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Collin Allin
Rule #5 A Bro is always keen
Click and sit back and enjoy :… my tune got summer
Sunrise in my new neighborhood #mydubai photo credit: @danielcheongdubai
Amazing run by @RD_murray to claim bronze in Rio test event.. Well done bro.. Now go dominate the after party like a Boss
Holy crap batman... Well done @stuartmarais that was super fast, been following online , bike split was insane.. High 5 bro
Found the 10 pattie Vertigo burger at Elevation burger tonight.. I started on a 3 pattie burger as need to be hungry for this challenge but is added to list now #mydubai
Think I might of found my next N+1 ... #bikeporn #mydubai @blackspaderacing Fatbike with their Carbon Fatbike Wheels too...
To make it worse been waiting 50min at Mall of Emirates store for service and told it could be 2hr wait ??? Really ?? @etisalat #brandfail
So you challenge us in ur adverts @etisalat but then run away when we do challenge you ??? #Etisalatchallenge is a joke, #brandfail
Watch out @etisalat website is currently false advertising ,signed up for a package and told on phone it's not. Serious violations happening
Hey @etisalat , @dutweets home service was a way Better deal ?? I'm forced to change due to building, not happy #Etisalatchallenge
So now been told @etisalat website is wrong and I have been paying for something I can't get.. #brandfail and 100% against their advertising
About to get my 3D Antman Vibe on.. Let you know after
#TBT to a few months ago when I had quite a fuzzy face.. Apparently beards are dead now ? #mydubai
Picked you @RD_murray in my fantasy triathlon league for Rio over other favorites because u my boy blue.. No pressure ...
Starts riding bike at 7.24pm and its 39deg still... Ja that.. This should be interesting
Yes I did... bright orange Disc Blaze Bright shoes, Feels like a tennis ball too... #shoeporn #pumalife #PUMASELECT #mydubai
You know you living on the right side of town when you drive past 24 luxury sport / super cars to get to your parking spot
Sad to hear the news of Clive Rice dying at age 66... Reminder of how short life can be, if that was me I would only have 30 years left...
7 weeks no payment after being approved and 5 emails and no answer ? Come on @EmiratesSupport you can surely do better than that ??
It's the small things in Life, like winning the Fantasy League for the TDF for the first time... Great vibe to enter flight... Thank you France #TDF2015
It's the small things in Life... Like beating Women in FL who kicked ur ass before.. Hahaa
Think I just won our TDF fantasy league as well, fingers crossed, perfect end to a great week...
Not my day.. Hahaa, family of 6 staying so been cancelled but get business class back which is not bad either... Hahaa
Free ticket anywhere in the world to stay tonight in Lyon and fly tomorrow night... Plus my airport hell is over... BOOM.. Hotel here I come
You haven't lived until you have spent 8hrs at a small airport before a 6.5hr flight... Thank God for internet.. But starting to twitch now
8hrs at Lyon airport not a vibe, at least you can always count on Starbucks nailing your name ...
Love random events in life which make you smile.. Ran into my good friend Simon outside Grenoble train station for a 30min chat before our lives carried on.. Inspiring hearing his journey...
Met the Original Tour Devil and he is German.. Who knew.. Hahaa, good to see him back at tour again.. #TDF2015
Is there anybody who could help me get entry into Berlin marathon ?? Happy to pay for one ? Thanks
And of course some good craft beer to end of a good day... #craftbeer #TDF2015
Alpe D'huez stage winner Pinot in break away coming past us in slow mo baby @letourdefrance #switchbackdoping #TDF2015
That moment Quintana attacked caught in slow mo baby #TDF2015 #switchbackdoping @letourdefrance #bikeporn
Cavbro just chilling in the bus at the back of the climb #TDF2015 @letourdefrance even caught some #lightbro
4min till break away passes us, look out for the big SA flags on the first switchback of Alpe D'huez #TDF2015
So we are at the first bend , switch back 21, prob around 800m from start of climb on inside lane, in orange tee shirt... Look out for us with Huge SA flag @teammtnqhubeka #bicycleschangelives #switchbackdoping #TDF2015
We are heading up Aple D'huez to watch the stage and hang a SA Flag for the @teammtnqhubeka boys #bicycleschangelives #TDF2015
Last day on the Tour de France for us.. Off to the legendary Alpe D'huez , another tick off list, will let you know where we standing later
In other news with 3 stages to go I am finally no.1 in our TdF Fantasy League.. Going to go down to the wire... That's why we love it
Went for a run from our house to stretch the legs out.. Amazing views where ever you look and cool little towns as well.. Good to be out, might even count as #secretrunningsociety as lots of little side streets
I just completed a 6,5 km run in 00:44:11 with #PUMATRAC #ForeverFaster #IGNITEDXB
My partner in art this morning, Gareth took awhile to get done as crowds kept telling us when cars where coming and we had to jump out of way #TDF2015 #bicycleschangelives @teammtnqhubeka
Got to assist the @TeamMTNQhubeka team guys by taking bag and giving to car at back.. Doing our part to support team
Break away group comes past 5min ahead of main group, great day for my FL if they manage to stay away #TDF2015 #mydubai #bicycleschangelives #switchbackdoping
Main bunch comes past around 5min down.. So fast even uphill, lucky we have slow mo vibe #TDF2015 #mydubai #bicycleschangelives @letourdefrance
Still coolest car of the bunch... #TDF2015
We are at 58km from the start of the day at we are around 1.5km from the first KOM summit
LIVE on #Periscope: Tour de France Caravan before cyclists come through...…
Ok we done now.. Took about 45min but think it's pretty cool.. Hope it makes the @teammtnqhubeka boys smile a little #TDF2015 #bicycleschangelives
More respect for street artists now.. Labour of love for our @teammtnqhubeka brothers #TDF2015 #bicycleschangelives , 1.5km from first KOM summit

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