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Collin Allin
Got @Jenn_Stephenson visa through 42hrs before she arrives.. Phew and her profession is printed as House Wife..hahaha
I'm around 70km from Syrian border as we speak.. Never been that close to a real hot spot before
@Suunto_Fitness: Suunto Movescount App ready for action!!
Sleeping 21 floors up tonight in middle of Jordan, Le Royal Hotel.. Amazing place to stay and visit
Hey oh hey ho... It's off to Jordan I go..
That moment when.... ( Finish the sentence )
I rode "slow" group this morning on 90km and we avg almost 35km/h crazy riding here... I'm on the back foot, did take 3rd in sprint at end
Arriving 30min early for cycle at 4.54am is not a vibe.. Stupid GPS giving me incorrect timing last night
Aero speedplay pedal and cleat.. So sexy... And aero
Wonder if the person responsible for 70.3 worlds coverage is happy with his job done ? If I did job like that I would be fired @IronmanTri
Amazing how quiet @IronmanTri is after so many complaints on 70.3 coverage , they really do come across as not giving a sh**
It's a bicycle kind of day, one of our favorite riders, Jens Voigt Hour attempt bike.. Very cool, well played TREK
Best looking P5 I have seen in ages, would if only bad TT rings black too.. Well played
Everybody stand down.. Balance has been returned to the universe and all is well.. I can solve my problems again...
New pain cave.. Signed up for Desert Warrior training..
Good to be home and quickest custom clearance ever with E gate... 24sec... My new favorite thing I own
Crazy @MatTMQ@WelshyKnows: Basketball VS High Jump 2.43m clearance by Barshim looks like next to a basketball ring.
And in Saudi as a single man or a few men can't open malls.. Only family's or men with women... Crazy
Saudi retail hours : 10-12 then closed to 4pm then stay open to 11pm with 4 x 30min prayer windows also close too.. Very tricky for trade
So wait , Apple just released the Nexus 4 ? Hahaa
Saudi women throw little pieces of paper at you .. With their telephone numbers on .. They want to get taken away from country.. Crazy city
This is how I'm rolling today in Saudi... Love this car..
Read quote which made me laugh this morning: " Crossfit teaches you the proper way to do an incorrect pull-up "
Please help @dutweets your data roaming server is down and can't access bundle for data on my trip
Well played Iphone 6 and apple using Jimmy Falon and Justin Timberlake in new advertising.. 2 of my favorite guys...
E Gate card is amazing, no more passport control and stamps in passport.. Swipe credit card type card and walk on through...1st world baby
You either get this and understand it or you have no clue
Hey Ho, Hey Ho .. It's off to Saudi Arabia I go.. If I am not back by Saturday send in the troops
6 flights in next 16days ... Fun times... Awesome for trying to get fit again.. Hahaha
Just got told pack your bags we going to Saudi Arabia on Wednesday... Hahaha... Ok...
The music made me do it... Deadmau5 live set gooing mielies in my ears this morning.. 3pm crash at desk in my near future
quickie before work with Deadmau5I just completed a 6,0 km run in 00:29:55 with #PUMATRAC
Classy race my friend... @jodieswallow had goose bumps watching finish line live as you crossed... Well done...
How does Gopro sponsor ironman and the "live" coverage of 70.3 WC is sooo bad ?
Challenged to a first to 5 game of Fooseball by guy I beat in the Puma Championships as he is German and has to win.. He is now 2-0 down..
Devastated to hear my boy @JamesCunnama crashed out of 70.3 worlds.. Sorry bro.. Reports are that you are ok... Good to hear..
First 7km SAFA park TT this evening and good turn out of around 55 people in 35deg heat with 85% humidity at 6.30pm, snuck in 2nd.. Whohoo
Go batman go... Make it rain... @JamesCunnama
Love that U turns are legal here.. I use them a lot.. We like best friends when I am in my car.. Hahaha
BMW have a service center at airport here so u can service ur car while u travel... Genius Papa
Very creepy, couldn't have it in my bedroom but if I had a cool house one day it's going to have a lot of this stuff
Inside Tony Starks Garage
It's @dghugo @PUMARunning: More light, much lighter, so you can get faster any time, every time. #ForeverFaster
Here's in a half shell... Turtle Power.... Happening in T- 20min... So excited
Found Biltong at a shop .. You have no idea how excited I am... Now if I could find pork bacon my life would be perfect
Hope this is me in 60 years
Not sure I'm ever going to get used to walking across the road for lunch in 46 deg heat... Dammmmm