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Mrs Khalifa
come on iOS 8 i'm ready 😍
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If iOS 8 don’t have black emojis…i’m not in a rush for it.
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I'd like someone to take me to maccies right now please😔
I have to be in college at 1 and I'm still being lazy in bed😩
I give up waiting now you can fuck off
watching The Magaluf Weekender makes me wanna go on holiday again so bad😩
What the fuck Facebook?
2 days off from college now👊👌
Start college tomorrow,this shits more scary than results day
It's been nearly a year since I met @ConorMaynard damn it's gone so quick💜💜
Someone dm me,I'm bored,cheers✌️
Granola and yoghurt is like the best thing ever😍
Look so different with these hair extensions I can't even believe
Well tonight has been a very long night😕
Gonna get my weave next week💁💆
I'm hungry,food plz
@_katiekirkland good luck today xx let me know how you get on xx
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I'd rather eat glass than go and get my GCSE results today
Don't know weather I'm dreading getting up early tomorrow or my actual results 😏
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I don't want tomorrow to happen; I would quite happily live the rest of my life not knowing
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results day is fast approaching and I still haven't found a suitable cliff to throw myself off
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I just had to have a filling at the dentist and cried my eyes out
Going to look for a dog today yay
Might dye my hair blue tomorrow hmm idk
I'm the most unserious person ever I swear
i love pewdiepie so much hahaha
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Anyone who shares my love of prison break,I will marry you🙌
So Natalie wrapped some man in toilet roll yesterday... 'every legend shits their pants' 😂
£4.50 a pint though I mean I'm not rich ffs
It's safe to say I'm never drinking Stella again,proper giving it some for union j last night jesus maaaan
Dan replied to my dm,HOOOLY SHIT
We're engaged✌️😬💍