2 I am literally 12 rn
i still can't believe robin williams died
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are you ever really tired but you sort of can't be bothered going to sleep
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is it this hard to find a permanent cuddle buddy. I'd be quicker finding dinosaur fossils than a decent lad.
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hey what's up wanna fall in love with me for a second so i can feel wanted and then you can leave me because ill get sick of you
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Disney pronounced in different languages 😂�i8
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Being left out is great really great ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
how to have flat stomach: remove all of your organs
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“We spoke endlessly about everything and nothing. Now, I cannot even remember the sound of your voice.”
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Might go on tinder and ask a farmer lad to marry me steal his mula and move on
iPhone chargers are the most annoying and breakable things ever☺️☺️☺️☺️
If pornhub has taught me anything it's to make sure your girlfriend always has money for her taxi
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Petition to bring back Nicky Nichols
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Kcs was so good last night though ah
I wish my brother didn't think he was Miranda sings
Why can't I have money to eat or drink
Drink does not suit some people no not at all
With someone who will listen to me ramble on about my shitty little problems
Need to get very drunk fairly soon
i can tell that you don't understand
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I'm super angry rn and just want to take it out on someone
Trying my best to not give a fuck and still end up giving plenty of fucks

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