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Cole M. Sprouse
virgin airline is like that friend you know who's tryin SO hard to be cool. It's like, chill man, you're an airline.
"My wife left me, she said I was a cold spouse." #MeIn20years
Lets not just "forget" how horrible Columbus was because we get a day off. #ColumbusDay #EndColumbusDay
Worrying about #Ebola might just be the most appropriate way to celebrate #ColumbusDay.
at your local party like "yo where are your pets?"
Does tumblr still hate me?
Shout out to the guy next to me eating chips like a badger. You look like a bird swallowing a fish. #EveryOneCanHearYou #YoureInTheLibrary
getting my link costume ready for Halloween... #LegendOfZelda
I wish I had the ability of some of the NYU students- to sleep without shame in the public library.
Scooby groubies- the uber Scoobert fandom
Scoobert doo. Scooby's actual, full name and legal title. #WeveAllBeenLiedTo #TheFormalUsted #ScoobertDoobertDoo
I know you guys like my instagram but don't get me wrong, you try to take a sneaky're a weird person.
Jesesi Christine. Jessie Christie. Juicy Crust. #PraiseBeUntoThee
That feeling when you get asked to take a picture right as you search Moseby into google images.
I think we need this type of punctuation-A question comma, a quoma. Ex: What am I to you (quoma) chopped liver?
.@dylansprouse you're that kid that swims with his shirt on
why the hell would I attend a one direction concert?
Senior year is a good year to grow out my unibrow
Whoever writes in the rented hardback library books...die
Check out my interview on - acting, archaeology, photography, and more- courtesy of good ole Tim
How about the posting of someone's naked pictures without consent is considered a criminal offense in ALL states?…
Still have more followers than Hitler, life is gut.
If you were that kid that ran with your arms fully extended backwards like sonic the hedgehog...I like you.
Who's going to win custody of the #tanuki? Stay tuned~
I think I may be obsessed with this #tanuki.
"what do you shoot?" "Oh you know, semi-pornographic shots of women in high exposure." "DUDE THATS CRAZY, ME TOO" -90% of male photographers
You know when I get back to LA I'm gettin bloody marys @MiddleBarLA
Can someone help me tell my brother and I apart? I can't.
The line between #CulturalRespect and #CulturalAppropriation is thin. It's best to be invited to participate in another culture's rituals.
You wanna come over for dinner? I hope you like cold sprouts. It's all I eat.
Every time I travel, I try to make sure I catch lots of bugs for my museum. #AnimalCrossing code: 4300-2176-0454
Caught up with a deer old friend in Nara #Japan today! Always such a riot that guy!
"I love dogs. I have a dog whose same is Chappy. She is and 2years old. Her face is very cute like a baseball." Your fan- Misato
To all my Japanese fans I'd just like to say: ~Thank~
We had been contacted by extraterrestrials, one representative from earth was chosen to speak through a single, enlighted comment: "first"
Please, call me by my formal Japanese name: Carru Supurasu
What a great birthday night. If you wanna have fun, hire some clowns and go out drinking. People will stare, but when don't they?
You guys know it's just Dylan's birthday right?
Yes @BarackObama and I have the same birthday, were twins! He's older by 15 minutes and let me tell you, he reminds me about it. #OhBrother
While I do love being called "The Cole Train," I don't think my voice can take anymore hooting like a locomotive in public. #NoShame