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Feels like just yesterday I was pouring rocks out of my shoes between takes. @ItsMidnightRed "Take Me Home"
Voir cette vidéo! @ItsMidnightRed version de "Steal My Girl"
Grew up watching The @Rosie Show & remember how much she loved & supported N'sync. Hope one day she'll bring @ItsMidnightRed on @theviewtv!
What kind of degree do you need to become one of those scientists who studies how many spiders we swallow at night?
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Once again @Pharrell kept my bud @NicaShirey w/ his team on @NBCTheVoice! WATCH & FOLLOW her!
This is in Amsterdam. I would like to go here!
日本に行きたい !!!
If you robbed a kissing booth you'd make out like a bandit
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How come all these power naps I'm taking aren't giving me any superpowers?
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Well well well, if it isn't the person that's reading this tweet right now.
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There are no losers in thumb wrestling, only people holding hands
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Was brought to my attention I never posted a dog selfie from Brazil!
J'ai besoin de pratiquer mon français. Peut-être nous allons visiter France bientôt! @ItsMidnightRed
Climate change is currently a far greater threat to us than Ebola. Let's be productive and shit our pants about that instead. Go on. Shit.
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If I don't deserve a medal for doing my laundry before totally running out of socks and underwear, then why have medals at all?
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Hell Yeah @buffalobills with the win today. Hope "Take Me Home" was bumpin after the game!
No dejes de pedir #Contigo en la @977radio Seguir votando!
It takes two to tango, but only one to chips and salsa
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People on tv always hanging up the phone without saying bye like that ain't weird as shit
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My kids figured out I've actually been saying "olive juice" all these years
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I will believe anything told to me with a British accent.
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Sit down and put on your seatbelts @ItsMidnightRed ! Damn they never listen.
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So cool seeing one of the New 7 Wonders Of The World! Christ The Redeemer.
Pide TMH por las mañanas a nuestros amigos @MateoYAndreaFM y empieza el día con energia!
GRACIAS @Los20Estelares por ese #1 en vuestro #Top20 con TMH!!!
I'll never forget this!
Rio Rio Rio Rio Rio Rio Rio Rio !!!
Brazil, we can't thank you enough for welcoming us so warmly into your country. We will be back!
Check it out. @snooki is a @ItsMidnightRed fan! Aha knew there was a reason she's my favorite from Jersey shore.
Round 2 tonight in São Paulo w/ @LaurenJauregui @AllyBrookeOfficial @DinahJane97 @CamilaCabello97 @NormaniKordei #ZFestival2014
Can't believe the love & support we've already received in Brazil & we haven't even done the shows yet. Beautiful people. Beautiful country.
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Crashing @FifthHarmony's soundcheck. Their new music is on point!