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Cory George, MS, CCP
Good morning world! Do not let man's false expectations of perfection lead to self-doubt. God only (cont)
I finally see why some people mistake me for a minister 😂😂😂😂�
I'm just going to sit this right here. A hit dog will holla.
Adversity gives us two options; face it head on or avoid it. Facing it hurts more in the beginning but avoiding it can hurt for a lifetime.
One man can't change the world but a collective comprised of good deeds can have a lasting positive impact. #AttractTheLifeYouWant
Some trees are Evergreen while others lose their leaves. Avail yourself to change when necessary. All things are not meant to stay the same.
U are worth fighting for. God deems us all worthy of his grace & mercy. Keep close 2 U those that honor ur presence.
Meet me on the moon baby!
Sometimes the most negative influence over your life can be found in every situation that you have yet to forgive. #AttractTheLifeYouWant
...Just in case you doubted where your validation and qualification began....
GM beautiful people! LIVING your life begins w/ LOVING the life you currently have while anticipating better as a result of your hard work.
Tyler's entrance into the venue for his graduation.
My STAR getting himself ready for his big day!
Off to my baby's graduation..Yes I will fix my tie 😂😂😂�
We've reached almost 1400 views of "Whispers in the Night". Special thank U for your support.
It's MY FAVORITE day of the week! Therapeutic THURSDAY!!! Lmao. Make it a great day by declaring it…
PLEASE RT: Police searching for Clark Atlanta student who disappeared on way to graduation.
Retweeted by Cory George, MS, CCP
Dear news outlets: Explain the blatant bias related to the Biker situation in Waco as compared to the Baltimore riots! @FoxNews @CNN @msnbc
The riveting *& honest documentary, "Whispers in the Night" (Complete Edit), is online. @EBONYMag @UPtv #MaleSexualAssaultIsReal
The riveting & honest documentary, "Whispers in the Night" (Complete Edit), is online. @DrHFradkin @MichaelSkinne11
The riveting & honest documentary, "Whispers in the Night" (Complete Edit), is online. @OWNTV
The riveting & honest documentary, "Whispers in the Night" (Complete Edit), is online. @MaleSurvivorORG @WhoamanFilm
The riveting and honest documentary, "Whispers in the Night" (Complete Edit), is online. @1in6org @absolutelyChike
Sometimes God compels people to exit your life during times in which you aren't strong enough to release the energy.
The positive impact of your life and the experiences garnered are more far reaching when combined with your passions
Your dreams will manifest when you declare them achieved in advance. "I am" and "I will be" are the 2 most important phrases you will use.
When you accept the end of a season you will then notice the entire purpose of the season including…
God has yet to create a single loser or otherwise unworthy soul. U are a reflection of his wonder therefore beautifully constructed.
To care is to LISTEN with the objective being either a positive or neutral contributor to a situation.
And this how you begin to serve justice!
Things that we desire are OBTAINED with sacrifice& actions and are RETAINED by commitment to those actions.
Your support system should make you feel that your goals are achievable, your well-being is top priority, & that you are worth fighting for.
Check out my article, Saving Our Lost Boys, in @SWERVMagazine in honor of National Sexual Assault Awareness month
There is a difference between an option and obstacle. An OPTION is a selection that is worth choosing while an OBSTACLE is worth bypassing.
First time wearing my glasses on I'm STARVING!!!! Busboys &Poets here I come! #WeSpeak
10 minutes away from appearing on WE SPEAK to talk about male victims of sexual assault.
I liked a @YouTube video That Marlins Kid Dancing on JumboTron Fan Cam (HD)
Amazing opportunities will be revealed when you allow God to work through the gifts that were…
LOVE IS: Freedom Encouraging Nonjudgmental Patient Forgiving Understanding Elevation REQUIRED
Being single is usually only a problem when one is more concerned w/ being coupled as opposed 2 being well-prepared before becoming a couple
Those who are waiting for you to defend your truth usually have no intention of being pursuaded…
My article, "Saving Our Lost Boys", in SWERV magazine, commemorating Sexual Assault awareness month is online.
God said he will trade your ashes for beauty if you surrender your wounds to him; for he picks up the slack when your knees give way.

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