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I want to just go drive my car around to calm myself but gas is expensive ha.
Or let alone the energy to deal with this with being this sick right now. I'm about to explode.
I've lived a month now with no heat and I've made countless attempts at getting them to fix it. I need to sue but I have no time.
Past the point of exhaustion but I cannot sleep because I am so angered and stressed and life right now.
Needing people sucks.
I've never slept so much in my life than these past few weeks. Thought getting more sleep would be good but it's a curse.
Excited to see @Ralphie_May tomorrow night, I could use a good laugh.
Slept till noon today, then took and nap until work, now I'm ready for bed.
I cry every like half hour about how I don't want to have cancer and it's kind of fucking annoying the shit out of me I need to stop.
Have to get ready for work. 😓
I hate when Netflix asks if I'm still there. Yes I am, stop interrupting my binge watching.
#krampusgiveaway keep on following @shawn_booth and maybe help a sista win some sweet ink 😊
How little energy I have from my thyroid situation is ridiculous.
Binge watching The Following instead of doing anything productive.
Have a bottle of champagne just chilling on my kitchen table, I'm so classy.
Literally about to move out I'm so sick of not having heat, they need to fix this shit. It's been a month.
Follow @Shawn_Booth for some sick ink, and yanno maybe help me win so I can finish my pa...
Follow @shawn_booth for some sick ink, and yanno maybe help me win so I can finish my parents piece. #krampusgiveaway
Guess I'll try and get some sleep.
All my secret rewards cards are only 10 again this year. 😒
My coping skills are too awful to deal with this.
My life is a big ball of fucking shit dick right now.
december is my favorite month bc victorias secret fashion show, christmas, my birthday, & new years eve 🎉😍💅
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I've been just swapping shifts this week. Supposed to work Sunday, had me work Monday. I was supposed to work tonight, now tomorrow instead.
recnac evah ot tnaw tnod I
I can't find my vip pass from last night. 😩
I don't want to go to work. My body hurts.
My doctor should probably call me back now. I'm sick of playing phone tag.
Last night was the best.
Atlas just shit in the bathtub...
Such a long drive home.
I feel so much better about facing whatever comes at me in the near future with this doctors.
Tonight was one of the best. I can't even deal with my excitement.
Date someone who will make you mac n cheese
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So just met @TheWordAlive they were seriously the coolest dudes. Pumped for tonight.
Why wasn't I born a cat or a cow. It makes me sad.
My favorite word is dick and it keeps getting me in trouble.
@OLNband: Buffalo tonight!” On our way to meet them right now 😁
Passed a trailer full of Range Rovers and I got a boner.
I have so much going on this month.
weird thinking about a time before my tattoos
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Hiccups are evil.