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Things I Must Do Before Writing a Paper
The more stressed I am, the worse my diet is
*takes Adderall* *viciously creeps Facebook for 8 hours and learns nothing*
Do you ever have such an overwhelming amount to do that all you can manage is curling up taking a nap?
Skipping class from the stress of skipping too many classes
Today feels like Monday 2.0
I am not ready for college to be over.
They get 'em started early in Wisconsin. Adorable toddler in a conundrum at the liquor store: #CTL
I feel like this week is a 100 foot tidal wave coming directly towards me and I am just sitting in a beach chair bracing myself
President of the ProscrastiNation
36,000 people ran a marathon this morning and I have spent the day eating enough food to feed my entire family for a week. #bostonmarathon
I need money, I don't need a job.
Happy Marathon Monday, Boston. We'll all be cheering for you today.
Mondays are like chugging from a water bottle and realizing it is room-temperature vodka
Dear Monday morning, I sincerely mean it this time- go fuck yourself.
Think of a number over one million: that's probably the number of calories I consumed this weekend
Jesus is back, let's party
Finally, I can stop pretending that I actually gave something up for Lent
Can I be the patron saint of Bloody Mary's?
Just got this text from my liver: "You promised me you'd change and you didn't. I am OUT."
Showing up hung over to Easter Mass. In related news, I just got a seat confirmation for my one way ticket to Hell
❒ In A Relationship ❒ Single ✔ Drunk
If you wanna be my liver, you gotta get with my vodka 🎶