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Cory Booker
I am honored to receive the @PhillyInquirer endorsement, and excited to keep working for NJans in the Senate. Read:
MT @MsBrynW: Do you want to help GOTV for #NOV4th for U. S. Sen. @CoryBooker? Sign up here:…
Don't you know it! RT @RedRoof65: You're going to need extra cookie dough tonight to comfort you for the Stanford and Giants games. :-(
.@CoryBooker speaks to crowd at block party and office opening for Passaic County Democrats. #Booker4Senate
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I sincerely love you and wish you the best RT @nickballs2000 stfu booker.
Great day all over New Jersey yesterday: In Newark and East Orange I visited four different senior citizen buildings and enjoyed the great conversation and questions about securing Social Security and Medicare. In Ridgewood, I was lifted by how the town has organized to elevate and celebrate child
Grateful to everyone who came to events with me yesterday from Lyndhurst to Newark, to Ridgewood to E Orange to Wayne
Don't know what happened but we all should be determined to change this through our own actions. @LarryJMcDonald
RT @LarryJMcDonald Well said. Once upon a time D's and R's could work together. In fact, many were friends outside of work. What happened?
Its OK not to like someone but it is NEVER OK to try and degrade, humiliate or dehumanize them.
Sometimes, FEAR is best defined as: False Evidence Appearing Real #YouAreGreaterThanYourFears
We can be friends even if I don't twitter share my cell number RT @MarkOsofsky idk I thought we could be friends. My bad
My loss. Food was great! RT @DKallday63 you were just at my job and I didn't get a pic with you, didn't even realize it was you at first!
Blue, but I don't like feeling that way - though I do like Blue's clues & the music I like. RT @shaniastephen what's your favorite color???
I like that MT @natalienorman Be a leader in your own life
"973 Do you think I'd really tell you over twitter" RT @MarkOsofsky what's your cell number
Amen!!! RT @RMAGRATH and take a cab if you have had too much to drink.
Debt collectors are limited by law as to what they can do. Call my office: 4 info 9736398700 RT @gauravsabnis Tell it to the credit bureaus.
Tonight remember that one of the smartest things you can do while you are at a party or out and about is know when to go home. #AvoidTrouble
Don't let 'em belittle you, or berate you into submission. No one can degrade you without your permission.
No shame in that game! RT @MeghanTraynor & if u want some nerdy movie themed buttons I make those! Shameless plug:…
Now that is a coincidence, I love eating mean pizza RT @chrisanic @gkess24 Or, you could stop by the house... My sister makes a mean pizza.
This one is close too . . . . tough decision. . . . Thanks RT @gkess24 Pizza 1 on 23 in Wayne
That might be the closest one. . . Thanks RT @MeghanTraynor Primo Pizza in Wayne! #WaynePride
Anybody have a great Pizza place in Passaic County that they could recommend. . . I want to grab a quick slice while on the road.
Heading to Ridgewood's Community Fair at the Public Library and then to Wayne to the NJ State Democratic South Asian Caucus.
Scarlet Knights (that is!) RT @NOLA_Mite What's your prediction for Rutgers @ Ohio State?
I see a Scarlet day! RT @NOLA_Mite What's your prediction for Rutgers @ Ohio State?
Essex Cty Freeholder Candidate Wayne Richardson campaigning in Nwk w/Sen @CoryBooker n Councilman Anibal Ramos
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An epic selfie with youth leaders at the opening of the NIA Masjid & Community Center in Newark's North Ward.
You rock, thanks for your great tweets Daniel. @daniel_kurz
Campaigning at a laundromat in Newark. Helping this awesome dad out who is doing the family laundry after working a long week as a bus driver for NJ Transit. Just another every day Super Dad.
Visiting with seniors at Casa Mia Senior Center in Newark
.@tomamoran in @starledger: "[Garrett's] phony claims turned attention to his dereliction of duty during the crisis."…
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Direct Message me your contact information & I'll try to get you a lawn Sign. Thanks for supporting @RoyCho5 for congress! @giulini_anthony
Scott Garrett's bogus claim on Sandy backfires: Moran…
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Dude it wasn't a dream, I was shouting for 1 outside ur house MT @95Sports Had a dream last night CoryBooker wanted me 2 get him a sandwich.
Love Cary!. And being that he's a few inches shorter, he is technically my Big Little Brother. Its all "relative" RT @cwalocal1082 @NJAFLCIO
.@CoryBooker: "Here in New Jersey, we should not get fed up... we should get fired up."
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@CoryBooker visited Newark Airport yesterday to view procedures & discuss ebola screenings.…
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Have a memorably great day! RT @h0llatchugurlll struggling to get out of bed this morning. And then read this. Always on point, senator.
"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." Anne Frank
Wake up and be awesome!
Thank you to the Wiley team for inviting me to answer your questions on investment in ed & training