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Clint Bowyer
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If you're looking for something to do. Park your arse in front of a TV and turn it to CMT. That cowboy flat gets it done! #KingGeorge
Headed over to give ride alongs for the @GeorgiaBoot folks in the dirt late model. Love playing in the dirt!!! ✊
Slammin' Sammy and King Kinser! 2 of the toughest badasses behind the wheel EVER!!! #heroes #whosgonnafilltheirshoes
Boy this has been a productive day! On track for 2hrs...blew up! Then it rained...on track for bout 30 min...then it rained. #goinbacktobed
Pretty wild looking clouds over the grandstands here in Chicago.
@friar_martin_dc: Hey Salina KS @GodwintheWalrus @JessicaDuckWife and I will see y'all at the @BicentennialCtr tonight! Try and act right
@kkennedy1109: The cutest @ClintBowyer fans I know!” Thank god they take after their mom!!!
@cbojanski2: @ClintBowyer damn bowyer fan!!!” Mattress labels will get you every time!
@dowser1971: BBQ Apple & pork loin skewers, grilled corn, & cold Millers in my @ClintBowyer coozie!” Perfection! 🍻
@rhartley65: @ClintBowyer hey Clint who builds ur dirt late model motors looking for a good motor guy. Clements...Good Power! Reliable!
Time for the Kansas boy to do a little bragging at home in NC tonight. Let's go @KCChiefs 👊
Much needed good day at the office today. Keep on keeping on!!! 👊
Just cuz she smokes don't mean she's broke!!! #PulltownUSA
Thoughts and Prayers @SherryPollex @MartinTruex_Jr. Sherry is one tough girl, she'll have this shit a lap down in no time! #cancersucks
Sunshine!!!!!! Finally see Pilot Mountain again this morning.
@nascarcasm: @ClintBowyer” High roller!!!!! I have a hand me down tractor that gets stuck in the damn mud.
Boy, I'm such a MAN! Sitting here on the porch, in the dark taking it all in, having a drink and the sprinklers just scared the 💩 outta me!
So what kind of Tractor fan are you? Green?!?
@vvBrianLax: @ClintBowyer are you a green or a red fan?? Based on this pic I would say red. Definitely a Green fan. Green buys Red!
The redneck capital of earth is this weekend and I'm..............going!!!! The tractor pull Nationals. #PullTownUSA
Damn I can't wait to get to Michigan this weekend. ✊
Just got an update from the @bowyerdirt guys. Rain out! 🙈
Fun this weekend at the MIDWEST HUNTFEST Century II Expo in Wichita! I'll be at the Hooray Ranch booth tomorrow. Lots to see and do!
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@PaulQuesinberry: @ClintBowyer @ClintBowyerAuto My son wanted a b-day cake of a truck Clint would run at Eldora.” 👍
@foescat: @KySJohnson @ClintBowyer careful had one of them 3 years ago and it still hasn't kicked in #stillwaiting” Check your pulse!