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Charlie McDonnell
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Well! I guess I must have gone to NYC the other week because I seem to be featured in @JackHoward's new video:…
Sap alert: @emilydianaruth has been super incredible and supportive to me today. She deserves all the love you can send her (send lots!)
Can anyone recommend me a good hairdressers in London? I think my mane needs to see a specialist.
Ahoy filmmakers! And people who like short films! Intermix is coming to @BufferFestival and we're taking submissions:…
Man. I guess I forgot about #DoctorWho's innate power to turn a nation into television critics.
Dear man that I saw on the tube today wearing a suit and looking all professional: I saw your Iron Man socks.
Having to hold back tears while writing my new short film. Either it's going to be a good'un or I'm just a massive sap. Probably the latter.
Friendly reminder that I posted a new video a few days ago! The making of my new short film, #StrangersInABed…
After all these years, I can finally feel just how much caffeine there is in coffee. It buzzes through me. Exhilarating and terrifying.
Major personal identity crisis happening right now: I am currently enjoying a cup of coffee for the first time ever.
Me, trapezing on my #AmazingSpiderMan2 trip. Can someone photoshop the spidey costume on...
Me, trapezing on my #AmazingSpiderMan2 trip. Can someone photoshop the spidey costume onto this?
Just got back from #JackAndDeanLIVE! They made me go on stage so obviously I hate them but it was still hi-larious. @JackHoward @DeanDobbs
New video! How a bunch of incredibly talented people (and me) made #StrangersInABed:…
Remembering when I was three years old and I hid under the table because I was scared of the babysitter. Feeling like that today.
I'll be popping out the making-of video for #StrangersInABed later today! If you missed it, here's the full film:…
Last day in NYC! Huge thanks to the #AmazingSpiderMan2 folks for organising this trip. My fantasies of being Spider-Man are alive and well.
Still feeling sombre after visiting the 9/11 memorial earlier today. Very powerful stuff.
Bit bloody pretty up that tall building and all.
I went up that tall building. It were windy. (Photo by @JackHoward)
I think... I think we might have over ordered.
Me, just before I went trapezing. The after photo is me lying naked on a bed aching. (So...