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BEYOND pissed 😡
Looks like I'm locked out of my apartment tonight. #fuckme
I need a workout partner
When your friend takes an ugly picture of you 😂
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I don't care what anyone says, Dallas is a beautiful city! ❤️ 🌇#iputonformycityy
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The weeknd's cover of drunk in love is ∞ times better than Beyoncé's version. #sorrynotsorry
Not interested dot com forward slash you
Last nights FaceTime call was the bomb
Why am I up so early?
Hakuna Ma'Vodka It means no memories for the rest of ur night
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Chances are, if someone's in the past, they deserve to stay there
ahh days like this with @coolchrriss & @Ambuhhmoon are perf 😌👌
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I really fucking hate how my roommates don't know how to turn off a light switch. #die
When you start questioning your whole life over a test...
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Time for a change. Getting rid of everyone I don't need.
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I've never put a selfie on twitter before. Here's vintage me #IAmARedRaider
One of those days when you've got nothing to do > 😌👍
I always feel like a bad student whenever I have to leave class early 😓#regretss
I would unfollow you, but I like to laugh at how stupid you make yourself look
Being fake is your talent
Fucking Gabby got me all pumped up about going to Hawaii and now I can't study. #summer2014
Sticking To My Guns
In my young blood
Going to the beach is the best way to cope with life's curve balls.
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Some people really try too hard to be admired by others, It's so pathetic.
Sometimes being a bitch is necessary
Despite what happened at work, Valentine's day was fantastic
Congratulations, you lost me ✌️
Shirley temple died? Didn't know she was still alive. #awkward
My day couldn't get any better after getting this new job 😄 👍
I actually left for school early, #why
Strangely enough im in a real good mood tonight #holla
Cali swag ✌️ 👊✊👆👈☝️
Fantastic day 😄👍
My life is a constant cycle of waiting for the weekend
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Flappy bitch
Just went on a little tour of the Texas Tech campus with @coolchrriss and I'm so so soooo excited! 😁😁
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I never get over how beautiful it is 😍😍😍😍
Why isn't classes cancelled?!?!? 😭😭😭😭😭
Lately, I've been craving you more
This weather is miserable 😖❄️
Now I'm running late to class. 😒
The bus is so over crowded I'm pretty sure it's a safety hazard
Literally waited 30 minutes for the bus in this frigid weather. Fucking #bullshit
I finally bought a parking pass!! 😄�#happytweetet