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Miss Khalifa
well last night wasn't very fun😕
ferne is 100 % getting voted to do every challenge
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Bloody love the Geordie accent😍
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I'm a celebrity time😬🐍🦂
First time that the Eiffel Tower had it's lights turned off since the 1880s so the rest of the world lit up instead
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times nearly up ⏰⌛️
someone please come cook me breakfast as there is no food in the house. thanks
fed up of being lied to🙄😒
this week is dragging far too much😴
i grew out of "i never text first" phase since i realized nothing was wrong with showing someone you care about them more than your pride
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I've only met about 3-4 people who genuinely understand me. Everyone else just assumes I'm angry, sarcastic or an asshole
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just need someone to talk to rn
haven't even finished season 5 of The Walking Dead and now people are posting all the spoilers on Facebook, fuck y'alllll😒🖕
if we're fighting and I say "bye" you're not supposed to let my stubborn ass go smh
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life hack : you can’t do anything wrong if you don’t do anything at all
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sparklers out✨✨✨
so they finally decided to make a middle finger emoji 🖕🖕🖕
biggest regret is my nipple piercing, currently sat in the bath bleeding to death, cute.
'like any other male, he thinks with his pigeon' 😂😂
on the way to Manchester to see @wizkhalifa TGOD
Manchester tomorrow. See you fuccers there,
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constantly treading on eggshells, don't have time for this bullshit anymore
can't even close my eyes rn
yano when you just cry because something is so perfect
An #Aries don't need you telling them how to live or how to act. They do what they want and you can accept it or not.
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On October 3rd, he asked what day it was.
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never let someone make you feel second best😌
my weekends are starting to get a lot more boring than week days recently😴
someone travel the world with me plz🌎
can't wait to get my puppy on Friday🐶
Alcudia is nice☀️👫N
so tempted to just quit work rn, selfish pricks👋💯
you know when you just wanna smack someone in the face with your foot
The holiday is one of my favourite films ever
seriously if you're in a relationship and your partner says it's fine for them do things that they don't like u doing, get out while u can
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Loud eaters piss me off so much
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mentally & physically drained
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swear I've only had about 8 hours sleep in total this whole week
want a long summer road trip 🚗
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