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I just filmed a new video and I was almost sick😷 video will be up monday!
Filming a new video today!! Still haven't planned what I'm going to do yet😂
I think I'll just wiggle around in my bed listening to kesha, that sounds like a fun idea
I'm just in the mood to get up and dance but I'm in my bed and it's so comfy
Look at this amazing t-shirt I found the other day. It's a skull made out of cats, my two favourite things ever! 💀�
I always go into a crazy cat hype at this time of night
I uploaded a new video yesterday, check it out and tweet me what you think??🐱
I take my cat conversations very seriously
Ahhh fuck! I love My Mad Fat Diary!!
Might start going to the gym
New video! It's finally here, and this time i'm not giving up!
lol im such a failure at this
The video is uploading, it's just taking forever😩😩
Video will be up at 8pm🍖
Uploading my first video today, need to set a time👽
"@FOTPKesha: Eminem disses Kesha and Iggy Azalea in new song" does he live on dissin ppl or?
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But I was throwing frozen chips at people's windows to get help😂😂😂
It was about a clown chasing me and two other random people, one of them was really fat and got stuck in a fence🐽
It went on from 6:30am to 9:45am and I didn't wake up once, felt so weird
Think I just had the longest dream ever
How AMAZING does Fergie look on the #AMAs red carpet?! We are loving her dress!
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Think I've found my tattoo artist✒️
My desktop background is just adorable
@IGGYAZALEA you should collab with kesha just saying
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Omg Kesha is going to slay the AMA's tonight
"@KeshaRose i have a surprise for you animals.....#AMAs2014 🌈🐱⚡️❤️"
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There's just so much coursework to do that I don't know where to start
Forgot to tweet that last night
The Houses October Built is such an awesome film!!🎃👻
Think my uploading day is going to be a Monday??🎥🎬
I suppose I should start my coursework😪
Why couldn't she have carried him? He has sandals fam
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