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Cory George, MS
1 Peter 2:15 "For it is God’s will that by doing good you should silence the ignorant talk of foolish men." Accept the call to do GOOD.
Wore purple, my favorite color, 2day as a reminder that OCT is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. #LoveDoesntBruise
If you haven't done so yet please lift the families and friends affected by the tragedy at Umpqua College.
You control the box that limits your thinking.
The boys and I look forward to attending the book signing! Congratulations!…
God says a man's gift will make room for HIM. Accepting his will removes envy allows you to be a…
Oct 11: The 5th Annual Alston-Gillard Awards: The Enchanted Forest, 6pm @AtlasPACDC. Tickets:…
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The psa I shot with @RAINN01 explaining the value/importance of the national sexual abuse hotline is online now
The show is a wrap. A bunch of cool fellas giving a guy like me a platform. @OpenBarRadio
Doing what I do best..running my mouth on the air.....
About to join these "entertaining" guys on The Open Bar show to promote my documentary "Whispers in…
"Every working parent should be able to look their kid in the eye and say 'Honey, it's going to be okay.'" –VP Biden on #LaborDay
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Let the Holiday weekend begin! #Heart2 is on deck. #Heart1 is on the way.
At a back-to-school charity event last week with my big bro @IamCoryGeorge. Whenever we connect, I…
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Have you casted all of your votes for my friend Clifton Ross III? Call 855-422-1419 to vote
I liked a @YouTube video Love, Dating & Relationships Between Men: The iPhone Group Chat Live -- Washington DC
The beauty in owning YOUR TRUTH is that it can no longer be used as a weapon against U. We all have a bit of "ugly" that requires ownership.
Faith is a wondrous mechanism that allows us 2 see IT before we receive IT; teaching us to behave & abide according to anticipated blessings
Don't criticize others when you are angry with yourself.
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Today's deficits will be balanced with tomorrow's overflow.
An amazing message from my brother in Christ.…
Photos of #ChristianTaylor the media SHOULD be using instead of trying to subliminally vilify the victim.
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Your victory will always be the best part of your situation. Prayer, faith, work, & patience. You got this....mane!!
God grants us wisdom, tools, and a plan when we say YES to the vulnerability and NO to self-imposed limitations.
We can get a dentist 2 shut down his practice 4 killing a lion but we can't get fair justice 4 senseless police killings #BlackLivesMatter
Dear (insert your name): GREATNESS damn sure looks GREAT on you! Make it a permanent part of your emotional wardrobe.
This photo speaks volume. Rest in Total Peace Bobbi Kristina.
GREAT MORNING! May today bring U closer to accepting the will of prosperity & victory that God has already prepared for you. Joy is abound
Failure only exists when one refuses to learn the lesson that was prepared on their behalf.
Words are the most powerful weapon known to man. They can convince some to declare war or promote peace. Choose how to best use your power.
Good morning world! Do not let man's false expectations of perfection lead to self-doubt. God only (cont)
I finally see why some people mistake me for a minister 😂😂😂😂�
I'm just going to sit this right here. A hit dog will holla.
Adversity gives us two options; face it head on or avoid it. Facing it hurts more in the beginning but avoiding it can hurt for a lifetime.
One man can't change the world but a collective comprised of good deeds can have a lasting positive impact. #AttractTheLifeYouWant
Some trees are Evergreen while others lose their leaves. Avail yourself to change when necessary. All things are not meant to stay the same.
U are worth fighting for. God deems us all worthy of his grace & mercy. Keep close 2 U those that honor ur presence.
Meet me on the moon baby!
Sometimes the most negative influence over your life can be found in every situation that you have yet to forgive. #AttractTheLifeYouWant
...Just in case you doubted where your validation and qualification began....
GM beautiful people! LIVING your life begins w/ LOVING the life you currently have while anticipating better as a result of your hard work.
Tyler's entrance into the venue for his graduation.

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