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The new Vatican hasn't changed the church's doctrinal tune on same-sex couples, but it sure has changed its tone
RT @roccopalmo: Due to "sudden indisposition," Pope cancels appearance at Rome's Gemelli Clinic roughly 90 minutes before slated arrival.
How Justice Antonin Scalia's #DOMA prophecy became a moral crisis || via @albertmohler
How Justice Antonin Scalia's prophecy became conservative Christians' nightmare || via @albertmohler
The Vatican said today that church leaders are taking a "non-judgmental" attitude toward same-sex couples
What connects these women? They were both found guilty of apostasy by all-male councils.
The three maps you need to see to understand the crisis in Iraq: via @cnni
Mormon feminist @Kate_Kelly_Esq tells @CNN she'll fight her excommunication from @LDSchurch
What connects American #Mormon @Kate_Kelly_Esq and Sudanese Christian Miriam Ibrahim?
Hey religion, your misogyny is showing
ISIS uses merchandising to market itself as "cool," but Facebook says not on its pages.
What connects a Mormon feminist and Sudanese Christian woman, both charged with apostasy? Men decided their fate.
A Methodist minister who was defrocked for performing his son's gay wedding has now been reinstated
Would you let your child marry an atheist? See why some Americans don't want nonbelievers as in-laws:
Nearly half of Americans say they don't want #atheists marrying into their family
Why a #Mormon feminist was excommunicated from the #LDS church || via @JRavitzCNN
How an epidemic that seemed like the end of the world actually promoted the spread of Christianity.
This story has been near the top of @CNN all day. Thx @candidamoss, for great insights into early Christianity
Did an apocalyptic plague help spread Christianity? See why archaeologists believe hell had become a place on earth
Rev. Edward Beck explains why Pope Francis showed Italian mobsters the church door || @FrEdwardBeck
RT @CNNbelief: BREAKING: Sudan frees Christian woman sentenced to death for apostasy
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BREAKING: Sudan frees Christian woman sentenced to death for apostasy
How an apocalyptic plague helped spread Christianity || via @candidamoss
Back in November, an anti-mafia prosecutor said Pope Francis might be targeted. He doesn't seem scared