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Conrad Cornelius
Always gonna be an uphill battle Sumtimes I'm gna have to lose Ain't about how fast I get there. U got this, u will get there :) @MileyCyrus
This is my beautiful girlfriend kristel and I. She means the absolute world to me. I love you so much! To the end of the universe and back :)
Back in the snap fitness days. Everyone should inspire to be physically fit. Your body is with you for life, so make it the best it can be.
They made a big mistake.
Shoulda gone to the gym!!!
Even superman does legs.
My cutting progress so far :) hope to see them bottom abs pretty soon XD
The sister and I. As you can see, the fitness life was chosen by our family aha :)
So i made a fake hoyts rewards account just so i could get the computer to ask me this question.... My name is "do you even lift?" Last name "yes i do!" Haha
Back when i was part way through shredding :)
I loose definition pretty fast while bulking due to my body type. Im also not to perfect at bulking, i go over board sometimes :(
Back looks weird while bulking :/
Fitness is a lifestyle, not something to stop and start when you feel like it. Its something you can feel accomplished about, for the rest of your life.
Protein banana pancakes :)
Me when i was shredding :)
11k trek :) not the greatest idea for bulking aha
Banana protein pancakes :)