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Collin Allin
I think Taxi's must be one of the ultimate acts of Trust.. U just get into a strangers car and trust them to get u somewhere safe...
In love with the new WIDE Black Spade Superlite Stealth wheels.. Similar tech to firecrest but better value for money
@BlackSpadeRacin: Stealth Super Lite Wide 88mm Carbon Clincher!” loving those
Choppy sea swim to start the day.. Only thing missing was my Durban China's
Are people really that dumb ?? Can't believe some of the things I've seen and heard in past few days, Common sense seems to be a Super Power
Some days u the hammer and sometimes the nail... Today I'm being bliksemed by a very big hammer
For Christmas all I want is to not have to apply for Visa's anymore... Such a admin nightmare all the time
Sky and 10 other teams launch Velon joint venture in bid to overhaul pro cycling
Huge swell and surf on sea for sea swim this morning.. Can't stop smiling... Love that sh**
Saw this on @___the_things_men_like___ feed and fell in love
Food market vibes... Had a brisket that changed my life
Nicely played Puma Team.. Loving the new kit #bluebulls
Sad start to the day with the passing of Steve HED .. A huge loss for the bicycle industry..
Can't sleep.. So about to start this bad boy up...
Pharrell rocking it... Sound is amazing
Amazing live tweet feed from #dulive and what a coincidence that it goes "down" once start very late and everyone moaning.. Hahah backfire
Wonder where @Pharrell at ?? We all here you can come out now .... #dulive
Little Hyperlapse water taxi action on way to concert
Don't really do selfies, but we chilling on the grass waiting for Pharrell so thought why not.. Tricky in the dark u can use front camera.. Old school selfie
1st music concert in Dubai, @Jenn_Stephenson and I are About to get our Pharrell on.. Love this man for so many reasons... Am stoked
I'm not inside I'm on top... Hahaha
No filter again... No snapseed... Perfect light... Amazing machines
No filters... Amazing to hear them gear down into the corners
Might be rarest car I've ever seen... Tucked away amongst the super cars
On way to first ever live F1 .. Pretty excited plus Pharrell Williams concert after...
About to get my Mocking Jay Hunger Games on...
Sitting at my desk on a weekend is not a vibe, 3rd weekend in a row.. 7 days of sell in left.. Counting the sleeps
New addition to our roads in Dubai... Space age Tram
quickie before work... I just completed a 5,3 km run in 00:31:46 with #PUMATRAC
Just found a whole new food court behind my office and it has a Nandos.. Woohoo plus a cool lake to sit on grass and have lunch.. Winner
After both bedrooms cupboards are full we made a plan for more shoe storage but already need more space...
After both bedrooms cupboards are full we made a plan for more shoe storage but already need more…
T-Rex selfie ... Hahahahaaa
Reflecting on some quality time spent with some quality gentleman over the last few days... Reminded by the @alifenewyork guys just how important it is to have passion and to take chances in life and to explore but most important to just be RAD, CHILLED and have FUN
First experience of @Uber in Dubai, Taxi was 10min late and then didn't know where the event was that they are a partner of... Not ideal
Like a kid at Christmas.. Unwrapping his present.. Waited a long time for these... RF Disc COA
My next #trinomictuesday shoe.. You know you love your own brand when you pairs 3 pairs in 1 day... #SoleDXB kicking off
This is how we dropping SELECT product... Limited pairs only available from these times.. Causing chaos #SoleDXB
Changes colour from purple to blue and a bit of green in the sun... Very cool... #SoleDXB
Container opening up soon.. #SoleDXB happening today and tomorrow come say hello
Soon it shall be mine... #SoleDXB
True story for me.. Week of anything that can go wrong will go wrong.. Hahaha
On way to do a @PUMA #FishtailDXB with the guys from @alifenewyork in dubai downtown.. Life could be worse.. Hahaa
There can only be one...
The birthday boys gives us all a gift on his birthday... @raouldejongh has me singing this all morning
Sea swim might be the best way to start your day.... So peaceful
Love getting back to my desk after a long day and finding some PUMA Schwag... XT2+ Snow Splatter Pack
Implemented new policy at work this week.. Simple and easy to understand