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Lady Gaga's hit song VENUS was released exactly 1 year today. I'm unbelievably proud of everything Gaga has achieved aw #HappyBirthdayVenus
#HappyBirthdayVenus Gaga I'm so proud I love you to VENUS and back💛�
Amazing win in Valencia @andy_murray I want you at the 02. Not sexually. To watch at the masters. Just to be clear.
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Still overwhelmed by the number of people still retweeting, faving and replying to my tweet that Gaga retweeted, I love you all so much!
Gaga I missed Fashion! At #artRAVEManchester can we have it at #artRAVENewcastle?💛
Lol when Gaga admitted onstage she was sober-ish at #artRAVEManchester - hope your sharing that Jameson's! @ladygaga
Watching artRAVE On YouTube wishing I was going to be there tonight at #artRAVELondon 😭 I'll be there again soon Gaga I promise! NEWCASTLE
Apparently I spend 35 hours per month on twitter lol shit
Lol my average tweet posts per day is 42 oh shit
I tried to reply to so many of your replies to my tweet last night that gaga rt'd. there are just so many - i think i got them all x
Turning into a right bookworm, all I ever seem to do now is read👀📔📒📝
For months I've watched Gaga rt all my mutuals and I wished so bad that she would rt me, and last night she did. Dreams do come true😭
Happy birthday to someone who has become one of my best friends the past years! Love this girl so much…
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I'm just so confused if @MileyCyrus even has a Vagina like where does she put it? It's non existent
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Always that one 'friend' who puts you down all the time, GET OUT
If you dig deep enough you will find retrospect and reason in every single fkin one of my tweets
Your negativity will never bring me down
Adele sent Gaga flowers for not being able to attend the ArtRave aw aw aw
My twitter is still going crazy, I'm so happy I could die
Tonight is the Pick me up I so needed, thank you Gaga I am so grateful @ladygaga
Lady Gaga's 'Marry The Night' performance has been voted as THE BEST MTV EMA MOMENT of all time! Good Job Monsters 🎶�
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#artRAVELondon @ladygaga thank you for the RT, im so happy. I cannot wait for #artRAVENewcastle omg! SAVE ME COS IM ADDICTED TO LOVE👯💜
#artRAVELondon Thankyou to my idol for making my night. #artRAVEManchester was perf now for NEWCASTLE
Nobody, an I mean NOBODY can even understand how happy this made me. She followed me earlier this…
I love the artRAVE. The music is phenomenal and the outfits are so majestic an magical. #artRAVELondon thank u so much lady💛👯
Whenever Gaga hits the stage all I can scream is SLAY MOMMA #artRAVELondon
Lady Gaga is one to watch. By the look of this tour - SHE WILL BE AROUND FOR ANOTHER DECADE AT LEAST👯 slay momma#artRAVELondonn
Fav song of my life, so relatable. Beautiful
Won't be long till Cheryl smacks Simon in the face😂
Gaga is so much more than pop. Don't call her the queen of pop - call her the queen of MUSIC @ladygaga love you💛
After travelling allll day I'm finally in Africaaaa
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@condavis_x You've went/ going to the same 2 raves as me :P Manchester and Newcastle :D yaaaas!
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Happy birthday to the beautiful @laceexo - have an amazing day!😘 we need a photo at#artRAVENewcastlee 💛💜👯
Happy birthday to the beautiful @laceexo - hope you have an amazing day! 💛
Tonight Cheek To Cheek LIVE! with Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga airs at 9 PM on PBS! #CheekToCheekLive
Tonight's the night! Who else is watching #CheektoCheekPBS with @ladygaga & @itstonybennett on @PBS at 9/8c?
Morning, could I ask a little favour? Could you please vote for #GeordieShore to win a National TV Award here >
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