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Clint Bowyer
nascar 299,550 followers
β€œ@RyanRArndt: @ClintBowyer tired of walking the halls yet” Know it's hard to believe, but pretty sure I've talked to everyone in hospital.
Stubborn little guy! Afraid we're not but half way next time by...Who knows, maybe it's just a 400 miler though.
Next up for Kansas City super week...@Royals, lets get it done!!! πŸ‘Š
Pretty good day at the office...Now operation Baby Launch in full effect!!!
Rocking a little @Travistritt this mornin' πŸ‘Š
β€œ@Hornberger76: @ClintBowyer Thanks for taking time this afternoon to sign hats for my son & daughter at your hauler. They rock!
β€œ@JTravis45: @ClintBowyer cars is looking bad fast tonight buddy go get that 40k #knoxvillenationals” πŸ‘ hope so!
You flat haul the mail at @MonsterMile, fun racetrack!!!!
Hope @mw55 has got all the wedgies outta the way and ready to cut a rug tonight. Can't wait to watch!@EmmaSlaterDance @DancingABC
Had some helpers show up to make a couple laps mowing hay today. πŸ‘
β€œ@LorraBowyer: Miss Blakely helping me decorate for Fall!!πŸπŸ‚” πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
β€œ@SeanTarbell: This one reminds me of being 16 and washing cars @DavisMooreAuto” Slick one owner! πŸ‘Œ
β€œ@nascarcasm: @ClintBowyer Damn. You at Bowman Gray?” Not enough middle fingers!
β€œ@KevinHarvick: β€œ@ClintBowyer: It has gotten wild at the end of this mod race.” like a good ole' dirt race! Almost
It has gotten wild at the end of this modified race.
This has certainly shaped up to be a grand race. Gotta root for the new kid don't ya?!? @NASCAR_Trucks
Props to the line crew at FBO in NH. They know their clients! Rental car pulls up to plane with radio set on Elvis Radio. πŸ‘
Wow pretty incredible what @TeamTPI did on his ride for life. He rode 48 states in 7 days 3hrs. 7,213 miles πŸ‘
β€œ@nascarcasm: Is that what you're seeing the doctor for? RT @ClintBowyer: Holy πŸ’© balls of fire...Doc on time today!!!” Very painful
Holy πŸ’© balls of fire...Doc on time today!!!
β€œ@TeamTPI: @ClintBowyer In Missoula Mt. Over mts to WA, OR, CA and it up in Reno 2nite.Utah a 4 corners 2morrow. 5,200 w/1950 2go” Insane!
So what did y'all think of @mw55 last night on @DancingABC? Shouldn't have put him in @markmartin firesuit but I thought he did pretty good.
Just pulled into the driveway and had atleast 15 deer in the front yard. #countryliving πŸ‘
Guess a persons going to have to watch @DancingABC and see if this @EmmaSlaterDance can do something with this boss of mine. @mw55 😳
Awesome! Just got home to seem to be my problem of the day.
My buddy @TeamTPI is almost to Chicago bout halfway done w/ride. Left wed night at midnight, 3,500 mile in 3 days 😳
Well thank you pal, the day I get outta own brother picks me up in a police car!
This is how u kill 2 bees with one shot. Hated to do it to the fella but should've known not to do that on the winda!
β€œ@LuannGovender15: Hey @ClintBowyer it's my birthday... can i get a happy birthday tweet??” Happy birthday hun!
Sis working on her inner cowgirl. πŸ‘Œ
Got a new idea for a Dr's office. Actually see the patient when you schedule their appointment time. 4th week/more than 45 min late!!!! 😀
Insult to injury!!! Got home to watch football today, lightning struck chimney, blew rock everywhere. Smoked all my TVs and electronics. πŸ˜€πŸ”«
Come on @KCChiefs, let's get this year started off right. πŸ‘Š #ChiefsKingdomm
Well πŸ’©. I just realized I have a lot more in common with this guy than I was
Good car tonight, proud of the boys effort. πŸ‘
Ready for tomorrow night. πŸ‘Š
Finally a tire with some character. I think it will produce better racing for y'all. First time I've chased clean track in a long time! πŸ‘
Just got back into service and saw everyone's tweets. Thanks for the support this week! Ready to make some chicken salad this weekend. ✊
β€œ@Mathews_Archery: @NASCAR's @ClintBowyer dials in his #CreedXS before hittin' the CO mountains after a big bull.” πŸ‘
A good ole fire will make any previous πŸ’© night better. And my oh my did I ever have a πŸ’© night last
Feel like a little kid this morning. Packing some @Realtree in the bag to head out CO to chase the almighty Elk.