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Chris Collins
traveltravelling 560,820 followers
RT @nighatdad A mother confronting flood from vulnerability to resilience. #PKfloods
RT @milkyblake @GhadaBhadweh god bless those who suffered so much. // Hear, hear.. #Gaza
Thanks, it's the morally correct thing to do. Good to hear from you. Stay well over there. @GhadaBhadweh #Gaza
Idea for my short story in @StockholmReview came to me reading Gish Jen's Who's Irish? in @NewYorker >
My short story in @StockholmReview takes place in China. Idea for it came to me reading Gish Jen's Who's Irish? >
Hi Lesley actually opposite's true. A Palestinian 6-yr-old today will have survived 3 Israeli massacres. Jul/Aug 490 didn't @llanirfreelance
'@Yahoo should be lauded for standing up to sweeping govt demands for customers’ private data' > @WIRED
My short story takes place not in #india but China. It's told in the narrative of a Chinese woman > @StockholmReview
RT @babu91_brijesh: @lenovo woo Nice Phone // Yes, it is.. ViBE X2 with battery + speaker dock Xtension
RT @DamianGorse Cruising at FL330 over the #Himalayas. Peaks look so close below us! #avgeek #boeing777
Y70 Touch – @lenovo’s first 17'' touch laptop is a high-performance touchscreen gaming notebook. #LenovoTweetouts
RT @lenovolive: @StRony @lenovo Jugal, great qn! It does come w/ optional optical drive. For availability in #india check with @Lenovo_in
RT @lenovolive #Y70 has latest @intel Core i7 processor, SSHD storage powerful @nvidia graphic cards #LenovoTweetouts
RT @StRony: @lenovolive @lenovo Is Y70 gonna b available in #india? does it have a optical drive? //
RT @lenovolive Sharing quick facts abt the #Y70 - ultimate gaming notebook PC announced last week. #LenovoTweetouts
In your research of screen estate, does the #VibeX2 come in at a desired size #LenovoTweetouts @lenovo @lenovolive
RT @lenovolive Great question! It's an easy snap-on case & connects via bluetooth - giving you up to 5 hours unplugged usage time :) // OK
How set in is the battery speaker dock as click-on Xtensions? @lenovo #VibeX2 @lenovolive #LenovoTweetouts
RT @lenovo Latest 4G LTE True8core processor, choice of vibrant colors & Xtension cases for more batt power hi-fi sound! Oops that's 3 // TY
It must be tough choosing a #smartphone. What's one benefit in jumping ship and getting an @lenovo #VibeX2? #LenovoTweetouts
RT @lenovo Chatting about VIBE X2 multi-layered #smartphone now at @lenovolive. Join us! //
RT @lenovo: WILDLY ORIGINAL #DESIGN can sometimes make us speechless. Learn more: #VibeX2
RT @lenovo IN 30MINS we chat abt VIBE X2 multi-layered #smartphone @lenovolive. Follow us & ask qns! #LenovoTweetouts
My short story takes place not in #india but China. It's told in the narrative of a Chinese woman > @StockholmReview
Hi no cross wasn't 2 lines but shape of a building in the sky - the sides were at perfect angles. @badersbusco #StrangestThing
RT @StockholmReview Have you read 's second issue? What did you think about it? This message will self-destruct.
Right we could not explain this. Cross in sky was big as skyscraper. It had perfect 90 degree angles. 10min later it dissipated @VladRaymond
Girlfriend saw it first. I saw cluster of odd colors. She said Not that, THAT. So I took in more of the sky and there it was. @gottasectech
Strangest thing I've seen traveling was in Phnom Penh about 5pm and it was a huge 3-D cross in the sky. Still can't explain it @Baddestboots
RT @UNRWA When kids in #Gaza go #backtoschool next week they'll still be living under blockade suffering its impact.
RT @floristschennai Florist chennai sends quality cakes, gifts, flowers in #Chennai #india
RT @doubleZY Begin with gratitude.
RT @ajaychandnat #Twitterversary i go to twitter far more often than facebook. cheers twitter!
My short story takes place not in #india but #china. It's told in the narrative of a Chinese woman > @StockholmReview
Thanks for the RTs this week! @MasqCrew via
My week on twitter: 143 Mentions, 662K Mention Reach, 247 Replies, 510 Retweets, 189K Retweet Reach. via
Writer & book editor. Lapsed academic. 'The Americans: A Novel' (Fourth Estate @HarperCollinsIN 2014). #greatbio Pls Fllw @CViraraghavan
Here's what $100 is worth in each US state > via @kevinashort @HuffPostBiz