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Collin Allin
Just had meeting with guy who commentated the World Cup final in Brazil and casually mentions he has 800 000 followers on twitter.. Hahaha
Passport back.. Officially a resident of Dubai.. Whoo hoo
Pre work Run turned outside as hotel as lost gym door key, so outside I went then got caught in 2 small sand storms.. Interesting times
Dep paid on flat.. Whoo hoop.. Getting keys next week... Moving countries and jobs at once might be up there with hardest things to do...
You won't find 13th floor anywhere here...
I actually had to sit down when I saw this.. Was laughing so hard... Why would you do that ? Sharknado that's why...
Found what I want for Christmas... Desktop 3D printer and it's only R35 000 ... Just saying..haha
I never met a high five I didn't like or anything with bacon in that didn't rock my world.. I'm simple like that
first outdoor run, 40deg.. Melted I just completed a 6,0 km run in 00:35:25 with #PUMATRAC
Could be @raouldejongh and I in a few weeks
Think I found what we can do when u visit me @raouldejongh
Athens Olympic pool from 2004, 10 jaar later , so sad -…””
Going for my first run outside in a park.. Ironically called SAFA park.. Hahaa , here goes nothing
Much nicer in real life @alifenewyork evospeed
Just found the warm chocolate milk setting on the coffee machine at work.... Score
It's the weeeekend baby... Hahaha, only if u work Sundays like me though
Finally #ForeverFaster is here, huge day for @PUMA today... Hear us roar
@PUMA: @collinallin the #ForeverFaster video is unlocked. Don’t blink.” what do you think ?
8min walk to hotel in dark at 8pm at night... Hahaha... Everything wet...
I have accepted rental.. Woohoo and this is view from half of my balcony, hopefully sign papers on Friday...
First trip booked... Off to Kuwait.. Never thought I would say that... Hahaha... Interesting times
If you played in re #TDFY fantasy league please pay across the R100 to @craigwilson13 for winning.. Thanks to those who have
Going to be the first to see the new @PUMA TV spot. #ForeverFaster
Just looked at a flat to live in, the view wasn't bad from balcony
Oh and by the way it's 49.5deg today with 92% humidity...hottest day for me so far , not ayoba
Great @pumafootball branding up in store , great to see us bigger than life
And if u lazy or have money then you can roll through the mall like this with a personal driver
Dan throwing big creep vibes watching me work in my new office all day @dghugo
TT bike heaven , smooth and flat
Entrance to the lollipop... Almost 120km of smooth tar cycling track.. 50km in less than 90min this morning, 3 of us
My first lollipop ride of Dubai... Amazing facilities here for riding... Fingers crossed I can hold on
Survived first day of work... Just... Got my first cycle before work tomorrow morning ... Fingers crossed...
Coolest product I've seen today, socks for babies with plastic sole units... So cute...
Having long chat to taxi driver on way to first day of work... Makes u realize how spoilt and lucky we actually are hearing his story
Google and Google maps are my 2 new best friends... House hunting is a lot easier with them and a internet connection... 7 today...broken
Crazy how u can pay someone R1 mil here in just 75 bank notes , makes u think
My new favorite bar in Dubai... Not cheap... But really cool
But why ? It makes no sense ? Sharknado that's why... I'm hearing that in my head a lot his week @raouldejongh
I rode with "slow" group this morning, out and back 90km and we averaged over 34km/h it's crazy fast here and flat...
Water stop around 40km in, as ur bottles now warm... I was in "slow" group, we rode 90km out and back on highway and we had avg of 34.3km/h , crazy.. Met some cool expats
Looks like it's going to 100km of loops this morning... Should be interesting
Big Happy Birthday to the one and only @james_reid01 , wherever in the world u may be, know we think you RAD.. Hahaha
First real ride in morning ... Apparently around 90km... Should be interesting
Why have static windows when u can have 3 huge moving oceans as windows ..about 4m tall and 5m wide each.. So cool
Survived 1st bike ride from cycling shop to hotel trough city main streets... Not that bad.. African kids are tough.. Or stupid... Hahaha
How lucky I am to have something that makes saying good bye so hard...*winnie the poo*
View from cab window right now...
Moto Moto , the name is so nice you say it twice... Hahaha
Somebody put baby in the corner , thought nobody did that ?
I'm connected again and have a new tel number here... But for now trying to learn to breathe in hot air and survive