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Cory George, MS, CCP
A snippet of the special birthday song my boys sang for me when I picked them up this afternoon.
We don't need no labels! Thanks for all the love and support
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God will keep you...if you want to be kept.
Me doing my "life work" yesterday at Howard University School of Law. 2014 iLead Student Leadership…
It's your right to be you are at all times. It is my right to either accept you as you are or release the connection. #DontChange
About to make.magic happen at Howard University School of Law. Running my mouth for a reason!
To disrespect someone's uniqueness is signifying that God's design is somehow insignificant. We all have discounts that can be scrutinized.
Pain is the path taken by adversity as it travels throughout your entire being until healing begins.
I'm looking forward Howard Univ's Student Leadership Conference on 8/23/2014. Looking forward to presenting my seminar and networking.
I just followed @tamronhall. I enjoy her professionalism and style. A class act worth modeling yourself after.
GM! Wishing all of u God's abundant grace & mercy. May you allow him to bring u one step closer to the space he has reserved for u.
Speak for yourself or someone else will.
When u trust God you trust the steps he ordered...including the falls.
One good lesson that I had to remember tonight was that if I trust God then I also trust the steps he ordered...including the falls.
Sometimes what isn't easily accessible or attainable forces U to put in "new work" in order to obtain and retain it. See beyond ur backyard.
Good morning! Make today the day you DECIDE to invert your struggle into positive behavior: Pain/Power, Adversity/Advocacy, Sorrow/Solace
Add a chapter to the history books. Fulfill your destiny.
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Great morning!! I'm getting my day started with @iamKevinLeVar "Your Desitny".… great message of purpose
I liked a @YouTube video All of Me (John Legend Cover)
I liked a @YouTube video In Performance at the White House: Women Of Soul 2014 [captions]
Every time I see a crossword puzzle or a Yahtzee game I think of the spirit of my aunt/mother whom I miss dearly.
The day I stop seeking, learning, applying humility, & seeing good in all God's creations (including you), is the day I begin to die inside.
Who you are right now is always one day away from a better version than you were yesterday. Choosing progression over perfection = success.
Interesting how we label the efforts of someone we aren't attracted to as "thirsty" but the one that catches our eye is deemed "consistent"?
No one takes a fall from grace unless determined by God. It may turn out to be an unexpected journey with lessons to be applied later.
The fear of FLYING is rooted in one's fear of FALLING; avoiding the valuable lessons found at the base of failure.
To disrespect someone's uniqueness is signifying that God's design is somehow insignificant. We all have discounts that can be scrutinized.
Can you tell how excited I am to be up and about this morning?
The soonest you are able to understand that love was never designed to hurt you is the soonest you blame PEOPLE and not LOVE for your pain.
I always get a kick out of shopping for my sons for their birthday as if I don't have enough things to step on in the middle of the night.
This weekend I had the pleasure of coincidentally meeting @theSTEAMteacher. He lives & breathes his PURPOSE. Support @STEAM_america!
There may not be as many as there use to be, but there are still some really good, sweet people in the world.
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Are you living within your EMOTIONAL means? Purposely enduring only what you are able to handle? If not then the time to purge is now. son teaches his grandmother how to do the "Nae Nae"....a precursor for what's to come this week. Mercy me.
Are you in the dc area? Please get home safely
...that moment when I'm in the gym and the words "thank you, Jesus" slips out as a thank you for letting this Survivor continue his journey.
Be proud of every step that is required to reach your destination. Under each of your footsteps is a story that encourages someone else.
A note about authenticity: your genuine nature will eventually come to light. A pig with lipstick is still a pig... In drag.
Rejection is par the course of life. The problem exists when we assume that rejection translates into deficiency or lack of capability.
The 4th song selection for 365 days of "Inspire With Music" is @kirkfranklin "Hello Fear" #IamWeAreOne
"in•Spire" w/ Marco Brooks. Day 199 of 365. Friday, July 18, 2014. How you treat others leaves a…
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A special shout out 2 the amazingly talented @KierreBjorn. Ur worship touches the souls of the obvious as well as the seemingly unreachable.
Make today the day you choose to recycle your bitterness or grudge towards a particular issue into heightened awareness & lessons learned.
The 3rd song selection for 365 days of motivational music is @TyeTribbett "He Turned It" #IamWeAreOne
Some of the coldest places on earth get a lil sunshine ever so often. Don't let your frigid heart force you to ignore your desire for warmth