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Conor Maynard
Want new music? RT for Yes. FAV for No. 😏
Some people are REALLY good at tweeting... I, on the other hand... suck.
SHIT I need to plan my Halloween outfit
Just saw @TheCarnabysUK performing on Carnaby Street, sounding crazy!! Real good music
Is it weird that I just posted my first ever real letter...
I just wanna be able to dance like Carlton from the fresh prince of bel air 😫😫
I really feel like watching Malcolm in the Middle...
β€œ@YungBinz: Tbt Conor Maynard” < HA JOKES ON YOU ITS SATURDAY
Oh Ceciiiiliaaaaa, you're breaking my heart... if you don't buy this song. DO IT. @TheVampsband killing it!!
Yoooooo @Labrinthda1st just SHUT DOWN Later w Jools Holland... amazing bro
I feel so left out when a picture has LOADS of RTs and I open it.... and the writing's not in English 😫😫
@TeamJRL are running 10k on Sunday for charity! It would be great if you could all please donate what you can… ❀️
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Yooooo loving the new single @JamesArthur23 @Rymez #Kryptonite KILLED IT!! Everyone go get it and enjoy :)
22 years ago... to this day... a wolf was born. @AbeGarman1 happy birthday brother. Continue the wolf legacy!!! AAAWWWOOOOOO!!
Happy Birthday Laura, hope you had an amazing day beaut!! ☺️ xx @SIGHCONOR
On the way to the official launch of the @wbstudiotour #DarkArts section!!! Can't wait for my butter beer moustache 😏#PotterHeadd
Writing a song about a bad person 😠
@FindAllanBryant @ConorMaynard I'm begging for a retweet xxxx It's been nearly a year & his family are distraught #findallanbryant
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.@TemiWymi hope you enjoyed Gone Girl :)
.@MarcKinchen real cool meeting you too man! We'll link up soon πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
Buzzing to see @MarcKinchen's set tonight in Bristol!
To me it's not just "making a cup of tea".... it's an art.
If you wanted to make someone a fan of me... but could only show them ONE song to do it... what song would it be?
We like to make love to people with our voices......
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Jaden Smiths music on soundcloud is actually sounding real good... like REAL good
I'm sorry for the crime I have commit... but the CCTV caught me, I have no defence.
Goodnight everyone! :D good night out with my London buddies :) @casparlee @ConorMaynard @JacksGap @FinnHarries
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I have an idea: Gogglebox 2. Where they film people watching Gogglebox πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€..... I'm a genius.
I get this all the time... no matter what I do, I always end up still being Conor Maynard.
I miss so many of you guys... I just wanna get back on a tour and see you all again 😫
Well I don't want to lie to my fellow people...
Yo we straight up bakin' muthaf**kin CAKES up in this b**ch yo.
Erm...@edsheeran... did we have a drunken night and do something stupid that we both don't remember...
My boyyyyyy @Labrinthda1st has just released his new single 'Let It Be' ! .... it's crazy!! Go get it
β€œ@TPZpromo:Conor Maynard ranks as #5 ugliest Boy Band Member of ALL TIME!… @ConorMaynard” < HEY?!.. I'm not in a band.
When I went to school I was always jealous of people who had older siblings who also went to that school... it instantly made them cooler 😫
So... to get this straight... am I ginger?... I didn't think I was but I see a lot of tweets saying otherwise.. WHO AM I?!?! 😫😫