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Cory George, MS, CCP
Change is a CHOICE. Instead of replaying & repeating wrongdoings inflicted upon U make the CHOICE to set NEW precedents guided by wisdom.
LOVE requires that u accept the recipient at face value. Anything else is a PROJECT. The results of your work aren't guaranteed.
To experience the fullest effect of love you must be able to dispense it while anticipating its return; sometimes in ways you least imagine.
Every attempt you make to fix your past allows you to live more freely today and plan more effectively for the future.
"It's a PROBLEM...when I can get in your Bed...but I can't get in your Head". - Cory George #GoodLifeMarriageMindedSeminar
Hey D.C. join us tomorrow for the Marriage-Minded workshop for Couples & Singles (free registration)
"@HitchedByObie: @IamCoryGeorge looking forward to watching this powerful series!" Thank you Obie. It's definitely a labor of love & purpose
Knee deep in editing session for "Whispers In The Night"
Gm twitter. Remember that you are COMPLETELY CAPABLE despite your purposeful imperfections. I believe that you CAN and you WILL. Blessings
Emotions are like a boomerang. You are bound to get whatever you put out. Whether it lands in your hand or upside your head is the question.
At times we have to be totally happy with WHAT IS right now. Otherwise we can't fully accept what others recognize as beautiful and worthy.
God always moves in perfect timing.@IamCoryGeorge our talk this morning was so on point. You helped raise my internal flame bro.#Inspiration
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Sometimes it takes the rug to be pulled from under you in order to reveal the strong floor that was always there to support you.
No more headlines or titles. They won't matter when my time is up. SIMPLY CORY. GOD'S CHILD. Facilitating HIS work through my presence.
God is just waiting for you to see yourself as he has always envisioned you....triumphant....even in the midst of your storms. #ImagineMe
Some of shoddiest structures had to be torn down and rebuilt into more beautiful and sturdy creations. Don't reject reconstruction.
That moment when all you've had to endure begins to make perfect sense...
The latest edition to my "What I Learned This Week" Blog Series. God has created the divine plan for love...but why R U following your own?
Those who keep your past in the forefront are either not expecting you to succeed or are hoping to keep you at their level. #KnowWhoLovesU
"Whispers In the Night" television project. A powerful conversation w/ black male survivors of childhood sexual abuse
I've NEVER met a single soul that did not yearn to be loved. The only difference is the circumstances that influence one's interpretation.
I liked a @YouTube video Obie Introduces The Feel Good Campaign 2014!
Without fear we would not know what is left for us to conquer before we leave this earthly dwelling. Turn your fear into fortitude.
Relationship Rule 107: instead of being concerned about who came before me I am more concerned by how you behaved with those prior to me.