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Collin Allin
If you start the day with a double Turkish coffee you know it's going to be s long day
7 years ago today according to FB.. 70.3 World Champs.. Still fit into same suit... Hahaha #mydubai
Needles in ones glute can leave one feeling rather strange....getting old isn't for sissies
Another pic from my solo adventure this morning with MJ.. Love being in big open spaces.. Miss nature so much.. As an African it's in my blood #mydubai
I cannot connect to Xbox live as no internet connection and won't start black ops 3 without ?? HELP @ATVIAssist
First official @APPLEOFFIClAL store in Dubai and when I walked in with issue guy said can't help u book appointment in 4 days ? really ??
MJ + Jebel Jais = Huge smile on my face.. Switch back time trail.. Rear sliding out around corner sh** , so much fun... Sun rise on top was special....
Wise words Eddy.. Got some long solo soul rides coming up... Circles turning circles
Work all day,3hr flight to Saudi into meeting hotel by 12pm, back at airport at 3am, fly at 5am and land and go straight into sell in again
This tweet taking place from an airplane.. Hahaha... @emirates wifi rocks...
Love getting a shoebox left on my desk saying NO SOCIAL media until the launch next week at @SoleDxb ... Hahahah
Sometimes you point and shoot your phone for 1 sec and get something awesome.. This is the sun setting on another day in this strange city #mydubai
If this doesn't make u smile then so I even know you ? Hahaha , taking it old school on the way to work this morning.. So good, go have a listen again today #mydubai
Well done you biscuit... @james_reid01 , mad love bro... Stoked for you
New James Bond is very average... Disappointed to say the least
Rolling old school Mostro today , paying homage to the shoe which rocked the late 90's #shoeporn #mydubai #pumalife
I love this so much.... Be that warrior…
Circles turning circles with good mates in the sand... Great way to start the day... #mydubai #blackspaderacing
I'm kind of obsessed with good Turkish coffee at the moment... #justsaying
Snapped while on run this morning, this city is crazy looking #mydubai
This made me laugh so much this morning... You know why.... Hahaha #mydubai
First Olympic distance Tri race in about 5 years on limited training.. What could possibly go wrong ??? Hahahah
@puma Eskiva is coming.. Watch this space... #shoeporn
Facebook reminded me of how rad I was 4 years ago.. Hahaa #mydubai #bikeporn
Finally home, no luck with flights this trip, held on landing for 1hr and then came into land and took off again just above runway...scary
After missing flight yesterday arrived early to fly home to be told delayed and have 4hr wait and will arrive home at 2am now what a vibe
Never seen this, we trying to find a customer in a mall and there is a 3D walk option ... I know it's simple but it's RAD... Well played Saudi ...
Current state of mind..
When u up at 4am again , 2nd day in a row to catch another flight and ur taxi driver gets lost and you miss your flight...Ja That...
Hey Ho, Hey Ho it's off to Saudi Arabia I go... Interesting country to spend time in
15 hr work day not for sissies , if I had a pillow here at desk I might go to sleep... Corporate work not for sissies
Last pics from weekend... She is almost 20 years old but Lola still gets my heart racing... Dirty fast, keep frontal area small.. Aero rocks.. #mydubai #bikeporn
A dirty fast pic of me racing 60km TT solo on weekend... Still hurts as much as I remember #mydubai #bikeporn
View from Gym floor this morning, what does ur view look like ? #mydubai
Don't get stuck in a box, so much more on the outside, come play with us #mydubai
Arrived at @hiltondoha and rooms that we have booked and paid for aren't available anymore and we need to move hotels after a 18hr day...
Thanks Kuwait... Next stop Doha...
Today I wake up in Dubai, spending the day in Kuwait and will go to sleep in Qatar.. Just an example of how crazy life gets here
Just under R6000 for 35min at dentist to fix broken tooth from yesterday.... Daaaammmmm, maybe we chose the wrong profession
Broke my tooth training tonight when I ate a berry bar... Not a vibe and now the admin nightmare starts.... FML
This really made me laugh and also because it was true.. Moms are the best #mydubai
Pro cyclists complaining in Abu Dhabi because it was close to 40deg today.. Should of been here when it was over 50deg, we still rode
Another 3hrs of my life I can never get back spent in applying for a visa at a embassy, curse of the Green Mumba
Dragging urself out of bed at 4am to go and ride in the dark, remembered to charge battery for light but then left in table... Ja.. That
I live on 35th floor but today it looks like I live on top of the clouds... Creepy #mydubai
Seems like a bargain if anybody is looking ?? At least they not hosting it... Hahahaa #mydubai
Awesome sea swim to start the day, now operation bacon begins.. Only thing missing was @PhilSwim
Still smiling from the amazing ride, 25km climb, solo starting in the dark, watched sun rise over mountains.. Life was simple circles turning circles #mydubai @blackspaderacing aero bike was also amazing
#brocode rule no.1 : A bro is always keen.. #switchbackdoping this morning with 2436m of elevation in 49km, took me 95min up and 36min down... So RAD #mydubai
Off to ride the Alp D Huez of the Middle East.. 2.30am wake up call better be worth it...

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