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Colishia S. Benjamin
Those people that are always so self-assured? They likely have these habits:… by @StephanieVozza via @FastCompany
Why Does ISIS Drive So Many Toyota Vehicles? Treasury Department Launches Investigation
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Leadership is the art of giving people a platform for spreading ideas that work. - Seth Godin #leadfromthefront #startups
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Donald Trump is hitting on core issues that concern
"The LORD hasn't lost his powerful strength; he can still hear and answer prayers." Isaiah 59:1 CEV
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When you don't have an answer ... don't give one.
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If You’re A Writer, You Need To Follow These 12 Twitter Accounts | The Writer's Circle via @Po_st
Obama go with your instincts Putin is not to be trusted.
Positive thinking fuels my self-esteem.
If your soul is in great torment call out to Jesus, suicide should never be an option.
Having compassion for those who are less fortunate can end homelessness in America.
I don't care what type of habit a person has, there is no exscuse for them to be homeless in LA or anywhere. via @AOL
Be at peace tonight knowing that Heaven is holding conversations about you. Angels have been assigned to you. God is working for you.
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The Six Essential Habits of Highly Successful Screenwriters:
THE GAMBLERS - a thriller about Lottery money, friendship, love & trust #ASMSG #pdf1 #iartg
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Donald Trump's Phone Call with Hillary Clinton via @YouTube
This is so inhumane. Disturbing video shows refugees being fed 'like animals': via @AOL
American Most Terrifying Weapons Technology in Future - New Documentary ... via @YouTube
America Future Military Secrets Weapons #Mind Blow Full Documentary via @YouTube
The U.S. Has No Defense Against A Russian Nuclear Attack. Really. via @Forbes
I believe China and Russia is backing North Korea to war with the US. I have a bad feeling about this. It might be an ambush.
Pouring your heart out to Jesus is therapy to your soul.
Bishop T.D. Jakes Full Sermons : Reel It In Don't Settle 2014 via @YouTube
As Americans would we even know how to survive if America was set on fire? Every American need a survival plan kit prepared just in case.
The American people need to start getting serious about this country when they attack us it's going to be from the inside out with fire.
Why are all these foreigners (mostly muslims) buying American gas stations? The US homeland security don't see a problem with that? WOW!
The working class in America is suffering everything is going up except for minimum wage. This race is about the people taking America back.
Donald Trump is right about two things the US need to stop sending our jobs over seas and they need to do something about border control.
Donald Trump Interviews Himself In the Mirror via @YouTube
Иисус любит те которые ненавидят его и прощает тем которые ненавидят другие. Иисус абсолют.
سوع حالة حبّ أنّ الذي يكرهه وهو الhealer من كلّ خطيئة.
Why would anybody wear the Baphomet symbol? Do you know what this symbol represents? Jesus is the only Absolute.
Have you enjoyed a good indie book? A review will encourage indie authors to keep producing good books. #RRBC
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This time next year I want to have the #1 reality show on TV and a hit movie under my belt. I'm putting it out there in the universe.
I'm in the works of pitching a (family oriented) reality show called "The Dixon's" to TLC network. I'm very excited about that.
I'm working on my script "The Cry" I have 40 pages left. I'm excited about this movie script. It's my first professional script as a writer.
The law of persuasion is a powerful tool when it comes down to politics.

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