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Robin Williams' death was tragic. Remember that Depression is not terminal. Suicide is. What can we learn?
Searching for the ever-elusive perfect night's sleep? Take a look at this ultimate bedtime routine.
Eat more when you're stressed? You're not alone. Food-Mood Connection: How You Eat Can Amp Up Or Tamp Down Stress
The importance of play in children's brain development. Listen to the latest
Interested in knowing how Millennial you are? Take this 14 item quiz and find out.:
COPE is cooking up something new and exciting for you guys! Make sure you stay tuned for what we have to offer!
Meet your COPE, Inc staff! We encourage you to contact us to learn more about how we can help YOU. #counselors #team
From @PsychToday Anxiety and Stress Matter at Work,Too. Stress is good in the workplace, up to a point.
Trivia of the day. What is the most common brain disorder? Read more to see if you guess the right answer!
New research show sleep disorders may raise risk of Alzheimer's Disease.
Are the Best Things in Life Free? Take a free, online course in working with character strengths. @PsychToday
Latest research on the impact of sleep deficit on the brain.
Temps are rising & many people aren't lucky enough to have access to water/ home w/ AC. Help by calling 800-535-7252
Have you ever wondered how resilient is your relationship? Click here to for more information:
4 Ways to Rebalance your LIFE!! A balanced day can yield happiness and peace of mind as well as prevent relapse.
The Biggest Retirement Risk: Long-term Care Costs. If you become disabled, you may face huge bills for daily help.
Slouch at your own peril. How bad sitting posture at work leads to bad standing posture all the time. Read more:
Surviving in an Open Office Space: How to cope when the walls come down
CancerCare will be hosting a workshop. Managing the Costs of Living with Cancer on 6/25 from 4:30-5:30 p.m. est.
From @washingtonpost: Are you in an unhealthy office relationship?
From TIME: Work Smarter Not Harder: 17 Great Tips
6 Clear Reasons Why Employees Aren't Engaged. Employee engagement is a fragile bond, hard to build but easy to break.
Sexual Harassment at the Workplace: Does He Harass Her or She Harass Him? A look at the Laws via @PsychToday .
Do you have a tendency to speak negatively? Learning a second language may help! Click here to learn more:
May 12th: 6:30-8:00 p.m. Discipline 101. How to put positive discipline strategies into action! Contact COPE for details about this group.
Information on Severe Weather Preparedness and Recovery
The Power of Advertisement...Federal Bill Aims to Ban Retouched Images in Advertising
How Resilience Helps You Disengage From Your Painful Past... by @DrSuzanneL
Casual pot use and brain abnormalities. Interested in learning this article.
Understanding Child Traumatic Stress...
Most of us have been through a traumatic experience, or we know someone who has. Learn more:
Were you affected by the Fort Hood shootings? Read our newsletter about coping with a traumatic event.
A Seminar on the Legal Process on Separation/Divorce tomorrow at 7pm in 21 Maryland Avenue, Suite 330 Rockville, MD 20850.
On 3/22, a mile-long mudslide hit north of Seattle. Learn how you can prepare for such unique environmental dangers.
How Employers Impact Parents' Wellbeing- Flexible and positive employers benefit working parents via @PsychToday
Eye-care Essentials for Computer Users:
Try bringing back that traditional alarm clock in the bedroom...
What is depression? Watch this animation shed light on what it feels like, by @WHO. (via @Upworthy)…
Mindfulness or Mindlessness? Stress tolerance skills are great, but why not remove the source of stress. Click below
Divorce, Money and You Presentation. Pre-Registration is $10 at:
February can be a difficult month especially if your love life is struggling, or nonexistent. Check out these groups
RIP Philip Hoffman. Dealing with Substance Abuse? COPE is here to help. Want to learn more click below:
The Five Things Successful Working Parents Give Up To Reach A Work-Life Balance
Develop an exercise plan that matches your needs and goals
Consider making workplace resolutions this year
Being able to forgive and move on is one of the healthiest habits to learn
From NPR: School #stress takes a toll on #health according to both teens and parents:
From Reuters: Group therapy may help ease social #anxiety disorder
Flexible work schedules are important and can lead to better relationships btw employer/employee (and can save $$$):