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Colin Hanks
Maybe the best junk email I've received.
Thanks for all the kind tweets last night. Much fun was had.
Sorta feels like it
I’ve been hiding in Hollywood waiting for @aaronpaul_8 to come bring me Breaking Bad stuff. Starting to think I am doing this wrong
Had to pick this up: Desert Sessions Vol. 5. 10" clear vinyl.
3rd generation black laces transfer complete. 1st generation @stancesocks for the finish.
@rejectedjokes: Simpsons Live Feed Starts now on” a handy companion!
@homenotalone: Rainy day, empty house and rewatching entire @FargoFX. Perfect day. Thanks @ColinHanks and @Allison_Tolman.” HYDRATE!!
Post-production on "All Things Must Pass" is well under way!
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The thing about Lost in Translation: when it came out I related to Bob a little more than Charlotte. Now more so. It's like a new movie
The new PRIMUS book is essential reading before you see #Primus again. It's out 9/16, but get an @iBooks sneak peek:
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drive safely kids
Watch Foo Fighters hit the road in trailer for 'Sonic Highways'
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Totally forgot Amy Smart was in Starship Troopers #DoYouWantToKnowMore
Last time I took a test was probably in college. So, as you can imagine, I’m really nervous I’m gonna fail this smog test I’m about to take
Reminder to those seeing THE ONE I LOVE this weekend... the reviews are starting to reveal the secrets. Don't read! Come in blind!
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Okay then! Fall season of @wits! We begin at the GUTHRIE THEATER in MINNEAPOLIS on 9/28 with @ColinHanks and Father John Misty!
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Looking forward to seeing
For those claiming to not be interested in "viral buckets of ice", you could always check out @DropInTheBucket and donate to that cause.
Per usual, Dave Grohl and the @foofighters find a way to crush the #ALSIceBucketChallenge. Awesome.
Web Trolls Winning as Incivility Increases
ALS has impacted many lives, including mine. Join me in supporting @alsassociation in creating a world without ALS!
Well done @ryankalil. Way to take it up a notch!
.@dustinbrown23 I accept your challenge. I will donate 100 dollars to I nominate @richeisen, @sophiabush and @ryankalil #alsa #icebucketchallenge
Damn. Just re-watched Dogtown & Zboys last week. Jay Adams was the genuine article. #RIPJayAdams
"As you can tell from my haircut, I am a Thundercat." - @cameronesposito isn't afraid to rock a side-mullet. #CONAN
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Tool's Danny Carey will fill in for Primus drummer Tim Alexander at select shows. Read Les Claypool's statement:
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For a good time see The One I Love with @MarkDuplass & Elizabeth Moss. READ NOTHING ABOUT IT BEFORE YOU SEE IT then enjoy the hell out of it
@SFGiants: Jake Peavy earns his first win as a Giant” Been waiting for this #tinyguitarsolo thru a Peav(e)y Amplifier!!!!
For his 75th birthday, my father-in-law, wanted to have another one of his scotch whiskey tastings from his collection. Done! Happy Birthday!
I'm trying hard not to think about the demons that brought him down, but all the demons he overcame to make us laugh.
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When have 2 small children you tend not to hear about things until the day after. Like Supermoons and Paul McCartney at Dodger Stadium.
This is my "I'm a grown ass man and I'm on summer vacation" look.
This article about indoor agriculture in Japan (using GE LED lights) is absolutely fascinating…
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One of my all time favs! Professed my love to every cast member except "Guy": 'Galaxy Quest': The Oral History
6:47 am: 3 old hit in the head 3 times with a maraca wielded by the 1 year old. Luckily there were no tears but lawsuit is pending
Today would have been MCA's 50th birthday...RT Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch: Our Ambassador From Atlantis | The Nation…
A Honeycomb Hotel Made for Music Festivals | Design | WIRED…
@Got_a_Girl not your typical Hollywood musical marriage on Weekend All Things Considered @M_E_Winstead @nprmusic
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Only took about 20 seconds of listening to the new @M_E_Winstead and @dantheautomator project "Got A Girl" to know I was IN. dig it!