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Colton Jacobson
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follow spree to get me away from this homework 👽😭👌
I think teachers forget that we have lives outside of school
also finished recording & editing a music video & cover video soooo excited for you guys to see it
aaaaalmooooost done with the new video (it's a live concert vid) & I'm excited for you to see it ☺️
goodmorning ☀️🍃
homework should be banned
I actually really want the new iphone
scary movie time 😳📺
@ColtonJacobson you followed me when you had 157k. now you have 170k!! I'm so proud of how far you've come!!! Ilysm❤️
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excited to release a video tomorrow ☀️🍃
ahhhhhhh I love you guys ❤️☺️
170k strong 😭☺️ thank you sooooo much ❤️�
following while I'm getting ready for dinner…
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I tired to art & this happened
I had fun talking to you guys 😋 I will def do more later 👌 fav if you liked it 👻
my phone is seizing again
trying to answer a few more but I accidentally scrolled past all the messages
tweet spree!!! talk to me guys 😊😋
goodmorning loves ☺️☀️
get ready for a new video tomorrow or the next day 🙊😋 & another next weekend or the one after ✌️
trying to follow till I'm following 11k
okay I'm super tired so no follow spree tonight but definitely one tomorrow morning ❤️☺️goodnight
going to try to do another follow spree so be ready ☺️😋
just danced in the street to black widow it was fun I'm sweating
me: *eats all the popcorn before the movie starts*
when the anaconda don't want none even though you got buns hun
why can't phones just charge themselves
the sun is out & I'm feeling okay I hope you have a really good day ☀️
if you didn't get a follow don't feel bad 👻 I'll do more later 😋
following more later ☺️ going to be following everyday till the release of my new video 😋☀️
only 500 more till 170k 🙊🙊
my phone died for a minute but now I'm back to following ✌️
still following more 😋👌
following 200 more & then I'll do another follow spree tonight ☺️☀️
this whole quoting tweets thing is a good way to follow you guys ☺️ makes it a lot easier 👌🍃
quote the link for a follow loves ☺️❤️…
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desperately waiting for love me harder be on the radio
iiiiiii shhhooooouuuld dooooo a dmmmm spreeeee soooooon
saturday is the bessssst day 😋☀️