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RT @mjaconiCNN: Another example of great efficacy in journalism from @BurkeCNN #KeepingThemHonest
ICYMI: Chicago's new archbishop says he won't live in $14 million mansion & why that matters
New Catholic bishop of Chicago won't live in $14 million mansion #CNN wrote about this summer
Report: Breaking tradition, new Chicago archbishop won't live in this $14 million mansion
Chicago's new archbishop won't live in the cardinal's huge mansion | More on the mansion here
ICYMI: It's hard to change the Church. Even if you're the Pope.
Why did #Catholic bishops water down their welcome of gays? Here's a clue
It's hard to change the Catholic Church. Even if you're the Pope.
Why can't #PopeFrancis change the #Catholic Church? It's complicated
Catholic bishops ditch welcoming language to #LGBT and acknowledgment of "precious support" in same-sex couples
How #LGBT #Catholics are responding to the bishops' revised report on gays and family life
RT @MattZelinsky: @CNNbelief How about what it actually is? A correction #Synod14
A "backtrack"? A "watering down"? What do you think of #Catholic bishops' revised report on #lgbt and family life
Catholic bishops end tense summit w/o agreeing on how to minister to gays, or whether remarried can receive Communion
RT @BurkeCNN: Cardinal Burke confirms that he's been ousted from the Vatican's supreme court || via @BuzzFeed
ICMYI: Why one imam says it's "code red" for American #Muslims: || via @ImamSuhaibWebb
Why American #Muslims are judged by what happens overseas -- and what they can do about it
"No community survives that fails to identify itself." -- @ImamSuhaibWebb
Instead of attacking @billmaher and @SamHarrisOrg, this imam challenged American Muslims
Why one popular imam says it's "code red" for American #Muslims: || via @ImamSuhaibWebb
Battling bishops. Fiery Russians. The big Vatican synod is turning into a soap opera, says @JohnLAllenJr
Why Lisa Sharon Harper from @Sojourners got arrested in #Ferguson
ICYMI: A leading evangelical resigns from his Seattle megachurch after accusations of bullying
Pastor Mark Driscoll, a leading evangelical, resigns from his Seattle megachurch
Mark Driscoll, the more-macho-than-thou preacher, resigns from church he built
An evangelical pastor's remarkably fast fall from grace
The Vatican clarifies remarks on gays and same-sex couples after getting pushback.
1 Day after making positive remarks about same-sex couples and #LGBT people, the Vatican says this:
Under a furious conservative assault, the Vatican backtracks on #LGBT comments
The Texas nurse who contracted #Ebola comes from a #Catholic family of "very strong faith."
ICYMI: The Catholic church should welcome and appreciate gays, new Vatican report says
.@CardinalDolan, on the other hand, says: I didn't feel any earthquake today.
Catholic #LGBT group: Today's report is "first positive statement ever from the Vatican on same-sex relationships"
The Catholic church should welcome and appreciate gays, new Vatican report says
Gay #Catholic activist: I could hardly believe what I was reading from Vatican on #LGBT || via @NewWaysMinistry
Vatican report says church should welcome & appreciate gays; offers a solution for divorced Catholics
An "earthquake." "Revolutionary." "Stunning." What people are saying about the Vatican's new report on #LGBT people
New Vatican report: #Catholic Church should welcome #LGBT folks and notes positive examples of same-sex relationships
RT @cnnireport: Your reaction? RT @CNNbelief Vatican proposes "stunning" shift on gays
The Vatican proposes "stunning" shift on gays, lesbians
Survey says: Americans want more religion in politics (and more politics in their religion)
Why don't we talk about the link between race and guns? || Provocative piece by @JohnBlakeCNN
How Christianity inspires protesters in Hong Kong. "This is the Christian spirit. You are more willing to suffer."
1/3 of Americans want pastors to tell them who to vote for || via @SaraGrossman @PewReligion
Study says Americans want more religion in politics. And yes, some people are blaming Obama
What the #Catholic Church can do about divorced and remarried couples || via @DouthatNYT
MT @TheMuslimGuy: 5 out of last 12 Nobel Peace Prize winners were Muslims (3 were Muslim women)
Another day, another "Holocaust selfie." Why we really need a new electronic ethics (Looking at you @DGreen_14)