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I wish Gaga would interact with fans like she used to😭 I know she is craaaaazy busy 24/7 but I miss her💔
Does Gaga have her notifications on for any monsters? She notices Guiseppe and GagaMonster so much😫
I wish Gaga would tweet me randomly like she tweets Andy😞
Seriously it's bed time now ffs
What are those cool things on wheels that @Meghan_Trainor keeps posting on snapchat? Someone link me!!!
Making plans with that one friend like
why hasnt @IGGYAZALEA been online in 5 days like where the fk is she?
ARTPOP could've been so much more than it was, I blame Gaga's old management ENTIRELY.…
playing mc smally over facetime to nell to cheer her up and distract her from the fact she's being PIED TO FUCK haahahahahaha wicked
Just blocked my bestfriend because she was hating on @LatriceRoyale and @PhiPhiOhara i dont stand for this
"@HofeMohd: @PhiPhiOhara make a porno together for ur phans" why??? So I can be like every other drag racer......I'm cool no thanks ^_^
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Highlight of my shift was fanning with @jessicxh across the lobby over Gaga, this is what @ladygaga does to us!!
Literally having no storage left on your phone so you have to take the photo on snapchat and save it to camera roll😭😕
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OMG, she's blessing children on the streets! Jesus teas
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Bulgaria to beat, @ladygaga can we get this around the world with your help?…
@condavis_x can we get this to America lovely RT tag FREINDS Bulgaria to beat lol
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Full of compliments tonight aren't you😤
Horrible photo of me but I'm so happy to be reunited with this one! Two weeks is far, far too long!…
Gaga the LSD queen and she fucking owns it
Is it just me who never got out of the routine as a child to have a mid-afternoon nap to get through the day?😴
I wonder where Gaga is in the sun✨
Gaga always looks so good I don't even know how she does it😭
Bitchy // Phi Phi O'Hara is my anthem oh myy
#GrowingUpWithStrictParents when someone texts u at 10 pm asking if you can hang out
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Is it true that @PhiPhiOhara and @SHARON_NEEDLES are friends now or just a rumour?
Lemon and Vanilla Cremé😍�
What a week😁
Everyone has three lives: a public life, a private life, and a secret life😁
The Sun Newspaper is like a fuckin ass hair, full of shit!!!!!!
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Dad said "all you think about is Lady Gaga, get a life" & my reply was "bitch, lady gaga IS my life" - his reaction was priceless! @ladygaga
do you think that the fact that Lady Gaga is online is a valid enough excuse to be late for work? i think so, do you?
When people complain I tweet Gaga too much @ladygaga
Gaga be retweeting tweets from 40 minutes ago like bitch refresh your page😭😭
I'm gonna be late for work because I'm tweeting Gaga but i don't care they must understand?????
Such a crazy day @itstonybennett and I are nominated for an @TheEmmys for our PBS Cheek To Cheek LIVE special! 💥🎉🎉💥🎊
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Sat in the sun enjoying my what-I-call "chocolates in a sheath", inspired by @mermhart ☀️❤️
"@condavis_x: @PhiPhiOhara @JigglyCaliente COME TO THE UK WITH LATRICE IN SEPTEMBER!!!" No I am coming in October alone! ^_^
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Sat eating fish and chips in Redcar with Jack and @_charlotte998 feeling pretty content. I love the seaside😎☀️🎡
@BlackBoyMiah do i need to understand a pineapple to eat a banana.
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If I don't go to Glastonbury, V Fest or T in the Park next year im seriously going to be PISSED. Anybody fancy all three?
Need to do a festival next year🎪🎶🍻
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I've watched @Palomafaith on Glastonbury and T in the Park and im totally regretting not going to her tour😭

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