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This workout feels a lot like it's not gonna happen.
I might be here physically but mentally I am sitting on a couch not wearing pants, watching a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon
I just wanna sleep till 12 and then go to the kitchen in my PJs and eat grilled cheese and then take 3 hours to get ready for happy hr.
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Advil is the real MVP.
Good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught
Remember, it's not alcoholism until you graduate
True friends play your pump up song during the pregame.
I'll give you a workout: get away from me as fast as you can.
If only I studied as much as I snack.
Real best friends know each other's Starbucks orders by heart
I don't know what I'm doing with my life but I just ordered some lunch so that's a start.
Me in the morning: it's freezing, I need 3 sweatshirts Me at noon: how did I end up on the surface of the sun
The difference between me and my coffee in the morning: it's hot. I'm not.
I put works well in groups on my resume because I have a lot of experience third wheeling.
Why can't all of my relationships be like the one I have with wine?
Pizza is a food group. Trust me, I'm a college student
Being a fuck buddy is great, unless you don't realize you are one.
1. Open fridge. Nothing to eat. 2. Open pantry. Nothing to eat. 3. Lower standards and repeat. #CTL
I wish college had coupons. Buy one semester, get one semester free
I wish I could make "becoming a MILF" my major
"Did you do the homework?" -Someone who obviously doesn't know me.
Welcome to college parking, where the rules are made up and the lines don't matter.
On my way to Pintere- I mean class.
Hi, I'll take a double whipped vanilla latte with a shot of help me, my life is a joke
Class times are like girls. You have to take an 8 to appreciate a 10.
College: 90% complaining about class, 9% going to class, 1% losing your fucking mind.
Today is #nationalguacamoleday but again, I just call this Tuesday
If I put bad by David guetta on enough times in a row senior year will come back right?!
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The closest I've gotten to working out this week is wearing Nike.
Why would anyone go big if you can go home, and nap
The difference between pizza and your opinion is no one wants your opinion.
Current status: zombie.
Not only did I get out of bed today, I also shaved my legs. So yeah, you could say I'm a real person
The messy bun is supposed to be effortless but yet here I am, 32 tries later.
Overtired and underprepared. #CTL
When you read the first few words of a text and can already tell that you literally can't even #CTL
Get rich or die trying to graduate from college
Hey, does anybody know how to write a paper and not sound like a total idiot?
walk into the gym like waddup I don't wanna be here