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Pizza is my main bitch and my side bitch
Whoever gets the first drunk injury has to dd. May the odds be ever in your favor.
Wine flies when you're having fun #CTL
It's gonna take like 2 psychiatrists and a hypnotherapist to get the new Taylor swift song out of my head.
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To girls who workout in only a sports bra at the gym, get the fuck out, who do you even know here
There need to be designated napping areas on campus for awkward breaks between classes
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How do I uninstall ugly before class starts
E-mail reminders to purchase textbooks hurt my heart
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Shoutout to the guys who take home a puker like that is so brave.
Some people are very clear about what they want. #college #CTL
I can't just have one drink because my mom always taught me the more the merrier I'm just being polite.
My alcohol is the first thing I packed for school because it's the most important.
If I cared about anything as much as napping I could probably do some great things in life.
I've studied more for my fantasy football draft than I have for every final I've ever had combined
I wish there was a vending machine at work that handed out fucks to give because I'm fresh out.
Morning or death? Too close to tell.
Whys everyone so depressed about being single? we've got our whole lives to be making sandwiches for our husbands live it up
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Back to school drinking game: shot of fireball for every "reunited" caption on Instagram. See you next semester.
If you want to die a death induced by cuteness, go watch Ben Affleck's #ALSIceBucketChallenge
I cannot name one god damn time I was at the dentist and "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton didn't come on.
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Crazy doesn't just run through my family. It sprints.