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Hunter x hunter!!
Killua is awesome specially his Godspeed mode
Anyone who loves #HunterxHunter can follow me and get followed by me :) #RT
Fun Fact Did you know spidey's middle name is ben. Peter Beb Parker
Robert Downey Jr FTW Male butkicker #KCA2014
Robert Downey Jr. for best male buttkicker!!!!
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PC Gaming: A leaked image shows what European console players see instead of the scenes censored out of #Geekdomo
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Woooo happy birthday kay ...... wala lng ^-^
Listening to Eminem-Headlights ft. Nate Ruess
Watchin' Sam and Cat
I need instagram followers!!!! Im @connyclt128 in instagram pls follow :(
Honesto promise nanonood ng honesto :)
Hey please follow me on instagram @connyclt128 #English
Follow naman sa instagram oh @connyclt128 ako :3 #Tagalog
Sino valentines niyo?? Ako si *secret bumili na ko ng chocolate ;3
No more flappy bird!? Hater ka ba oh fan kahit ano you'll still miss it #RIPFlappyBird
Cryed a while ago .......... iz reasonable.......... ok i was left in da car dey 4gut about me i was sleeping ... T^T der happy mudderfuccer
You bros are the bestestestest!
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Just joined @mametown 's turd watching club. So far pretty lame but- oh SHIT there's Larry Turd! #slamdunkA
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shirtless selfies make me nauseous. they are taking over my timeline right now. id rather see pictures of your SHIT.
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Just saw reached 3.7M subscribers. Is our family going to pass 4M before my birthday? I can't fathom.
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—Harry is 20.... —No more teenage one direction... —Me:
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Watching Mtv and saw @Eminem song monster ft. @rihanna no. 2 in da list eminem forever awesome
Shingeki no Kyojin or Attack on Titans Eren Jaeger ^-^
Just finished mah project in Science powerpoint presentation #FuckYeah but mum's gunna check it 1st boo
I cant tweet right know k!?
New chapter!!! Sa got to believe #G2BTheNewChapter
Wow @MarziaPie now you're actually famous in your home city! Good job👍
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Just made a gluten free lemon tea cake with blueberries mixed in and a lemon glaze drizzled on top. YUM! 🍋☕️�
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Movie night watching Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness!
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Aunt May and Peter: "What happened to your face? Its filthy" "You know.. I was cleaning the chimney.." "We have no chimney" "hah? Whaatttt"
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Aunt May: No one washes the flag! Peter Parker: Are you the laundry sheriff? #TheAmazingSpiderman2
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My eyes are feeling much better now, still not completely recovered but it's something. I guess I have an excuse to be lazy today ;)
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