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Here's the link to the new Cocky da Homo MC aka Cockaveli music video THE CONTROVERSIAL NEW ANTHEM
No need for me to talk about it, I just be about it
Got Cocky fans all the way in India...gotttdamn!
In the process of recording an enormous amount of material for release in 2016. Writing new stuff seemingly every day.
#new #name #same #controversy
Cocky announces new alias for use strictly for radio & collaborations with major artists @DoctorSue @JoeSchmoeVideos
Cocky da Homo MC & TK Escobar go in on J Cole 'Wet Dreamz' Beat
I liked a @YouTube video from @cockydahomomc Cocky da Homo MC & TK Escobar go in on J Cole 'Wet Dreamz' Beat
Yeah... #gay #gayrapper #lgbt #lgbtq #pride #dick #twink
Stick a vegetable up my ass also. Cucumbers, carrots. Bananas too. But sometimes the shit gets stuck and breaks up there half way.
I suck a nasty dick too. Slurping and shit.
I wanna suck a dick, fuck a clit bitch. All y'all str8 dudes can go lick pussy all you want. Jus don't get in b/w me and a smooth cut cock.
It's depressing no? I mean I just try to stay away from it. But the stupidity is out of control. Ppl should havta take an IQ test to rap.
Rap is a joke. Gay rap is a joke. Fake fake fake. Frauds everywhere. There's only like 2 other rappers besides me that I know are real.
The games gotten so fake and full of shit, there's becoming no possible way to discern the real from the frauds. Esp in gay rap circles.
I've heard a rapper in a line say "go deliver my pizza" as though his ass ain't broke and working a 9-5. These rappers are fake af.
But I'm happy and I'm satisfied. I couldn't ask for a better following than the one I got.
Being "hungry" is for the weak. Slaves never dream of being free, they instead dream to be king. Trapped forever in a never ending cycle.
Truth be told I like doing what I do. I don't need or want anymore fans or press or buzz than I already got, I'm happy, I'm satisfied.
People need da Homo MC cuz if I called it quits ppl'd be on me like WHERES COCKY WE NEED COCKY BACK!!! So I stay in this game like an idiot.
By the end of the year I want to have at least 2 CD-Rs worth (160 min) of new material for future release. I'm gonna be getting my #2Pac on.
Cocky da Homo MC talks recording new material in August 2015…
People keep complaining that hip hop these days is crap, and yet they refuse to listen to MY stuff. #rapperproblems
AU's Ende Records has released their latest compilation LP which includes a Cocky Da Homo MC bside SEALING THE EAST.…
#lgbtrights a word by gay rapper Cocky da Homo MC #itgetsbetter
I'm literally old news. I just got away with racist and homophobic statements on Twitter....and I'm a gay rapper.
Tasted like chocolate.
I tossed Havoc of Mobb Deep's salad once.
No one fucking reads my shit I can get away with anything!
I want Rick Santorum to rape me. In my sleep.
Kill the gay man.
I'm glad Biggie Smalls died, thank god it wasn't me.
I'm sexually attracted to Trayvon Martin.
The only good homosexual is a dead one.
I'm just gonna keep posting shit until someone notices
I wonder if anyone reads this feed lol
Cocky da Homo is the abject end of hip hop.
I'm not here to chase dreams. I'm here to annul them. #cryharder
You'll always be poor and destitute. You deserve that. Welcome to hell.
You'll never make it. You know who I'm talking to. Yeah, you. You don't have a chance.
You will always lose, ye that puts himself under law. If you want to be famous and make it big, you'll #NEVER be famous and make it big!
I don't ever want to "make it big." No. What I put out is more important than fame. Fuck going viral. I'm going antiseptic.
You aren't an artist if your goal is to become famous. That's ass backwards. People should be famous BECAUSE of the quality of their art.

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