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Cole M. Sprouse
comedy actor walt disney television 1,142,130 followers
"Yes hi, we'd like the same coffee, the same meal, and we'd like to split the check please." ~Dylan and I, trying not to act like twins.
Do yourself a massive favor and watch one of my all time favorite films, #TheAdventuresOfBaronMunchausen, while it's still on netflix.
Back 2 Japan in August! Tokyo, Kyoto, Okayama, Fukuoka, Kagoshima, Okinawa and more. To apply:…
The Street Life of Shaq and Kobe.
Goin to the #LOJ2014 #masquerade tonight. All dressed up as a witch hunter with the Dwarven partner, beware heretics.
"For, indeed, who is there alive that would not be swayed by his bias and partiality to the place of his birth?" #JonathanSwift #4thofJuly… When the pope publicly denounces you, it may be time to recognize your capacity for evil. #NotEvenReligious #ButDamn
Do you think Macy Gray can ascend like Gandalf? #MacyTheGray > #KillsBalrog > #MacyTheWhite ? #ImportantQuestion
I know I don't update @camera_duels enough, I will soon. In the mean time, check out @sprousemasterworks or @olekingcoleprouse #instagram
Found my favorite picture a person has ever taken with me.
Warmth, the hat gives it. Playfulness, the tongue alludes to it. Maliciousness, the eyes portray it.…
Most posts on #americanproblemsnight are really cute. BUT, let's focus on #realUSproblems: a huge class divide, monopolies, and the 1%.
#womenaretoohardtoanimate? Thats ok #Ubisoft, women are hard to animate when you've never seen one. #MaskingMisogyny
#Instagram is a confusing place, and I'm only making it more confusing. I have #another brand new satire account: @SprouseMasterworks
Only good part about all the babies in #MarioKart8 is that I get to destroy all the babies in MarioKart8. #BabyRosalina? #GettingAbsurd
just got an all white outfit...already feelin like colonel sanders. #NOTAGOODTHING #IMADOITTHOUGH #LookForTheGuyWhoLooksLikeAStreetLamp
If you don't know about the videogame #BlackDesert yet, you should. It looks amazing and you know I'll be playing it. Awesome Korean MMORPG.
I know some of you guys may like my new hair cut, but don't get too attached. I plan on growing it out asap.