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Colin Hanks
Today has been a bit of a blur, but it was an honor to have been able to drop the puck at the @LAKings game today #bucketlist
When I asked Siri one of the “21 Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do” questions Siri sent me links to articles about “21 Things…
All right everybody, it’s Friday! And you know what that means?! It means it’s Friday
@UniqueLA: It’s like whoever designed this really knew me… Perfection right?!? #nike #naps #narcolepsy” awesome
Staying in tonight? Why not tune into The @ComedyBangBang TV program? Hell, it returns tonight! 11pm on @IFC. #cbbtv
It’s not even noon yet and you could argue that I’ve already eaten three meals today
From who might've played Stringer Bell to a potential Season 6, here are 10 things we learned at #TheWire reunion:
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Celebrating tonight by watching @JRoddyBusiness absolutely slay the Troubadour.
LA - you ready?! Roddy & The Biz headline @theTroubadour tonight
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Now that the cat is out of the bag I can confirm a little House Bunny reunion
Exciting guest cast news! @ColinHanks & Beverly D’Angelo will appear on @MomCBS this season:
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Well done @SFGiants! Well done indeed! Now, everybody #TinyGuitarSolo
Hey guys, I started #TinyGuitarSolo so that other people would also take pics. Not just me.
Photo: How is it that I am only now hearing about this?
Well done @SFGiants! Well done indeed!
The morning after a win on Monday Night Football seems like an opportune chance to bust out the coolest 49er jacket on earth: the Levi Denim Varsity Jacket
Well done @SFGiants! Well done indeed!
Have you heard of the hot new public tv show Mathing Rainbow? It's on this week's show w @ColinHanks @HarMarSuperstar & @fatherjohnmisty
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If you're anything like me you've had the CHiPs theme song stuck in your head for, only like 20, 30 years. That's all
Five years ago I filmed inside an exhibit at the Omama Zoo that we doubled for parts of Hawaii. #OmahaMagic
TRUTH!!! Is Bruce Bochy One of the Best Managers in Baseball History? (Yes. Here’s Why.)…
Jan Hooks always made me laugh. always.
I wonder if Tigra and Bunny from L'trimm still like "The Cars that go Boom" or if they grew out of that phase.
Pretty sure social media is made of the negative ooze that powered the forces of evil in ghostbusters two.
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The Stanley Cup made one hell of an entrance. #BannerNight #GKG
"Red Hot" By Robert Gordon & Link Wray
Very honored to have created a new segment of the @RichEisenShow called #FaceTimeRich. Okay, his parents created it. But I'm still honored
My #SFGiants are headed back to the NLCS and my #LAKings raise their Stanley Cup Champion banner to the rafters tonight. I'm one happy fan
Well done @SFGiants!!! Well done indeed! #NLCSAgain
Gutted I missed @lordemusic last night at the Greek.
This was the first photo shoot I ever did. I've been afraid of V-Necks ever since. #RememberRoswell
15 years ago, on Oct 6th 1999, Roswell premiered and changed my life. Thanks to all the people who tuned in over the years #RememberRoswell
World's first sports stock market. Trade your favorite teams. You win when they win! Get it FREE: #SPORTSFOLIO
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My phone tried to auto correct “Macgruber” to “Mâché über”. Stupid phone.
VIDEO: Chiefs' rookie LB Dee Ford wants nothing to do with 49ers RB Frank Gore
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Let’s be honest: when Ray Parker Jr. said “Busting makes me feel good” he was NOT talking about ghosts.
Well Done @SFGiants! Well done INDEED!…Almost doesn’t even do that win justice…
18 innings. 18 innings! Who woke up this morning saying “Let’s play two!”?
Well this #SFGiants baseball game sure is interesting…