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Cobra Blade
Just saw Escape Plan, awesome movie @TheSlyStallone @Schwarzenegger
I liked a @YouTube video ASUS Routers - Download Master Tutorial 1
Unlock Chicago on your GamePad with #WatchDogs on Wii U! Available November 20. ||
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I juts find it funny the Xbone has been out almost a year and still hasn't surpassed Wii U, yet there are no doom and gloom articles.
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We're looking forward to "reVamping" #NightTrap in glorious HD! Thanks to those who have already lent their aid at….
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I liked a @YouTube video E.T. "The Worst Game Ever" (Zero Punctuation)
Kurt and Courtney by @nickbroomfield1 is a fascinating watch. Especially seeing just how much power @Courtney has in silencing the media.
Toys has long been my all time favourite movie. Thank you @robinwilliams for it and everything else. Rest in peace, you will be missed.
Having difficulties reading people's facial expressions? Then FaceForward by @IanTrudel may be for you.
My favourite album ever created would have to be Cyberpunk. Nothing comes close. So thank you @BillyIdol for such an amazing work of art!
I liked a @YouTube video Honest Trailers - Godzilla (1998)
I liked a @YouTube video Billy Idol - Adam in Chains
Soulless review by ShineApp - Soulless is an interesting 2D platform game, a game designed for MAC OSX and...
I rated The Transformers: The Movie 8/10 #IMDb
I liked a @YouTube video from @CGRundertow CGR Undertow - MARIO KART 8 review for Nintendo Wii U
Hit by a red shell right in front of the red shell sign. How cool is that? #WiiU #MK8
I liked a @YouTube video Night Trap Documentary
I liked a @YouTube video Wii U - Devil's Third E3 2014 Trailer
Gee, I'm so glad @twitter change its layout to this mess. I mean who wants something that is easy and practical when it can be made a chore.
Salvaged is a prefect fit for Wii U.… Surprised it hasn't gotten more coverage @vooksdotnet @nintendolife @wiiudaily
Hi Europe, I just want to issue a formal apology from all of us in Australia for that... whatever it was. #SBSEurovision #Eurovision
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I liked a @YouTube video Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Review
If it bugs you that 2K has axed online services for #NBA 2K13 on Wii U, why not give my post a yeah over on…
Damn, was really hopping Cult County would get funded... But that looks kinda impossible at this stage.…
Hours left for Hex Heroes. Forget the crappy graphics and just think of how much fun it'll be to play with friends!…
Forget Candy Crush Saga, and give Rage of the Immortals a go. It's free and you can add me as an ally with this code ZHV-MDD-DHB
The #Soulless Facbook page is just under 30 likes away from 1000!
Here is a quick tip, know how iTunes stopped being user friendly? Click "View" and select "Show Sidebar". There you go, fixed.
If you happen to play Rage of the Immortals, my friend code is ZHV-MDD-DHB
Only one week to go and just around 50% of their goal reached... will we see Hex Heroes?…
EXCLUSIVE: 'Biggest Loser' Creator to Bring New Wrestling Venture to TV
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Hard to believe and very saddening. One of my favourite wrestlers, @UltimateWarrior has passed away. Will be missed..
Softpedia Editor's Review for Soulless - Survive the zombie outbreak that took over the artificial...
I liked a @YouTube video from @nintendolife Calling (Wii) Developer Diary
Soulless update 2.1.0 - A new update has gone live for Soulless on Mac… and will soon be available to...
Soulless has appeared on Great Windows Apps #Soulless #IndieGame
Soulless review by App Store Arcade - A couple of years ago Cobra Blade hit us with Powerslam (OSX), a...
I just liked "Soulless" on Vimeo:
Want a fun shooter that feels like it comes from the 90s? Check out our review for Soulless!…
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You want me to do what?! Come on, it's just not possible to walk through all those buildings! #fail
I just uploaded "Soulless iPhone App Demo - DailyAppShow" to Vimeo:
Video: Soulless iPhone App Demo - DailyAppShow from Cobra Blade on Vimeo.A zombie outbreak has taken out...
I just uploaded "Soulless Mac App Demo - DailyAppShow" to Vimeo:
Video: Soulless Mac App Demo - DailyAppShow from Cobra Blade on Vimeo.A zombie outbreak has taken out the...
I liked a @YouTube video Soulless Mac App Demo - DailyAppShow