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I hate being a #gay #lgbt #rapper. If only I were straight and #hetero Id rap about bitches hoes drugs money & shooting people all day long.
Green tea drunk. Its the way to go #lgbtq #gay #rapper
I thinkfrom now on that I should affix thehashtags #gay #rapper #lgbtq to all my tweets.Jusso someone will find me & be amused by my moniker
My goal is to lose 80 lbs in 8 months so im getting (green)tea drunk all day long. I weigh a whopping 240 rite now. The fattest #gay #rapper
Life with a "boy dick": interviews with four small-penis havers
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:P I need to go back to my Tool meditation...
And even still no one pays attention to my damn tweets. Here I have the most interesting freaking account on all of twitter and...crickets.
Yes.You read that correct. I just openly admitted that I'm on SSI. And I'm a rapper. Here on live Twitter. I dont front & lie lik all u mcs
Really hope i get my welfare check this wee---oh yeah im a rapper, i gotta LIE and say 'i got hella dough' bc those without $ are 'pussy'
Listening and meditating to Tool's Anaema album. Midnight... had a nice day today, save for the shit pissing...that no one here paid attn to
I got personal letters from rocnation, Warner music group & many more and guess what they ain't offering nothing I can't do on my own!
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Shes my idol i wanna be black too QT @ObiWanKenobl: #News NAACP Figure Set to Discuss Her Race - New York Times
Where the hell did all the dickpics go
Look i know the supernatural is something that isnt supposed to happen but it does happen.
Np: Astro Creep 2000.
LMGAO QT @JustGrinNBareIt: I saw this homosexual guy crying yesterday, and Bruh got mad af at me when I asked him if he was straight.
(Bump) ;D QT @cockydahomomc: β€œ@the_pFs: @cockydahomomc Send me the address to send it to :)” oh you rule. Check ur dm
The Type O album's almost done. Now wtf should i listen to?
Perhaps everyone said 'fuck it' and are reading better gay rappers' feeds stead of mine. There should be a GLAAD award for loneliest fag...
I guess Im not so controversial anymore lol...
Maybe i should apply some #hashtags such as #lgbt and #gay also #rap and #hiphop for me to get some kinda activity goin on in my feed...smh.
Ideally, I wish my twitter was blowiing up rite now. But I dont see that happening today. I posted a picture of my shit earlier and crickets
Listening to Type O that black, black mood today.
Still waiting on some $ before i drop the new music video. Unlike all other mc's, I admit my brokeness.
I should be embarassed by all the shit (figuratively AND literally) i posted today but im not. I amuse myself in my sickness. Im a sick man.
A day in the life of cocky da homo mc. Leg falling asleep and pissing out my ass.
Not that anyone needs to see this but heres proof. Lol im fucked up hella
Haha aint nobody reading these tweets anyway lol
Not that anybody needed 2 kno that. But shit my leg fell asleep again. Im on the toilet And to make shit worse i just pissed out my ass!
Sittin on the toilet i just pissed out of my ass lol i guess i had too much coffee lol im a gangsta rapper pissin out my ass smh
Nothing annoys me more than someone who THINKS they've got me all figured out. You don't know shit. πŸ™…βœ‹πŸ˜’
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Im so fuckin gangsta on twitter but in real life my leg just fell asleep and i cant move it cuz im afraid of da pins and needles feelin LOL
Damn yo. Fetty wap my shit. Every song is classic. I know the stuck-in-the-90s ppl hate him. So yall can bump Cry Harder instead aight?
Fetty Wap my new shit. Now this dude every song is catchy as fuck @fettywap
I really hope aint nobody readin these tweets lol Im talking about wishing people dead and shit. Im half ashamed, half dun give a fuck
Its sick and shit. I know. But IM sick. I'm ill as fuck. Lyrically and mentally. Ha
Im not saying im gonna go kill someone. But i find it okay to wish for purely evil people's demise sometimes. Jus dont let it consume me.
I hope he dies. No beef but two timing two faced sociopaths dont deserve to exist. He's not human. He is just walking flesh. No beef tho.
Im next up at bat after Fetty Wap finishes his run. So jo's gonna be kicking himself for ever fucking with me. I hope he'll commit suicide.
We parted ways and im extremely happy about that. I hope to never speak to him again.
Honestly dont know why im still bringing him up. I was simply just using him as an example of a fake person. I couldnt care less about him
Just do you. I do me. I keep shit simple. I just do me and what i like. However i will call you out if youre a fake person. Like josef.
Those cats with strong wills know that you only get 2 where you wanna go if you focus on yourself and not the world & all bad ppl around u.
If you fuck wit me (in a bad way) i'll just ignore you til you fade away into obscurity. Focusing on enemies is a trait of the weakwilled.
I dont beef with anyone cuz im not like that in real life. Im a peace maker. My rap persona real not fake thats why i dont beef.

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