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It's an unusual sight: Catholic cardinals fighting like football fans before the big game. Here's what it's all about
Debate rages ahead of the Pope's big meeting on the family
RT @ETenety: today in headlines I must. click. RT @RNS: Confessions of a #Mormon housewife…
Why do so many Mormon women strive for an impossible goal? || cc: @lisaling
ICYMI: The #NFL says the referee who penalized a Muslim player for praying was wrong
NEW: Muslim group asks #NFL to clarify its rules about on-field celebrations
Looks like the #NFL has a "religious exemption" for end zone celebrations. Who knew?
MT @BurkeCNN: NFL says ref shouldn't have penalized #Muslim player for praying
Husain Abdullah, an NFL'er and devout #Muslim, was penalized praying during Monday Night #Football
Why things could get a bit awkward at the Indian prime minister's dinner date with Obama tonight
Why India's Prime Minister won't be eating with President Obama at the White House tonight || via @MbasuCNN
MT @BurkeCNN: The guy who had a heart attack during #RoshHashanah is REALLY glad the Cantor was this guy:
Singing and saving lives on the High Holy Days (and the rest of the year)
Secretary of State John Kerry told #CNN's @camanpour that "reclaiming Islam" is key part of plan to fight ISIS
The Vatican has placed a former ambassador under house arrest while he faces sexual abuse charges
Should we call it "suspension of belief"? An Arizona football coach has been sidelined in prayer dispute
ICYMI: The 4 most misread parables of Jesus, including the Prodigal Son and Good Samaritan
"Let no one consider themselves to be the 'armor' of God while planning & carrying out acts of violence" -- @Pontifex
The Prodigal Son story isn't about forgiveness. It's about counting. Here's 3 other parables we misread:
Four parables from Jesus that modern folks just don't understand
Four teachings from Jesus that everybody gets wrong
RT: @EricCNNBelief: Thanks to #RNA2014 for honoring @miguelmarquez + me. Dedicated to our Photog Sarmad. RIP friend.
RT @ERLCPressRoom: How should the church respond to violence against #women? Here's @drmoore on #CNN
.@EricCNNBelief leads a session today at #RNA2014 on how to give good TV. Here's one from his long highlight reel
The irony of the Air Force's anti-atheist oath
The Air Force changes course -- again -- on its anti-atheist oath || via @candidamoss & @JoelBaden
Why so many conservative Christians believe that God is an Almighty Spanker
Is the Bible wrong about sparing the rod and spanking children?
Adrian Peterson and the false gospel of spanking
Adrian Peterson is a Christian. And that matters -- a lot -- in the debate over his parenting.
RT @cnnireport: If you're a Muslim, we'd like to know: What do you want the world to know about Islam?
4 big myths about mindfulness meditation. No 2: Mindfulness is always good for you
4 big myths about mindfulness meditation. No 1: It's not just for Buddhists
4 big myths about mindfulness meditation
RT @ERLCPressRoom: Just in: How should the church respond to violence against women? @drmoore writes for @CNNbelief
Churches should discipline men who abuse women, up to the point of excommunication, says @drmoore
RT @BurkeCNN: How should the church respond to violence against women? || via @drmoore
On God & the U.S. RT @vivs1man: 5 salient points from the book being passed around our house via @JesusNeedsNewPR
RT @deseretnational: Now on #NationalPulse via @CNNbelief | ISIS vs. mainstream Muslims: The media war
From the Pilgrims to George W. Bush, here's 5 ways America changed God || via @JesusNeedsNewPR
Thx, Anne! MT @AnneRiceAuthor: "5 Ways America Changed God," by Matthew Paul Turner. Interesting article ...
Corrected link: 5 ways America changed God || via @JesusNeedsNewPR
From the Pilgrims to George W. Bush, here's 5 ways America changed God || via @JesusNeedsNewPR
Why Islam's theology of life is stronger than ISIS' cult of death || via @salampacker