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Chris Collins
traveltravelling 566,360 followers
RT @MarioFFerri This is so cool.. boy we've come a long way @lenovo // We certainly have. #YogaTablet2Pro projector
.@Ryo: @lenovo Great idea. I'm afraid of the battery time though :) // Batter's good - 15hrs normal use, 3hrs on projector. #YogaTablet2Pro
#LenovoTakesLondon event revealed a #Yoga3Pro that could display at Tower of London with the Crown Jewels. @lenovo
RT @harveyjkaye We Americans should embrace our radical history via @BillMoyersHQ >
Sure, Paul. #LenovoTakesLondon event revealed #Yoga3Pro that could be put on display w/ Crown Jewels. @PaulBarrington
First Impressions: @lenovo shows the imitators how it’s done - again #Yoga3Pro > #india #delhi
RT @PaulBarrington: @lenovo When will the #Yoga3Pro be on sale in UK? // End of Oct is rollout I believe
MT @LenovoRU Как Эштону Катчеру удается все успеть за один день? #?????? #?????? #YogaTablet2Pro @lenovo
Thing about #YogaTablet2Pro projector tablet is it feels 1/2 as light as it looks. #home #movies @lenovo
RT @jessied44: @lenovo My Movie for simple reason I was born the day and in the city where it won Oscar :) Nice B'day
RT @Prsnnta: @lenovo Can't wait for what they will come up with next. Am pretty sure it will be no less than extraordinary.
No you're not gonna want to skip the #Yoga3Pro ultrabook. Design Team @lenovo rocked it =:-) @the_millcroft
Back from #LenovoTakesLondon event and here's a pic. Met great ppl @lenovo and others at product launch.
RT @lizifupiximo: Just had GREAT customer service from Julius @lenovo Case # 8003926552 I would buy Lenovo again just for that!
I have seen the new #Yoga3Pro ultrabook. 17% thinner, 14% lighter. @lenovo Design Team nailed it.
✈✈✈ #LenovoTakesLondon event was great fun. Met wonderful ppl. Witnessed launch of another iconic @lenovo device ➤
In 1703 a baker's apprentice fell in love and wanted to make an extravagant cake so he drew on St Bride's Church on Fleet St for inspiration
.@boldy1664 Nope but was @lenovo's #LenovoTakesLondon event. Found out layered cake was inspired by this church
Thing about #YogaTablet2Pro projector tablet is it feels 1/2 as light as it looks. #film #movies @lenovo
Have seen held new #Yoga3Pro ultrabook. 17% thinner, 14% lighter. Design @lenovo nailed it.
Thing about #YogaTablet2Pro projector tablet is it feels 1/2 as light as it looks. #film #movies @lenovo
Calling in my IOUs: Pls consider upgrading libraries' indie ebook catalog @kickstarter > @JukePopSerials
RT @VladoBotsvadze @lenovo Engineered by passion // Yes and interest in string of DeBeer diamonds ¤º°`°º¤ø♥ #Yoga3Pro
Yeah, @Prsnnta. Seems to me @lenovo's doing the innovating in tech, much like another brand years ago, and that's why I support them.
800 pcs of aluminum and steel make up intricate 'Watchband' hinge on @lenovo's #Yoga3Pro. Elegant rugged
I asked that very question @Prsnnta. They @lenovo execs said 'watchband' hinge was to make #Yoga3Pro thinner lighter plus keeping durability
Probably, @Prsnnta, Their reluctance into Touch makes me wonder tho. Seen held @lenovo's #Yoga3Pro. Design nailed it.
One thing abt projector #YogaTablet2Pro I haven't read, Pieter, is it feels 1/2 as light as it looks @pnooren @lenovo
Think I know some of that, Pieter. Rollout is now then #YogaTablet2Pro is everywhere by Oct end. Price $499 or equil usd. @pnooren @lenovo
RT @pnooren: Hi @lenovo - I need that new Yoga Pro 2 tablet w/ projector. What's the expected price availability in Singapore?
Calling in my IOUs for this one: Pls consider upgrading library's indie ebook catalog @kickstarter > @JukePopSerials
Haven't seen that no, @giimoozaabi. 'It's still a story without an ending.' @lenovo #Casablanca
It's a bit like that @CoolLoon2. In 2005 Lenovo bought IBM's ThinkPad line. I've been watching Casablanca on @lenovo's new #YogaTablet2Pro