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C. Michael Shuman
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The Serial podcast that @ThisAmerLife is putting out is one of the greatest things and I'm completely obsessed with it.
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I still cry every time I listen to Dr. Sproul's children's stories. Get a copy of book and audiobook from @Ligonier
Interesting finds today looking through old family documents, some dating back to the early 1800's and placing my family on the same plot of land for 193 years.
Yes, you may be having a good day. But trust me, mine is better.
If homosexuals were truly proud, they'd claim it was a choice.
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Zeno calls his dog, "Here boy. Come on. That's a boy, you can do it. Keep coming boy. Almost there. Good boy, keep it up. Oh forget it."
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As Reformed ppl, we should not enter situations making everyone the enemy, but must protect the integrity of the truthfulness of the Gospel.
If the highest aim of a captain were to preserve his ship, he would keep it in port forever.
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I belong to Christ. God is pleased with me.
Will there be imagination in Heaven?
Those who embrace exceptions do not object to the murder of babies, but to sexual irresponsibility.
If you are my friend and you do not own and listen to this album daily, you are not my friend. #NowPlaying
If you constantly look for faults in others you can be sure you will find them. Love is a more excellent way though.
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Bets are placed among the office. We predict @NWBingham will be the first around here wearing the new #AppleWatch
Looking forward to a great day in Cupertino! Join us at 10am Pacific. #AppleLive
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He sent redemption to his people; he has commanded his covenant forever. Holy and awesome is his name! His praise endures forever!
I hope the iPhone 6 is a new start for me and my family
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God: Well done, my good and faithful servant. Truett Cathy: My pleasure.
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"OPEN THE DOOR IT'S THE POLICE" who is it? "POLICE" what is a police *cops start whispering* "how does he not know what a police is"
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"Theology is stuff of eternal consequence... a matter of eternal life and death." -Stephen J Nichols
"If we cover our sin, our sin will remain uncovered. If we uncover our sins, they will be covered." -Mike Francis
The genius of Chris Thile. ♫ Don't Get Married Without Me – Punch Brothers #NowPlaying
Making it my next life goal to get a follow from @LeeVWebb .
#hyperlapse #clouds #florida
You can really tell which way the wind is blowing on top of a Ferris Wheel.
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Thanks comes easy when we submit to the will of God, believing that He is always good.
I will not be healed on this side of eternity because the only medicine is on the other side.
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#newyork #nyc #manhattan #architecture
Have you felt your leg or foot go to sleep due to a lack of circulation? That’s the way the church feels when a member stops serving God.
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Richard Dawkins is not being illogical; he is being consistent in his worldview. He is evil, but he is consistent.
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.@CGBrenyo teaching Doctrine of Man to round out the first week of classes @RefBibleCollege .
"Let us eat and drink, for yesterday we were dead."
Speak Spanish? Have US shipping address? Several copies of Call to Wonder in Spanish need a good home. 1st to reply gets 'em all! #giveaway
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Just think about this: Jeff Goldblum is someone's uncle. Jeff Goldblum goes to someone's house for holidays and is Jeff Goldblum.
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Russian literature: In case you needed a reminder that the world is crap filled crap covered with crap and lit on fire.
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.@CrosswayBooks unfollowed me today. Not sure if I should break into tears or buy more product.
Seriously guys, this is America.
Annual income $21k Spent $38k New credit card debt 17k Crdit crd bal $170k Budget cuts, only $38.00 Add 8 zeros to understand the US budget
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This is why the 2nd amendment exists. So we the people are not defenseless against tyranny.
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He does not invite us to Supper according to our sins.
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