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Starbucks barista: "What can I get for you today?" Me: "A life, a new brain, money.... all of the above? Nonfat."
I didn't choose the sober life. The sober life didn't choose me either
R.I.P. to my diet, cause of death: Halloween candy
For Halloween this year I'm going as a poor college student too in debt to afford a costume
Enter the #CTL Halloween Photo Contest. You could win a CTL Hoodie.
60% coffee, 40% adderall, and 0% ready for this exam
Official #CTL Halloween Photo Contest. Vote for the hot ones. Most votes wins a CTL Hoodie.
I can barely keep up with the Kardashians, how am I supposed to keep up with my own life?
Considering standing outside of the biology building with a dating resume because single and ready to date a future doctor.
Napping through class is basically multitasking
Get Slutty - - - > Official #CTL Halloween Photo Contest.
It will probably be 2020 by the time I'm over 1989.
There are 26 letters in the alphabet and I can't put any of them together to describe how much I hate school.
My guess is you're feeling pretty old right about now
Going to college is probably the most expensive way to become an alcoholic
The land of the free, and the home of those who drink lots of beer. #mericamonday #college #CTL
Halloween Picture Contest. Upload here . Most Likes wins a CTL Hoodie of choice.
Once I've started craving Chik-fil-a, I physically cannot focus on anything else
I'd like to thank high school for teaching me how to hate people
I wish my face was more selfie-friendly
"I just need to make it to the weekend" – Me, every Monday
There needs to be a day in between Sunday and Monday
Looking for someone who needs an excuse to not do their homework because I need that someone to go get me a pizza.
If it wasn't for my bank statement and picture on Facebook, I wouldn't even know that I went to formal this year.
Waking up and realizing you have leftovers of the food you drunk ordered is probably the closest you'll get to winning the lottery.
Nothing like a morning shower to wash away the regret of last night
Old enough to make the right decisions, young enough to make the wrong ones
If you don't look forward to drunk eating then you're not someone I want to be friends with.
Tailgating is the most appropriate way to day drink. #college #CTL
Life goals: to have a mind as open as a bar on a Saturday night.
Wishing I bought the Flamingo Frocket. Time to get another and use FROCKET at checkout to save $5.
If a girl goes to the gym and doesn't send a Snapchat of it, did she really work out?
Saturday was obviously created to catch up on the calories, sleep, and Instagram stalking you missed during the week.
Fireball is the official sponsor of me getting blackout drunk on Gameday
College football is great because who doesn't want to date an athlete and get drunk in a jersey.
It's a great day for a Gameday
This hangover feels a lot like the end of the world.
If you have Fireball, you also have a new best friend (it's me)
If you say that a perfect relationship can never exist then have no fear. Allow me to introduce you to my good friend, alcohol.
True Life: I'm always hotter on Fridays.
It's the freaking weekend baby I'm about to have me some rum
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