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What a long fucking day.
(406): The ride home was alright, we hooked up in the street next to his car after he smashed into the guard rail
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My voice in my snapchat annoys the fuck out of me.
We shared each other's bodies a few hundred times and here we are pretending we don't know each other's faces.
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Forever 21 shipping is so awful.
It's crazy that young and 10 years later here I am with a degree in photography and working.
I can remember when that happened all I wanted to do was go there and photograph the aftermath. More than anything.
It's been 10 years since Katrina, so I was 11 when it happened.
People only mention it's a free country when they're doing something shitty.
I feel like Trump really has a good chance of being president and that sickens me.
I don't believe in handouts I believe in hard work, period
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Literally feel like I just went to bed. Now I'm on my way back to work.
Hey Arnold is totally inspiring Netflix, thank you.
I just have absolutely no energy today and I close serve tonight then open bar tomorrow 😩
I wish I could be back at home right now.
This was my jam back in the day.
I've posted on Instagram three times today. Sorry guys.
I See Stars being acoustic now is so weird.
Currently watching Gossip Girl for the first time ever. I think I'm a little behind on the trend.
It's August I should not be this cold.
Finished himym, now what do I do with my life?!
Gangs all here.
If I made 160 on this shift yesterday hopefully that means 200 today.
I don't understand how some people are allowed to walk the earth
I'm so exhausted I can't even function.
I have to actually get ready for work in an hour. 💔
I express all of my emotions by saying “fuck” in varying tones.
Attempting to sleep for 9 hours now and I've slept about two of them. So that's cool.
Well good news is I got my shifts switched for next Saturday so I can shoot some bands. 👍🏻
Stupid I have to put my future and what I want aside all because I have so many bills.
Literally can't find anyone to close bar for me tonight and I have such a good photography opportunity I could be going to instead.
School…more like..dumb…follow for more clever jokes.
I'll be tweeting something similar to this in the next few hours.…
I'm wearing the shirt I wore on my 21st birthday and I think I can still smell the tequila 8 months later.
Stumbled around the block a thousand times, you missed every call that I had tried.
Stumbled around the block a thousand times, you missed every call that I had tried.
Addicted to himym.
I just want to play with my camera but not leave my house so I want a model.
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If they kill your voice, they can say you never had one.

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