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It's 6:35 and I'm hungry af
Why does all of Lubbock smell like a sewage system right now?
Gas so cheap here, 10 bucks got me half a tank 😎👐
Did anyone else just read that TTU Parking email and just think a big fuck you?
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Raise your hand if you've had enough of this semester 🙋
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Sweater weather☁️ ❄️☔️ #northface
How about those tortillas? 🏈 #Texastech #football
Texas Tech...Let's make it happen today .. #TT #gunsup #werk #grind
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If you're up late doing homework, listen to Hans Zimmer Pandora. Music has no distracting lyrics, and the scores are intended to motivate!
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I said that I would give myself a break this weekend but here I am working and shit
The word “slut” was originally used to describe a woman who didn’t keep her room clean.
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Nothing like Halloween in a college town.
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Texas Tech uniforms are gonna be icey for the Texas Game ❄️⛄️💎
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Why is it always a struggle to decide what I'm gonna eat for lunch?
Scratch testing. I'm basically allergic to the whole world 😷
Ready for the game on Saturday. #GunsUpHornsDown
The music is speaking tonight 👌
I converse like a motherfucker
I can't wait to see campus like this again 😍 #winter #Texastech
Looking beautiful Lubbock
It solves everything 😎🍦 #raybans #latepost
Ed Sheehan's album has me off the rocker
People who habitually stay up late are, on average, more psychopathic than early risers.
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My name is Chris and I like snorting pixie sticks...
3:45 and I still can't go to sleep. #why
I'm not the one to hate people. I just get fucked over sometimes but it's cool
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I'm taking a really big chance. Here's to busting my ass for the rest of the semester. #IAmARedRaider
And again. I let you break my heart all over again.
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They don't know about the I love you's
You know someone means a lot to you when their mood affects yours.
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Only if it was for real is what I wish for
There are not enough hours in the day
When the alcohol hit you too hard and you gotta focus on standing up straight
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