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Coca-Cola Racing
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There are only 8 more Sundays until race day @DISupdates! #RoadToDaytona
When #CocaColaRacingFamily members have snow-days, do they go outside and make snow figure-eight-gels?
You know it’s off-season when you start considering the aerodynamics of your children's sled. #OffseasonStories
If we named one of our stock cars “Rudolph,” do you think Santa would take it for a spin?
Dashing through the snow, in a 800-horsepower stock car. #NASCARChristmasCarols
RT if you never get TIRE-d of the holiday spirit. #NASCAR
You know it's the off-season when Sundays are spent perfecting your Coke-Bot. #OffseasonStories
RT if you already know that there are only 63 more days until the #Daytona500! #RoadToDaytona
DYK that the #CocaColaRacingFamily members have a combined 110 career #NASCAR Cup wins? Don't act like you're not impressed ;-)
When #TonyStewart next gets behind the wheel for his next Cup race, it will be career start 522! #TriviaTuesday #SmokeWillRise
#TriviaTuesday Hint: When #TonyStewart makes his next Cup start he'll have >500 & <550 career starts. What will his total be? #SmokeWillRise
When #TonyStewart makes his first start next year, how many career Cup starts will he have made? #TriviaTuesday #SmokeWillRise
You know it’s the offseason when you spend Saturday looking forward to Sunday, in February.  #OffseasonStories
What do you think is the perfect holiday gift for the #CocaColaRacingFamily fan in your life?
RT if turning left makes you nostalgic for race day. #NASCAR
Extra #TriviaTuesday points to everyone who caught that it isn't 2014 yet :-) So who were our 2013 #CocaColaRacingFamily pole winners?
No #TriviaTuesday hints today - Which 4 #CocaColaRacingFamily members were pole winners in 2014? #NASCAR
4 #CocaColaRacingFamily members were pole winners in 2013. Who were they? #TriviaTuesday