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Collin F
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Thank you @Xbox for banning me for no reason, go eat a steaming pile of horse shit, you money grubbers.
"No such thing as a life that's better than yours" @JColeNC #WordsToLiveBy
How I felt after finishing my exams.
There's beauty in the struggle
Good luck to everyone on exams week.
Finals next week. Who is ready? #NotMe
You fabricate to the public, we don't believe shit.
Going to find a way to save story snaps. Seeing @CaldwellTyler94 unload a clip sideways had me rolling.
"I've been workin so hard, I've been searchin for God" @Logic301 #UnderPressure
I'm mature enough to know better, but young enough to say fuck it.
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Dumb and Dumber To was hilarious
Here comes night number 2 in #Ferguson .. National Guard will be on the front lines tonight instead of the police force. #Over2000
Its a revolution
Live stream of ferguson trial verdict in 30 mins…
My situation ain't improvin.
Add me on Snapchat: iCollin
We just young and misguided.
In Living Color >>>>
AOSP ROM or TouchWiz ROM ? #GalaxyS5
So wassup with Jacksonville and all these geo-engineered clouds?
I ate too many lunchables
Gotta love my sanford and son ringtone
Spiritual State
People still smoke Black and Milds?
Receiving reports that Ricky is passed out drunk in the road blocking the entrance to Sunnyvale. On my way to go roll him into the ditch.
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'Starter packs' aren't even funny. #Lame
Now I know why everybody hates Chris @WalkingDead_AMC
TWD where you be
Can't stand people who try to control everything.
@WTFisCollin haha thank you ugly pie, you should deff come to the grove tonight it's going down homie
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Racism is still aliveee, yellow tape and colored liness. #Kdot
"@WTFisCollin: In the studio... FL Studio that is." Hottest mixtape of 2015 coming
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In the studio... FL Studio that is.
Guess you can't run when 12 shows up at parties anymore.…
Money can buy happiness. That's the world we live in.
Can't stand people who have an attitude 24/7
Here I am, steady questionin my direction
Imma lay it down like a carpenter, when you let me.
We hurt people that love us, love people that hurt us. #OppositesAttract
AllianceROM is the bomb
"Kids are like sponges" tf kinda simile is that? #StupidAF
I'm no less, no more, I'm just a man homie