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Charlie McDonnell
Clearly, @emilydianaruth is much more comfortable on red carpets than I am.
Thanks so much to everyone who came out to my short film screening today! Apparently #OurBrother made some of you cry? YES! HAHA! (I'm evil)
Not one female presenter or one film made by a female at the gala of #BufferFestival. Representation matters.
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When I get home I take off my coat and then I take off my phone case because I like to pretend it's the phone wearing a tiny little coat.
Want to find me at Buffer Festival? Just look for the giant ball of anxiety hiding in the corner! Hugs welcome.
Previewing my new film for the FIRST TIME EVER at the TIFF Bell Lightbox today! 2pm. Screening lots more great shorts too :) #BufferFestival
Doing fancy-pants colour grading for my next film today! (Apparently I'm not even paying attention.)
Yo! I'm going to be screening my new short film, Our Brother, this time next week in Toronto. Please come along! :)…
Canadians! Want to see my next short film? Then please come along to Buffer Festival next weekend! :) More info here:…
Well! Men, Women & Children was one of the most depressing moviegoing experiences I've ever had. Going to turn my phone off forever now.
Off to see Men, Women & Children at the BFI London Film Festival! I hear it's an uplifting comedy about how great technology is. Right?
Chuffed to be a part of this week's #OneTimeStories! I brought out one of my MANY stories in which I wet myself:…
Happy happy birthday to the wheeziest of waiters, Mr. @wheezywaiter! Us October babies got to stick together.
So @emilydianaruth is editing my next film and she's burst into tears four times while working on it. You've been warned: it's a sad movie.
times i've broken down sobbing whilst editing @coollike's new super sad short films: 3
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I just really really like all of these people :) Cast/crew photo for my next short film, Our Brother!
My mum put on 24 candles and everything :) Happy birthday to ME!
Here's a preview of a glidecam shot from @coollike's new short film. I didn't fall down.
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Just shot two films in two days with an absolutely BRILLIANT cast and crew. Very happy :) I quite like this filmmaking lark, I do.
Very happy with my new profile picture. It will make it much easier for professionals to find and hire me.
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The main reason I love iOS 8's new "Recents" feature is that I get to see this all the time. @ciaranobrien
Just remembered that eating is a thing you're supposed to do at regular intervals. Filmmaking! 💀
I don't know what I like more, watching Veronica Mars or watching @coollike do an interpretive dance every time the theme song comes on.
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It's scary how much filmmaking can take over your life/mind when you're in the midst of production. Sorry that it's all I'm tweeting about!
London based? Want to crew on my next film? We're still looking for a few more options! More details in the image :)
Looking for an iPhone 6 to use as a prop in my next film, shooting Tuesday. Email if you're up for helping!
Still looking for a few final crew members for my next short film! See image below for more details. Thanks :)
Hi :) Interested in working on my next short film? Got a few crew members left to find! More details below...
Another day, another Sam Pepper video to report for sexual harassment. "Part 3" better be him apologising profusely. #ReportSamPepper
Expect a lot of videos like this if I ever cave and buy one of the new iThings.
I may not look it here but I am QUITE CHUFFED with the pictures @bekor_ took of me recently! Find them scattered all around my online places.
Absolutely loved @EmWatson's UN speech. So well reasoned and accessible. Fellas, sign up!…
Wishing the happiest of happy birthdays to @emilydianaruth! AKA MY FAVOURITE PERSON :)
Cheeky midnight twitter re-branding. Thanks for the new pics, @Beccarr11!
Very disheartened that Sam Pepper's video of him committing sexual harassment is still on @YouTube after such a vocal campaign to report it.
See, I know my neighbour is only cheering because he's watching football, but I like to imagine he's just really excited about his life.
Just tweeting to let my mother know that I'm still alive and well. Carry on.
DOCTOR WHO OPINIONS ALERT. I think might have been my favourite Moffat episode since he took over as show-runner. (I liked it)
Right, tweeters. What's your favourite restaurant in London? I feel as though I know next to nothing about the city I live in...
Good news! We just added loads more teabags as we sold out of them so fast yesterday. Grab 'em quickly!… @indiegogoUK
...and we're already 100% funded. Thanks SO much! Perks still available, though :)…
Super please consider donating! Supporting education for those who need it AND getting tea? No brainer, surely:…
New video is live! Making QualiTEA! or link on my profile :)
New video! I learnt to how to taste tea and make my own blend of QualiTEA for School of YouTube :)… #LaughLearnGive
New video coming a little later today! It is, if I say so myself, TEA-rific (that's a subtle clue to the video's content)