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6 bucks off from my goal tonight. πŸ˜’
Almost free from work. 😊
Is it 1 yet.. I wanna go home.
I've got the worst intentions, so call me over and set me free.
I hate my stretch marks. I need to sit my ass in a bowl of mederma.
oh wow I hate girls and I am one
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I miss when I was tan.
Pumped I have this pop tart though.
I need a shirt that says "I wants the 1D"
Work until close. πŸ˜’
I can't like retweet anything.
Twitter won't work for me right now. πŸ˜’
I don't even look forward to the weekends anymore bc all I ever do is work πŸ”«
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I have a headache for a week now. Fuck this concussion.
I have a pinched nerve in my arm or something. Can't even move my hand much.
Really don't like this Twitter update tweet number two.
The Maze Runner was so good.
Kevin Bacon has a band.
I want to see a reality tv show where straight dudes have to read the shitty messages they send to women to their mothers.
I do not like this new Twitter set up at allllll.
Another timezone taking me away from you.
All daniel wants to do all the time is lay on my boobs. Drives me insane.
Anyone else embarrassed about how in the US there is a show called "black-ish".
Does anyone want to be my virtual sugardaddy and buy me things online for literally nothing in return?
I need a nap. Like now.
My boss made me go get her garlic knots which turned into me getting pizza. Oooops.
Free from work until 6pm tomorrow. So happy. πŸ˜„
I like when people like my tweets that are One Direction lyrics cause I'm like "haha you liked it and you didn't even know"
Let's stop pretending. That you don't know what I don't know just what we came to do.
My brain hurts so bad.
Not pumped about working right now.
And it's waaaaay to late to fix it.
I hate when I remember shit I forgot to do for guests at work. 😭
Things we hated as children: Being spanked and naps Things we love as adults: Being spanked and naps
"I love college, just not class." - Simpson College
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I need to go to bed. I work early tomorrow.
Okay. Finally have my phone updated.
It's been such a long day today. πŸ˜’
Cants wait to go home and eat mac and cheese.
I wannnnna update my phone.
Actually hit my goal in tips tonight. 😳
Its 8:30 and I'm already the only server left haaaa.
I don't know why people delete all there shit to download the update and not just hook their phone to iTunes.
Shanise needs to hurry her ass up so I can eat chipotle.
I have blue eyeliner on. Looking like a dollar general hooker.