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Cory George, MS, CCP
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The inner child never grew up. He has been conditioned to hide yet desires to be fearless again!
Join my new FB group along with other engaged African-american fathers & soon-to-be
"You Make Me Feel" by @InsideJMoss feat. @faithevans is CRAZY!!! One of my new fav songs. Whew! #GrownFolkGospel.
I am a BLACK FATHER; Present ✔ Active ✔
We are bringing "Whispers in the Night" to NY in April in honor of Ntnl Sexual Assault Awareness month. Watch here
Everything is Alright Everything is Okay Everything is all good and I won't complain even if I could! #AlrightOk #GFG @InsideJMoss
The power of SORRY is immeasurable. Make room to be forgiven by being accountable for your investment in unfavorable situations.
My #MCM....Tyler & favorite "men" in the world
Fix the root-cause and watch the symptoms evaporate
My little man and those eyes...gets me every time.
May you, and your support system, congratulate you for your best before reaching the finish line.
When I wasn't quite ready to come clean...with myself.
"I Love You" is what God says despite your expected mistakes, flaws, and deficiencies. For no man is…
LOVESENSE108: THE POWER STRUGGLE Love can and WILL hurt. Expecting anything less is where the…
Be sure 2 pick up your copy of SIT OR STAND. Gain purpose by recognizing & forgiving your pain
LOVESENSE107: Respect the power of consistency
Separate the acts of love from the people that go against it.
Create your best day rooted in faith and optimism.
LOVESENSE105: The power of CHOICE is often underestimated.
LOVESENSE104: Demand friendship and anticipate respect and protection.
I'm just going to sit this right here......
LOVESENSE101: The fear of being hurt is contradictory to the nature and behavior of love. Don't…
One of the most pivotal conversations to date for the black male community. A MUST SEE. Watch the…
The question isn't whether the glass is half full or empty but being able to replenish when it depletes and also able to enjoy the overflow.
Whenever you face opposition as you work towards your destiny remember that God created you fully qualified, deserving, and capable.
I'm not hard to please as long as in have these things. #SimpleGuiltyPleasures
Taking your tainted dirt to another lawn may corrupt the roses that are already in bloom.
If you haven't watched the full first episode of 1on1 with CORY GEORGE you can view it at http//
Don't set your ceiling at coffee table level. You will always be too close to the floor.
Just in case you woke up with a lapse of memory.
The premier of 1on1 with Cory George is now online View the gripping 5-part conversation now. #WhispersInTheNIght
The end of every relationship should bring you closer to the beginning of the next greatest thing.
"@DonteMarcel: I hate when the site crashes when I'm trying to view my check" ha!!!!!
If no one knows you are in the room then no one is impacted by your presence. Show your best self,…
Everything I thought I had to be paled in comparison to who I was truly meant to be...and that's all…
Note to self: Welcome the struggle that tears the muscle before it can grow denser, sturdier, and…
There is potential for sustainable joy embedded in temporary pain and loss. Wonderful lessons learned…
Sometimes our greatest losses set us up for the most powerful discovery of purpose, compassion, and conviction. In the end "IT IS WELL"
"@absolutelyChike: "There are not many shows that cater to African American males." @IamCoryGeorge on @StevenKnightSho" Thank you so much!!
"@Ms_ri3: @IamCoryGeorge wow, that is a deep conversation those men are having, couldn't bare to listen entirely" thank u for viewing!!!
The website for 1 on 1 with Cory George is now online @
View one of the outtakes as 1 of the guests recounts his method of coping with sexual assault on "1 on 1 with Cory"…
Be careful of judging those in the midst of transition. Your "below average" has the potential of becoming someone's "absolute blessing"