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France has made it illegal to check your work e-mail after 6pm!?
Find out why Craig Ferguson isn't upset he wasn't named David Letterman's successor! #CelebrityLinks
The mom who left her baby on the roof of her car has been sentenced
Men being manipulative lead to them having better sex lives? Once again nice guys finish last
Another kickball game tonight. Note to self: don't suck so bad this time.
#ThatAwkwardMoment when a girl gives a guy the wrong number and the number they thought up was yours. Tough luck, bro.
VIDEO: An E-Cigarette explodes in a bar and catches the bartender's dress on fire!!!
A average looking delivery guy was offered sex by a Romanian model and he said no to her That's a stabbing…
I'm coming out of DJ hibernation Saturday night and playing at FM Backstage Restaurant on Granby St!…
The crap this woman did to terrorize a couple who she says "stole" her dream home is unbelievable!
Believe it or not today's biggest debate was if this school stabbing victim taking a selfie was disrespectful or not
VIDEO: You'll probably never see anyone happier on a roller coaster than this woman during her first ride
And now goats sing the theme for @GameOfThrones
A human Ken doll meets a human Barbie doll and it's probably the creepiest thing you'll ever see
A man busted for marijuana possession tried getting out of it by saying the car he was in was stolen?? #IdiotCriminal
Thoughts? I like Colbert but he's a caricature RT @nypost: CBS says Stephen Colbert will replace David Letterman
Female @reddit users shared the most manly thing they secretly do What would you put?
The 6 types of selfies every girl takes, by @TheChainsmokers
A burglar got busted because he pocket dialed 911…TWICE
I'd never have expected Julia Louis-Dreyfus to get naked for #RollingStone, but I'm not complaining
A dad is recreating classic album covers with his kids #Cool
S/o to @CoreyRadio for playing all that tecno & pop stuff that gets u hyped
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Truth. Hey @CoreyRadio! This is my answer to your tweet on my feed re: looks vs personality :)
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@CoreyRadio good looks. I'm funny enough for the both of us. #stayinghumble
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