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Had a great time exploring Granada today :]
Check it out! Some @ItsMidnightRed Spain concert footage at the end of this important message :D…
Pretty weird how I'm wishing I had English subtitles to a movie that was once already in English but now is dubbed with Spanish.
Vota ya #Contigo en @canalfiesta y así podremos entrar en lista!!! vamos redheads!!!!! Besos
Time for a siesta after that trip to the beach!
To the #RedHeads who gave us the bunny ears...thank you. I think I found my new look!
Can't even read Spanish but signed up for just to vote for @ItsMidnightRed @ColtonRudloff this is how much i <3 you!
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Recreated these photos from memory w/ @anthonyladao...sort of worked! Winter in France 2011 / Summer in Spain 2014
Recreated these photos from memory...sort of worked! Winter in France 2011 / Summer in Spain 2014
#RedHeads!!! I would very much appreciate a vote on this very important chart :D @ItsMidnightRed loves you!!!
Check out our ALS Challenge on @ItsMidnightRed Instagram!
Climbing up to the Spanish castle in Girona!
Let's Be Cops was more than hilarious! I already had that idea last time I was home, though. #AheadOfTheGame
Can't deny I'm jealous of @TheVampsband for getting that @ddlovato feature. "Somebody To You" is so good! Hey Demi, @ItsMidnightRed next?
So excited to dip my feets in the Mediterranean.
Had a really fun early morning solo excursion in Madrid! Here's all the proof you need. #WiggleWiggleWiggle
Had a really great early morning solo excursion in Madrid! Here's all the proof you need.
Thanks to the Spanish redheads who greeted us into the country today! Te amo :)
Wow TV is tough to watch when you can't speak the language. Who woulda thunk it!
It's about to be a SPAIN takeover starting tomorrow! Then we tackle the World! Love you #redheads
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Hoping for some slumber on the plane.
Sleepless In Springfield should be last nights movie title. The most brain activity is when you sleep, mine just forgot that important part!
Great crowd tonight! Thank you, Illinois :]
So stoked to perform at @ILStateFair with our friends @EmblemThree and @ItsMidnightRed tonight!! Be there!
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SPRINGFIELD!! Can't wait to play @ILStateFair tonight w our friends @WeAreMKTO & @ItsMidnightRed tonight! See u there?
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What are you doing for the next few weeks? I'll be touring Spain so if you're in the area come say hi ;)
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Someone please pack my suitcase for me.
Happy birthday @ZachPincus !!! 🎈🎉🎊🎂🍻🎁
España! Si se reserva nuestra canción "Take Me Home" entonces se pueda conocernos y recibir una descarga de "Contigo"
Thank's to @GetMonsterMerch you only have to buy a poster for M&G at this Thursday's show in Chicago!! (MNR only)
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2 more days until our big show in Chicago with the crew @EmblemThree and @WeAreMKTO - then off to Spain.
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This is a good time to make sure this is out there.The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255. If you need help, call.
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Sad to hear about Robin Williams. Many of my favorite movies growing up and to this day are his films. Gonna be missed! #RIPRobinWilliams
Anyone watching the show Dating Naked? It's so uncomfortable. I love it!
Spain! Make sure you've got your pre-order of "Take Me Home" in order to get an instant free download of "Contigo"…
Who am I going to see this month in Spain?!