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Collin Allin
I'm so happy I have a red circle with a 1 in it on my iphone, because I don't have space to download IOS8 it's there forever..awesome
quickie before work, 2 lakes and a park , I just completed a 7,2 km run in 00:36:02 with #PUMATRAC
Amazing new orthopedic mattress has changed my life.. Advise for today make sure you sleep on a good mattress
Birthday shout out to the Chad @ChadMeihuizen , hope you have a rocking day my brother
Saw this pic today which captures the view from the cycling track in the morning.. Such a crazy sky line
Ps if you need to come to do a Desert Version , you got a place to stay here in dubai with us @callummillward
Love how everyone is getting into @callummillward vibes... And how he is getting better with each show.. Keep up the good work...
Someday is a dangerous word.. It's code name for NEVER... Hahaha , stop putting stuff off, get out there and live your life
Love me some squash action.. Such a honest game, no hiding away and very little luck involved... Moving on up leagues too
Heart bleeds for you my friend, I know how u must feel,But the win will be yours soon..great result and love watching you race @jodieswallow
Well done @IronmanTri .. That's how you do LIVE coverage... Now let's get it right for 70.3 World Champs too
How do you beat Mirinda ? Wow.. Watching on TV you can see how fast she runs.. 14min down off bike and still wins... Amazing...
Today is going to be a long day.. Hahaha, hardly slept at all... Need to be at Kona soon instead of watching it LIVE..incredible racing
Great swim by @JeanVW14 and can't wait to see him smash the @BlackSpadeRacin TT bike at @IronmanTri KONA
Fingers crossed the @IronmanTri coverage of KONA is better than the disaster coverage of 70.3 WC a few weeks back
It's at times like these that I'm loving super fast internet, uncapped.. Kona live for next 9hrs.. Whoohoo
Just set course record at Club TT , 2.5km course in 9.34min in Faas 300 TR..My new favorite shoe and great hybrid if u am only afford 1 shoe
Instead of beggars this is what we see at traffic lights... PS begging is illegal here..
Things you see walking into shopping centers here.. New Maclaren going for valet parking
About to watch the new Dracula in my first Premiere Cinema experience .. Very excited
Then this one , think all cats need one, @raouldejongh ?
Batpug... Hahaa... I was actually in tears
Missed my old lead out bro @raouldejongh on ride this morning.. Just managed to win sprint from break away.. Hahaha, fun rider world champs
Ny new Fav shoe @raouldejongh: These new FAAS300 Trail are such fun. 90min max they're great on super techy terrain.
On my door step “@triathleteurope: ITU adds Abu Dhabi to the 2015 World Triathlon Series calendar:
Arriving at the office early to get through work and the scanner won't let you in... Ja that...
Go Jean @BlackSpadeRacin: First Black Spade in of Luck Jean
Life is all about perspective...
Saying good bye to this guy just now.. Been fun..
Very nice @HYPEBEAST: .@Pharrell featuring Daft Punk “Gust of Wind” Music Video
And in other news Facebook apparently done deal.. Bought whatsapp for $19 billion, let's hope no "like" button appears on whatsapp
So @Jenn_Stephenson and I have the local club 5km record after new venue last week..Hahaha,Improve and defend we will
quickie after work in dark I just completed a 6,3 km run in 00:35:03 with #PUMATRAC
Finally get to bust out a set of the new Faas 300 TR, been waiting for ages.. Thanks to my Ginger daddy for the Puma Love
Trying to decide on where to go for Christmas that is good value and isn't going to be super expensive , any ideas ?
Weird bike collection grows N+1 rules applies
Weird bike collection grows N+1 rules applies
My thoughts exactly...
Looks awesome, Video: Giro d'Italia 2015 promo released -
How does IAAF have a drug cheat Justin Gatlin as an athlete of the year nominee ?? Not a good message for the sport
This one has wooden rims, all frames and forks are steel and have internal gearing but can be built up as normal road bikes
Look what I am being given to ride around for awhile.. Going to build carbon parts on it and ride it hard.. Hahaa
More from inside the worlds first @puma forever faster store concept
We swam into a school of Jelly Fish the size of soccer balls this morning.. Never been shocked like that in my life... Not nice experience
Not cool at all, 94.7 should be held accountable.. Just saying sorry it's Satire is not acceptable
Saddened by what #94.7 have chosen as their winning "advert". Wrong in so many ways! Bad taste guys!!
Doesn't look comfy at all but he is fast asleep