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Cory George, MS, CCP
Your "commonness" is the catalyst for the connection but your uniqueness is what brings value to your relationship.
"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." ~Frederick Douglass
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When you pray for your enemies you show just how successful their negative efforts were NOT and that your peace of mind is consistent.
It really is that simple. All trepidation leads back to lack of faith.
Obeying God's vision removes the need for validation & confirmation. The assignment is validation and the vision is the confirmation.
Emotions are related to perspective. How does YOUR reality affect your outlook?
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Usually the fine print is the most important part of the agreement yet we speed through the contract in an effort to close the deal.
Make sure that whatever you make public has been reinforced and confirmed privately. A window isn't as effective if it never fully closes.
Playing catch with my lil man. I can't tell a field goal from a free throw line but it's the memories…
The purest definition that is sometimes altered by our emotional state. Love doesn't change...we do.
A leopard can't change its spots but it can change its direction. The change U doubt in others speaks to the change you doubt in yourself.
Constantly reminding someone about the ills of their past and not embracing the good in their present isn't getting you closer to God.
You may be imperfect by design but perfectly etched to achieve everything placed in YOUR life lane. Patience & diligence are your companions
"@LifeAsKing: [ waves at @IamCoryGeorge ] Good Morning, long lost buddy" hey there big guy. Good morning
There's a difference between doing things to become rich vs goals that enrich ur life. One can be temporary while one can be life-sustaining
1on1 with Cory George; Season 1 Episode 1 PREVIEW "Whispers in...
"@sangay_penjor: Why Are We Indifferent to Male Rape Victims? /via @GoodMenProject…" great article and discussion
Good morning. Making an effort to bless someone makes room for you to receive your blessing in return when you least expect it.
QOTD: Could you ever completely cut off your family for hurting you repeatedly? #1on1withCory
Lord thank you for keeping me despite ME. May my work magnify ur presence. Repair my mind & body so that I may prepared to accept your will.
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"@RobertWesleyB: @IamCoryGeorge Congratulations!!!" Thank you ROBERT! You were the 1st person in multimedia who believed I had work to do.
I'd rather have an enemy that tells me truth about myself as opposed to having a friend that helps me believe in the delusion.
When someone speaks FAVOR on your life than you're currently willing to accept just listen without protest. They're speaking on God's behalf
@CoreysTweetnAss @_iambetter Lol not really ..not everyone wants to get married , and are still very loyal .. that statement is a myth
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Listen without defending; speak without offending.
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1on1 W/Cory premiering on 11/3/14. A conversation you cant miss @Oprah @OWNTV @RobertWesleyB @EBONYMag @HuffPostLive
Good morning! Your thoughts of prosperity & progression are proof that it will be yours. God injects the will of success before we act on it
Your body is available but your HEART is on the injured list. Looks like a forfeiture. Game over. premier of 1on1 w/ Cory George is happening; explosive 1st conversation @OWNTV @absolutelyChike @BET @essencemag
Take credit for the energy you emit. It affects everyone around you. Therefore, you have the power to shape your presence in any room.
A snippet of the special birthday song my boys sang for me when I picked them up this afternoon.
We don't need no labels! Thanks for all the love and support
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God will keep you...if you want to be kept.
Me doing my "life work" yesterday at Howard University School of Law. 2014 iLead Student Leadership…
It's your right to be you are at all times. It is my right to either accept you as you are or release the connection. #DontChange
About to make.magic happen at Howard University School of Law. Running my mouth for a reason!
To disrespect someone's uniqueness is signifying that God's design is somehow insignificant. We all have discounts that can be scrutinized.
Pain is the path taken by adversity as it travels throughout your entire being until healing begins.
I'm looking forward Howard Univ's Student Leadership Conference on 8/23/2014. Looking forward to presenting my seminar and networking.
I just followed @tamronhall. I enjoy her professionalism and style. A class act worth modeling yourself after.
GM! Wishing all of u God's abundant grace & mercy. May you allow him to bring u one step closer to the space he has reserved for u.
Speak for yourself or someone else will.
When u trust God you trust the steps he ordered...including the falls.
One good lesson that I had to remember tonight was that if I trust God then I also trust the steps he ordered...including the falls.
Sometimes what isn't easily accessible or attainable forces U to put in "new work" in order to obtain and retain it. See beyond ur backyard.