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Had to stop by @twitter to see where my little blue #verified #check was. Lol I know they're in it😁g
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I wonder if Boris was the one who leaked TIHTY 👀@ladygagaa
The Big Charity Night Tickets… forget guys tickets now on sale all please retweet
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Could things get any worse for this family😭
When you trust your Filipino grandmother to take your child for a haircut & willy wonka busts through the door. Fuck.
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Love the fact that @MissKatiePrice and @Helen_Wood86 are friends omg😎
guess who started eating meat again after years
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it has taken me 4 months of rewriting my letter to Gaga but it finally finished. like writing an album, takes a lot of time to get it right.
I cant wait for payday so I can finally send off my letters to @ladygaga
I honestly believe that in 2000 years time, people will look at Lady Gaga like she is the female fucking jesus and im not even sorry
Being a superfan is draining but I love every fucking second of it+I owe everything to @ladygaga for always showing me to believe in myself.
#MTVHottest Lady Gaga can you believe that it's been 2 years since Aura was leaked? Let's make way for #LG5😝H
Today, do something you wouldn't usually do, and take surveys of how it makes you feel. It may surprise you! 📷s
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You know someone's gonna get the measurements wrong... Oh yeah! Shits gonna go down in Mary Berry's bakery town #GBBO
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My face when I noticed I'd missed 20 mins of the great British bake off👎�9G
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It's got a lovely crack 😂😂 I can't handle the innuendo#gbbobo
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Shoutout to all those fans who hounded me to help them get @IGGYAZALEA 's follow but have either stopped bothering w/ me or unfollowing me✌️
Everybody must think being famous is so easy but people demand so much from @IGGYAZALEA I don't think I could handle being famous...
I adore @IGGYAZALEA's fans but what is NOT cool is when they only bother with me when Iggy is online. It's not right
I love @IGGYAZALEA 's tweet sprees even if she rarely notices me😘
I remember the time @IGGYAZALEA tweeted me&my phone froze for an hour bc of all the Azaleans begging me for help &now none bother with me🐸☕️
So confusing when you remember you have plans on your day off but can't remember what they are and who with... But you know you have plans😁
Good morning! Don't forget to be yourself today, that's true beauty!
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9 days until a level results day and I think I've just accepted the fact Im a failure☺️☺️☺️☺️
I'm excited for #LG5 But I'm also excited for the fact that a tour will follow and I'll get to meet @laceexo again... Hopefully!!❤️
I am SO psyched for a new era. #LG5 thank you Mommy❤️ @ladygaga
First day back on the #bodybible can't wait til Friday I know I'm gunna feel so much better 💪🏼 find it in the App Store 😜
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So fucking excited for #LG5
"LG5 TIME" - Lady Gaga on Instagram !!!!!!!!!!!!
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no I'm crying it's happening I would like to thank not only god but jesus
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'LG5 time' - gaga on Instagram just now. It's time monsters😭✨✨X
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This whole fanbase just exploded #LG5
LG FUCKING 5😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
So yesterday @HollyGShore came into my work when I wasn't in and now she's in teesside park when I just left there 15 minutes ago, fab😭😭
Fucking fuming I got sent home from work after an hour and a half! If they didn't need me why didn't they ring me and tell me😡😡
I love Lucy's grandad's cows so much🐮V
I tweet so much shit n then delete it like 2 mins later
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That wasn't very Versacé of you was it
When you've been dying to meet @HollyGShore and she visits the place where you work on the night you aren't working like ffs kill me now😓
Proper loved Stockton's fireworks tonight☺️☺️
I just want a pineapple pizza 🍍🍍
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If I ever met Gaga Id make her choose one of her favourite selfies and Id get it tattooed and im not even jokin
If ANYBODY bought me a cake like Gaga bought Tony Id love them forever, can I be next @ladygaga? Thank you mommy
💭If you never break you'll never know how to put yourself back together💭

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