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Embrace the wit and wisdom of @Shawcroft @eddiegossling @BillyWayneDavis #FF RT & * your favorites for 3Tweet-of-the-week
RT @Shawcroft The adage "there's no such thing as bad publicity" has caused more societal ills than bath salts and swearing COMBINED.
RT @eddiegossling i find stuff labeled "not safe for work" is also "not safe for home."
RT @BillyWayneDavis Everywhere in NYC, if you listen closely, there is always a saxophone playing in the distance.
#Afternoon3Tweet puts itself inside you in 1 minute. "Truth" #Comedy3Tweet
Please grab a seat and stare longingly at @Anundson @VinnieCoppola @Jakethis #FF RT & * for 3Tweet-of-the-week
RT @VinnieCoppola One grilled gluten sandwich, please.
RT@Jakethis I had a dream once about a meatball with a piece of cheese in the middle.Today I ate two for lunch. Corporate gig! #Apteanedge
RT @Anundson When @bajaburrito is really busy I yell "Two Fish Tacos" just to see how many hands go up. #baja4life
Always cherish the time you spent with @allanivie @JamieLissow @PatGodwin RT & * your favorites for 3Tweet-of-the-week
RT @allanivie Nothing makes you feel more worthless than knowing that Rizzoli and Isles starts its 4th season next month.
RT @JamieLissow Just bought a sweet set of Improv Group canceling headphones.
RT @PatGodwin What is the worst part of watching a recorded Mike & Molly? Suffering through the last 30 seconds of 2 Broke Girls.
#Afternoon3Tweet wants to meet you here in one minute. "Not interested" #Comedy3Tweet
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RT @RGDaniels Mayonnaise is gross. It tastes like if vanilla pudding suddenly decided to hate you for no reason.
RT@LouisPeitzman This salad buffet is as healthy as you want it to be. For example, I am drinking ranch dressing.
RT@AlJaxn #tacobell is debuting a $ menu at select locations.The items can be found under the heading"The most expensive stuff on the menu"
#Afternoon3Tweet is coming your way in one minute. "Light lunch" #Comedy3Tweet
Please follow @Anundson @tweetcomedian @StuMcCallister RT & * your favorites for 3Tweet-of-the-week.
RT @Anundson Has anyone been to a Harlem Globetrotters home game?
RT @StuMcCallister If a seeing eye dog poops in public, who picks it up?!
RT @tweetcomedian So the first 3-4 squeezes of the gas pump handle are just for practice or what?
#Midday3Tweet is saddling up next to in one minute. "Questions" #Comedy3Tweet