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Charlie McDonnell
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Accidentally hurt my head on the side mirror of a bus. The driver then had a go at me for messing up his mirror. Friendliness in London.
Hi. The trailer for my new short film, Strangers In A Bed, will be released August 4th. Please express excitement.
Having fun at YouTube today playing with THIS BEAST
There are some genuinely heartwarming comments popping up on my new video. Thanks so much! People change, man.
New video! On changing things about yourself that you thought you never would. (Like... your shoes)…
New vlog coming in less than an hour! Which means that, technically speaking, I upload a video every "week" now. (No promises)
Forgot to remind you that I posted a new video because I think I was trying to erase this experience from my memory:…
I fear I may not have enjoyed the movie *quite* as much as other people seem to, but it's still a big load of fun :)
I did a little dance and now I'm in the Huffington Post. Clearly I missed my calling as a professional mover/shaker.…
if you ever need someone to drop a bunch of balloons on you while you dance, i'm your girl!…
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That video was very cathartic to make, and so much fun too. But of course, now it's on the internet, I'm very embarrassed by it. So it is.
The world is not ready for my new video. It will change the world of dance forever. It is also very silly. Dropping later today. Good luck.
"What's the name of the land in The Wizard of Oz? Dorothy-land?" - Me, this morning.
My voice acting for #VolumeGame is now done! @mikeBithell & @dannywallace were both a pleasure to work with. I can't wait to play it ^_^
Just got called "madam" by a train inspector. This is my cue to get a haircut.
Disclaimers it is. Better safe than sorry. I'll try to make them as unobtrusive as possible! Thanks, all :)
Trying to decide if my new short film should carry a disclaimer at the start. Both it and the trailer have strong language. Opinions?
Finally breaking my twitter silence to tell you all that I am very proud of my mother:…
As per my mother's repeated requests, here is a photo of me where I don't have "a millio...
As per my mother's repeated requests, here is a photo of me where I don't have "a million chins."