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Collin F
"Let a thug hit it"
Best protect ya neck
Aye boe let's go hang out in parking lots. Lol
Seeing Wilfred series finale made me feel some type of way. #MissItAlready
Laughed too hard seeing @_FuckJason snap on his story. #RandomHorseChillin
Another day another dollar
What is this strange object on the moon? via @MailOnline
Add me on snapchat: collin_zen
Uprising in the districts has begun. #Ferguson #MockingJay
"Cannabis-Based Batteries Could Charge Your Phone in Secondsâ€And Change the Way We Store Energy "
Don't ever let somebody think they have control over you.
Just cause we have the ability, doesn't mean we should do it. #SelfControl
So many e-thugs in this world.
Fuck wasting time I can't get back.
There's some people you just can't rely on.
Rest in peace Robin Williams. #SadDay
Ate way too many circus peanuts
The S5 can really take some quality pics
"My clan is thick like plaster" #WuTang
"I thought hurricane season was over"
How the hell am I supposed to get in my car now
Thank you mother for officially breaking all of my car door handles. #nevertouchingmycaragain
"I said I take care of my kids, but I'm flexin on my baby mama" #2chainzYall
Only city I'd love to live in around here would have to be downtown Wilmington
The feeling of losing your parents at the grocery store. #Childhood
Screen protector cost more than the damn case.
Duck face yolo
Loving this galaxy s5
In my head this smile appears clear
If I hear tip toe'n in my Jordan's on a vine one more time....
Galaxy s5 or iPhone 5s... Temptation
Love paying 40 dollars extra on a shirt just for the horse emblem on it...
Just saw a license plate that said "NWA4EVA", @icecube would be proud to see that.
I can honestly say I don't know how the Israel-Gaza conflict is going to turn out.
Rain rain go away
I'm just what you made God, not many I trust.
This anthropomorphic tree, found in North Carolina, has roots which have taken a human-like form.
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#tbt when my brother loved me haha
I really want to go hiking soon.
Nobody uses turn signals anymore.