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C. Michael Shuman
Making it my next life goal to get a follow from @LeeVWebb .
#hyperlapse #clouds #florida
You can really tell which way the wind is blowing on top of a Ferris Wheel.
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Thanks comes easy when we submit to the will of God, believing that He is always good.
I will not be healed on this side of eternity because the only medicine is on the other side.
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#newyork #nyc #manhattan #architecture
Have you felt your leg or foot go to sleep due to a lack of circulation? That’s the way the church feels when a member stops serving God.
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Richard Dawkins is not being illogical; he is being consistent in his worldview. He is evil, but he is consistent.
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.@CGBrenyo teaching Doctrine of Man to round out the first week of classes @RefBibleCollege .
"Let us eat and drink, for yesterday we were dead."
Speak Spanish? Have US shipping address? Several copies of Call to Wonder in Spanish need a good home. 1st to reply gets 'em all! #giveaway
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Just think about this: Jeff Goldblum is someone's uncle. Jeff Goldblum goes to someone's house for holidays and is Jeff Goldblum.
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Russian literature: In case you needed a reminder that the world is crap filled crap covered with crap and lit on fire.
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.@CrosswayBooks unfollowed me today. Not sure if I should break into tears or buy more product.
Seriously guys, this is America.
Annual income $21k Spent $38k New credit card debt 17k Crdit crd bal $170k Budget cuts, only $38.00 Add 8 zeros to understand the US budget
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This is why the 2nd amendment exists. So we the people are not defenseless against tyranny.
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He does not invite us to Supper according to our sins.
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"You cannot antagonize and influence at the same time." -John Knox
There's nothing you did that secured your salvation, and there's nothing you can do to undo it. It's grace from beginning to end.
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How did people cook before Alton Brown and Google?
In 1978, a student working a minimum wage job could pay for 4 years of college with no debt.
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Land of the pines. #georgia #summer #pines
Good insight here-RT @SamAllberry: Job was rebuked because there's a difference between asking a question and demanding an answer.
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Regarding others sins against you: be forgetful.
Garrison Keillor is my spirit animal.
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Solomon wasn't, at the root, asking for wisdom; he was asking that he would glorify God with his life.
CALVIN: "The pastor ought to have two voices: one for gathering the sheep; and another for warding off and driving away wolves and thieves."
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Don't identify yourself with distinctives; identify yourself with Christ.
Love has come and saved us.
God's calling for you as a husband was not to marry the woman you love, but to love the woman you married. @Real_Momentum
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This is the Lord's Day; we will join with Him in the heavenly places and eat.
If Christ be your elder brother, remember the Lord's promises to you, his covenant child.
Carnitas in the crock pot. Carnitas is the greatest meat on the planet.
Never retire from repenting.
I've grown weary of living in a place where you have to specify "sweet" tea.
"God is the author of beauty. There is no ugliness in Him. He is the supreme craftsman, the ultimate artist." -R.C. Sproul
If you ever find your pride not allowing you to apologize, repent as hard as you can. Stubbornly learned this from many sanctifying moments
As a ministry, you have to be careful what products you discontinue.
A group of people just walked into Chipotle wearing all @BrooksBrothers and @vineyardvines . Bravo to you all.
.@twitter is the new Better Business Bureau.