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Sunday: the time to plan out everything I need to do this week, that I won't end up doing
Catching up on sleep.... cya in 2020
I'm in a coffee state of mind.
I drink to make memories and then drink again to forget
My favorite drinking game is called "drink until I don't hate myself"
Meeting a guy and just knowing he's the type that has something random tattooed on his ass #CTL
Waking up after a post tailgate nap like what year is it, I want my mom
Getting so drunk you forget to go to the game
What rhymes with Saturday? Drunk.
Trash cans and hangovers are the only things you can expect on Saturday mornings. #college #CTL
Squad means family. Family means no one gets blackout without each other.
Chasing shots with Emergen-C because flu season
Parent’s Weekend: better food in the dining halls but you walk around seeing 50 year old versions of your classmates everywhere
It was a long bus ride and there is no room for judgement. #college #CTL
Teachers who schedule tests on Fridays deserve a karma bitch slap.
Rolling up to my 11 a.m. unsure of whether or not I'm still drunk #CTL
Sorry I'm late for class I was busy dreaming it was canceled.
When I'm drunk I don't slur my words, I speak in cursive
Haha yeah of course I'm wearing a braless dress in order to be sexy, I definitely wasn't just too lazy to put on a bra
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Taking awful cold medicine as a kid taught me how to take shots in college
If you're "not really a pizza person" then you're definitely not a me person
The amount of times I question "what am I doing with my life" on a daily basis is beginning to worry me.
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Finally worked out today. And by worked out I mean got out of bed before noon.
The best part of waking up is flipping over and going back to sleep
Do calories count if no one sees you eating them?
I feel more accomplished when I procrastinate in a library
My GPA needs Life Alert
I didn't think falling more in love with Netflix was possible but then they decided to get every episode of #Friends and now I'm a puddle
I wish professors knew the amount of fucks I don't give about their class #CTL
Joining a sorority was the best thing to ever happen to my Instagram
I didn't know that college would mean not showering for 3 days and highlighting more words than I know how to read, but yet here I am.
Postponing life for Harry Potter week.
Entering myself into the Witness Protection Program because my classes are out to get me.
For Halloween this year I'm going as broke
Why do good looks happen to bad people
Hellen Keller wrote 14 novels, I should be able to write a one page response paper
Raise your hand if 8ams have you feeling this type of way
I want to fall into a Chipotle food coma for 3 days but still be able to watch Netflix and lose 7 pounds. Is that too much to ask?
Nothing says fall like a selfie with a pumpkin, am I right?