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Miss Khalifa
I already know this weeks gonna be so shit and it's only Tuesday😴
drunk boys are astronomically unattractive
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lost absolutely everything
0 hours sleep is not ok👎
Just because you don't tell me, doesn't mean I won't find out.
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10 minutes till @wizkhalifa @asvpxrocky tickets go on sale😁
can't believe @wizkhalifa is finally coming to the UK, can't cope
Wiz Khalifa x A$AP Rocky in Europe.
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She's TGOD and committed all in one. That's a good girl.
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Keeping 1 girl interested for years & caring for her is alot more to brag about than pulling girls every weekend like an immature little boy
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17 is the shitest age, can I just skip a year please
Rae and Finn aw😍�#MMFDFD
being compared to someone is the absolute worst
HOLIDAYS BOOKED😁 alcudia in September!✈️☀️🇪@Will112339339
Snoop Dogg on 90210 is this for real😩
had my hair cut short and it's one of the worst mistakes I've ever made 😩
so scared to get all my hair cut off tomorrow😩💇
don't give second chances
are you fooking serious right now😠
when we together we stick to the mission #NoPermission @wizkhalifa
I'd rather be taylor'd than anything else in the world.
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Eminem needs to be on the music channel more often
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first driving lesson in half an hour, absolutely shitting it😬🚗
Nobody has good intentions anymore 😪
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I will find out the truth because girls always do
keep having the most horrible dreams😩
If you don't show your girl off every chance you get, you're doing it wrong. 👼
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off to thorpe park with le fag✌️😁�@Will11233939
@_katiekirkland happy birthday katie , hope you have a great day 🎉🎊🎁 xx
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Happy birthday @_lissyanne and @_katiekirkland I love you both and miss you both lots
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excitement for my birthday is 0
@_katiekirkland: @tonywedral WE HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY👊" ayyyyyy turn up at 8am Monday mornin
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You know what I came to do. YOU. You know know what I came to do.
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keep your hands off other people's boyfriends you dirty tramp😠
I find it so attractive when a guy says my name in a text like I don't even know its just so attractive
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I care more about chuck and blair's relationship than my own life
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only care about yourself😒
you know that feeling when you don't even know what the fuck you're feeling
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respect to all the people that sadly don't have their mothers on Mother's Day👼❤️
no sleep for me😞😴
life tip: don't ever think you're the only person someone's interested in
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