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Still haven't been to sleep yet ahh
I want to cry at how bad it looks and hurts
Absolutely hate my septum piercing ffs
Before you give up.. Think about why you held on for so long.
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Can't wait to go on holiday
think I want my septum pierced hmm
why can't my hair just go the colour I want please
I'm being quite funny tonight ngl
Relationship status: Eating
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Retweeted by Mrs Khalifa
hate leaving my phone charger at someone's house cause all my others are broke ffs someone rescue me
last exam tomorrow,I'm free
Regret getting three ear cartridge piercings in one day because now I can't sleep on my right side ffs
Follow spree!!!! Woooooo!... Everyone follow me.
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might get my dimple pierced tomorrow hmm
I talk about prison break more than I've ever talked about a boy before which is so sad ffs
Friend: *do you think you did well on that maths exam?* Me: ....
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I'm locked out ffs WHYYYY
Jordan's little brother gave me a loom band omg so happy
fuuuck this has knocked me sick
Just re-pierced my lip holy fucking shit never been in so much pain
it's so cold in my room omg
no girl wants a boyfriend who comments 'perfect' on every girl's picture that he sees
I got ray ban vision
watching Project X purely for the music
tired of waiting for something that's never going to happen
I have to go in school for revision tomorrow,this is also bullshit
my lip piercing has healed,this is bullshit
Went out with bae #datenight
suspended on my last day of school FUCK YOU
Only picture I got before being sent home #leaversday
Can't believe I leave school tomorrow, the past five years have gone so quickly
5 years has flown by,going to miss the shit hole we call school
No... no hayfever... not this year... please... FIND SOMEONE ELSE... NO... NOOOOOOOOO
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Been suspended so now I can't even go in on leavers day omfffff
guarantee I won't even make it through the school gates tomorrow because of my hair fucking shitty pathetic little wankers
Sam has actually cooked for me holy fucking shit
Taking a bra off is honestly bliss
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'Why are you scared to talk to him, he's just a boy' LOOOOOOOOOOL
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swear me and Tia are the two funniest people alive,I'm struggling for breath rn
paid ÂŁ10 towards Chris's tattoo and he's now got a fucking fish on his leg omg